2024 Design Trends: Design Pickle’s State of Design 2024 – Tips & Takeaways

Design Pickle, the trailblazer of the unlimited design subscription model, remains at the forefront of the industry with its enticing pricing and exceptional design services. 

As 2024 begins, Design Pickle reflects on the year 2023, analyzing and collecting valuable data on their customer behavior. This valuable information is then systematically brought together into a guide they’ve named “The State of Design”. This guide provides insights into the 2024 design trends to look out for, benefiting others in the field.

In this blog, we hope to break down this guide to observe the “state of design” as established by Design Pickle for the year 2024. But before we get started on breaking down this 2024 design trends guide by Design Pickle, we’d like to recommend this read for an overview of their service scope. 

With that let’s begin looking at “The State of Design” guide that offers a glimpse at 2024 design trends.

The Top 10 Most Popular Design Types of 2023

The designs that were frequently requested in 2023 will help us determine the 2024 design trends. According to the “State of Design” report by Design Pickle, 10 design types were requested more than others. 

And unsurprisingly, social media and digital asset types dominate a majority of the list.

Here’s how the list goes:

1. Digital Ads/Graphics

The enduring demand for digital content highlights its continued relevance. Advertising on digital platforms remains evergreen, as it aligns with the trajectory of the future. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that digital ads/graphics occupy the leading spot on this list.

2. Instagram/Facebook posts

Instagram and Facebook posts are categorized separately due to their high and consistent demand. Additionally, these platforms were the two of the most utilized social media channels throughout 2023.

3. Multi-Channel Social Campaign

It’s no wonder this ranks at third. Multi-channel social campaigns involve coordinated marketing efforts across various social media platforms to reach a broader audience and enhance brand visibility. 

They are popular as such because they enable brands to engage with diverse demographics, maximize reach, and maintain consistent messaging across multiple channels, ultimately amplifying their marketing impact and increasing ROI by 300%

4. Flyers

According to the 2024 design trends guide, flyers are experiencing a resurgence, securing the 4th position on the list. This resurgence suggests a return to in-person advertising and signals a recovery from the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in previous years.

5. LinkedIn posts

LinkedIn posts claim the 5th position on this list, attributed to the continuous utilization of LinkedIn for professional purposes across diverse industries. Serving as the leading social media platform for business engagements, its ongoing usage underscores its significance in professional networking and makes it one of the 2024 design trends to keep following.

6. Motion Graphics Templates

Securing the 6th position as the most sought-after design type, motion graphics come as no shock, given that video content comprised 82.5% of overall web traffic in 2023. The necessity to incorporate motion graphics templates into your 2024 design trends list is evident. We will explore this in more detail further along the guide.

7. Blog graphics

Ranking at 7, blog graphics are highlighted by Design Pickle as a tribute to SEO-hungry marketers. Blog graphics are a popular choice because they’re used to break up long chunks of text and to make the read a smooth and enjoyable one. This is unquestionably one of the 2024 design trends to use.

8. Presentation design

Presentation design stands out as a crucial marketing tool, earning its place on the list of 2024 design trends due to its enduring necessity. Amidst various other creative elements, the consistent demand for effective presentation design remains unwavering at Design Pickle.

9. Logos

Claiming the 9th spot, logos affirm the significance of their ongoing necessity. Here’s an interesting read on the 2024 design trends for logo design. 

10. Basic Photo Edits

According to Design Pickle’s 2024 design trends guide, the continued importance of basic photo editing is evident as AI technology has not completely replaced it. This is reflected in the position of this design category within the top 10.

Moving forward, let’s delve into the 2024 design trends poised to lead the way this year according to The State of Design Guide.

2024 Design Trends That Are Heating Up

In this section, we’re honing in further on the specific types of designs that are set to be the 2024 design trends to look out for.

Let’s explore!

1. Concept Art

According to Design Pickle’s metrics in their State of Design report, concept art is the #1 fastest-growing asset type with a growth hike of 473% YoY. Reportedly, the number of requested designs within this category even called for an expansion of Design Pickle’s illustration team. That should tell you that this is one of the 2024 design trends to explore.

2. Complex Vector Art

Vector art is considered a versatile form of design owing to its scalability. And the State of Design report for 2024 shows that complex vectors are up by 400% YoY. Scalability is very important when it comes to logos, fonts, icons, and even much larger art pieces. Which is why vectorizing them is the ideal solution. In that sense, vector art is not just one of the 2024 design trends to explore but something that will remain in use for a longer time. 

3. Merchandise and Swag Designs

Merch and swag designs are heating up to be one of the top 2024 design trends to try as seen from the stats at Design Pickle. This is proof that brands are still using merchandise and swag to raise brand awareness. 

Design Pickle has seen a growth of 303% YoY requests in 2023 within this category. The only sub-design within this category that faces a plummet is mug design which we will look at further in this guide. 

Let’s now take a look at some data on the situation of motion graphics requests within the Design Pickle workflow. 

Top 5 Most-Requested Motion Graphics Assets

Previously we looked at how motion graphics templates held the number 6 spot on the most requested design type at Design Pickle for the year 2023. And now we’re about to hone in on the top 5 types of motion graphics requested by their clientele giving us a glimpse into 2024 design trends within this category. 

1. Motion Graphics Templates

Motion graphics templates are pre-designed animations or visual elements that can be easily customized and incorporated into video projects, streamlining the process of creating dynamic motion graphics. And they are up by 219% YoY. This is an encouraging reason to consider motion graphic templates as one of the 2024 design trends to try out. 

2. UI/UX Animations

Need to make your app or website more engaging? UI/UX animations are moving elements in apps or websites that make interactions smoother and more engaging, helping users navigate and understand the interface better. And the use of UI/UX animations is up by 200% YoY so add it to your list of 2024 design trends to brush up on. 

3. Product Animations

Product animations are dynamic visual representations of products creatively showcasing their features and functionalities. If you have a specific product then 2024 is the year to use motion graphics to showcase it. Product animations enhance understanding and engagement by visually demonstrating the features, functionality, and benefits of a product and they are up by 190% YoY. 

4. Animated Explainer

Animated explainers are short videos that use animation to simplify complex ideas or processes, making them easier to understand and engaging for the audience. This type of motion graphics can be evergreen pieces making them not just eligible for 2024 design trends but even farther in time. They are also up by 123% YoY. 

5. Advanced Titling

Design Pickle offers advanced titling which is the use of sophisticated typography techniques and design elements to create visually striking titles or text elements in media such as videos or graphics. And the usage of these in Design Pickle customers is up by 58% YoY.

These 2024 design trends are very helpful as they will help you focus on the type of motion graphics types you need to focus on this year. 

Are there design types to avoid in 2024? That’s an all-important question for which Design Pickle sheds some light from their metrics. 

Design Types That Didn’t Make It To The 2024 Design Trends List

It’s very important to know when to slow down on some marketing ventures. The below design types saw a decrease in request frequency at Design Pickle and didn’t end up on the 2024 design trends list.  

1. Pinterest Designs

The #1 fastest-dying content type according to Design Pickle is Pinterest graphics. It has gone down by 39% YoY. This blog might come in handy for those of you who still want to use Pinterest. 

2. X (Formerly Twitter) Designs

The frequency of requests for X designs has decreased by 37%. The use of the platform itself is slightly in decline since it has lost 71% of its value after the acquisition by Elon Musk in 2022. 

This could be a reason why the frequency of design requests for X has gone down. 

3. Twitch Designs

Twitch is a popular live streaming platform primarily used by gamers to broadcast their gameplay, interact with viewers in real time through chat, and build communities around shared interests. While the active user count of the platform itself is growing, as of 2023 Design Pickle has seen a drop of 57% YoY Twitch design requests. 

4. Mug Designs

While the mug market is set to grow more in the next 5 years, there has been a drop of 22% YoY in mug requests at Design Pickle. This drop does make you question if you should use mug designs or not in your marketing campaigns. Perhaps you could swap out mug designs with other best-selling merch like custom t-shirts, custom tote bags, etc.  

5. Simple Icon Designs

Icons in general are used for different purposes. However complex vectors and animated icons are more in demand than simpler icons according to the State of Design guide. Design Pickle has seen a drop of 19% YoY in simple icon design requests. 

This surely doesn’t mean you completely halt creating these design types. There could be ways in which you can still incorporate simple icons and benefit from them. However complex vectors and animated icons are a better option as they can help engagement and increase conversion rates. 

This brings us to a similar topic. One of the top things to do in 2024 is to consider doing things differently and skipping on some of the usual things you’ve been doing so far. Let’s observe what Design Pickle has to say on this matter. 

Design Differently in 2024

Design Pickle brings 3 tips to follow to design differently in 2024. Here are those tips:

Tip 1: Redirect your creative efforts to prioritize the development of designs that yield significant returns.

These encompass motion and video assets, digital resources, paid media, social media, web platforms, and any effective means to deliver a return on investment for your brand.

Tip 2: Review and reassess the primary social media platforms where your brand’s most engaged audiences are located.

Do they primarily exist on platforms like Pinterest, X, or TikTok, or are they predominantly found on LinkedIn and Instagram? Direct your creative resources toward the audience groups you’re targeting in 2024.

Tip 3: Revitalize your brand kit to ensure that the essential elements you’ve relied on are still serving their intended purpose.

If your designs fail to communicate the desired value, consider reevaluating your visual identity in 2024, as first impressions are crucial and often formed within seconds.

Moving on, Design Pickle’s State of Design covers a good amount of content on AI content. Let’s keep exploring their findings on the subject according to internal data. 

What impact has AI had on creative workflows and teams in 2023?

Design Pickle has been at the forefront of introducing the initial suite of generative AI tools available through a CaaS provider, launching their own Gen AI experiences in 2023. Exciting preliminary data from them helps us understand where AI enhances and where it hinders their processes. 

The objective of integrating AI into creative workflows at Design Pickle is to empower brands requiring more efficient and effective creative processes. Thus, emphasis has been placed on accelerating creative brief writing and revision feedback using in-app AI tools.

Before we move ahead to look at this data from Design Pickle let’s find out what they have to say about big brands using AI in the year 2023. 

Big Brands Using AI in 2023

Design Pickles State of Design 2024 brings our attention to 2 big brands that have revolutionized design by incorporating unparalleled AI features into their design suites. 


Adobe’s integrations of AI into its full suite are as helpful as it can get. Design Pickle’s design team frequently tests out the AI features offered within the Adobe Suite. It helps them understand how AI will aid in accelerating their design processes. 


Canva’s generative AI features are helping designers get previews of what they need to design simply by a text prompt. Features like Magic Switch help transform designs or even resize them at incredible speed helping designers save ample time. 

Ways Brands Are Making Use of Artificial Intelligence

Design Pickle has successfully utilized the early capabilities of this emerging technology to assist users in expediting the brief of their creative concepts and presenting them to their designers. Request Assist is their in-app Gen AI text-to-text prompt tool. This tool facilitates unprecedented speed for creative innovation. 

Here’s a chart that showcases Design Pickle’s stats on the use of this Gen AI tool by brands to create briefs:

Using this data they’ve narrowed down on information that helps them learn brand behavior when it comes to providing briefs using Gen AI tools. 

Here’s how it looks

Design Pickle Users Leveraged Gen AI The Most With The Following Design Types

1. Print Collateral

2. Presentation Design

3. Facebook Posts

4. Flyers

5. Instagram Posts

6. Digital Media Ads

7. Brochures 

8. Greeting Cards

9. Icons

10. LinkedIn Posts

11. Business Cards

12. Sales Sheets

13. Logos

14. Blog Graphics

15. Posters

16. Light Web Design

17. Corporate Identity Branding

18. Shirt Graphics

19. Infographics

20. Web Design

Furthermore, we will cover request types that benefit from Gen AI text-to-text briefs where even the rounds of revisions are minimized. We will also look at those that don’t need Gen AI briefs according to Design Pickle’s own metrics. 

3 Primary Request Types That Undergo Fewer Rounds of Revisions When Employing Gen AI

These 3 request types most benefit from Gen AI request building.

1. Packaging Design

Design Pickle reports that there has been a reduction of 29.46% in packaging design revision rounds. This has been the case when their customers use their Gen AI for building requests and provide revision feedback for this design category. 

2. Presentation Elements

We saw previously how presentation design was one of the top 10 2024 design trends to look out for. With Design Pickle’s Gen AI, there has been a reduction of 18.97% in revision rounds for presentation designs. 

3. Print Collateral

Similarly with print collateral too there has been a reduction of 12.07% in revisions when customers use Gen AI for building requests and providing revision feedback. 

Let’s move ahead to see what types of requests don’t benefit from Gen AI and are faster without it. 

3 Primary Request Types That Are Faster Without The Use of Gen AI

Some request types are faster without Gen AI briefs as they require human insight and direction. These 3 design types belong to this category. 

1. Photoshop Edits

We saw that basic photo edits were one of the 2024 design trends but the utilization of Gen AI for basic Photoshop edits resulted in a 145% increase in the number of revisions. The reason for this is that Gen AI tools can’t make simple edits as they run the risk of making edits where it’s not required. 

Also, maintaining the layers within a Photoshop file is an integral part of a finished design. With Gen AI tools there’s the issue of merging layers.

2. Merchandise Design

Designing merchandise to certain specifications is best entrusted to the human mind, a fact reinforced by the discovery of a 64.83% increase in revision rounds when Gen AI was employed for this purpose.

Certain design specifications make it a necessity that merchandise be designed with the expertise of the human mind. Approximations and abstract ideas of Gen AI tools won’t make the cut when you need to create proper mockups etc. 

3. Web & Digital Design

In web and digital design, which frequently incorporates substantial text elements, Gen AI proves less effective, leading to a 5.72% increase in revision rounds. Thus, relying on human designers who possess an understanding of the specific requirements of digital and web design is preferable for this task.

The bottom line is that AI resources are strong suits in some cases and an obstacle in other cases. 

Let’s wrap things up now. 

Ready to Incorporate these 2024 Design Trends?

We couldn’t emphasize strongly enough how useful this guide can be to get tips and takeaways on 2024 design trends. The statistics and facts provided by real data within Design Pickle’s workflows help figure out where most marketers are targeting this year. And that gives you the chance to also be a part of the wave and not fall behind while your competitors advance ahead of you. 

Use this guide to steer you into the 2024 design trends you need to invest. It will also help you on what things you need to avoid, and where to focus your marketing efforts. For the State of Design guide on the 2024 design trends, you can visit here.

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