Ads for Real Estate & Interior Design: A DotYeti Guide

Advertising plays a crucial role in shaping the image of brands, an aspect particularly vital for real estate and interior design businesses. The significance of this cannot be overstated, as it serves as a key factor for many individuals. People often rely on real estate and interior design ads to assess the professionalism of a service.

This timeless reality underscores the profound impact that advertising choices have on the perceived reliability of a business. The type of advertisement chosen speaks volumes about a company, with the correlation between effective advertising and reputable businesses being well-established. Customers are naturally inclined to favor businesses associated with impactful advertising.

That’s why today we will be looking into some ads for real estate and interior design. We will be perusing the extensive portfolio of DotYeti.

We aim to provide a sort of guide inspired by DotYeti, but first, let’s take a look at some of the key things you would want to keep in mind when designing ads for real estate and interior design. 

Key Things To Keep In Mind When Designing Ads For Real Estate And Interior Design

1. Build a brand and stay true to it.

Craft a distinct brand identity for your real estate and interior design business, ensuring consistency in messaging, aesthetics, and values. Build trust by staying true to this brand essence in your advertising, whether through sleek property showcases or elegant designs. 

A cohesive brand presence fosters customer confidence, making your business memorable and reliable. Aligning your ads for real estate and interior design with your brand ethos can help establish valuable and lasting connections with customers. 

Pro Tip: Brand guidelines can help a lot in this department. 

2. Show, not just tell.

Capture attention through visually stunning real estate ads, showcasing the unique features and ambiance of properties. In interior design promotions too, let your work speak volumes by spotlighting before-and-after transformations or immersive design walkthroughs. 

Utilize captivating visuals to convey the experience of living in that space, as it can help foster a deeper connection with potential clients. 

3. Make your ads memorable.

Infuse creativity and distinctiveness into your ads for real estate and interior design to leave a lasting impression. Craft visually striking and emotionally resonant content that sets your brand apart. Whether it’s through memorable taglines, eye-catching visuals, or unique storytelling, aim to create an unforgettable brand experience. 

By making your ads memorable, you not only attract attention but also build a strong brand recall that resonates with potential clients.

4. Give people a unique reason to invest.

Empower potential investors with a compelling reason to choose your real estate or interior design services. Showcase not just properties but the other benefits that come with it, emphasizing unique selling points. Use your advertising to convey a sense of value, making it clear that they would benefit from choosing what you advertise. 

Now let’s move ahead to examine the amazing real estate and interior design ads that DotYeti has done for various brands. 

Dotyeti’s Collection Of Ads For Real Estate And Interior Design

Ad No. 1

We often stress the vitality of being cohesive in visual identity when you’re advertising across multiple platforms. This is true of both short-term ad campaigns and long-term ones. There needs to be visual cues unique to the brand for quick identification. 

This quick identification is what helps brands build trust over time and convert customers. 

And that practice seems to be applied well in the above set of ads for real estate and interior design showcasing purposes. 

As you can see there are 5 separate advertisements listed on the above image. But what helps them look like one is the uniform and cohesive design that’s utilized. 

The image and text layout seems to run throughout all of the ads which is done in a rather creative way. 

With the use of shapes, the designers have come up with a way to showcase the images and text portions so that they’re prominent. Instead of a sharp corner, they’re using a rather bendy soft corner to reduce the sharpness and keep in step with the overall aesthetic of the brand. 

The leafy green background for the texts seems to work well to tie the ads together as well by adding a touch of balance to the otherwise concrete-looking interiors and real estate in the images. 

Using a CTA that’s of a different color also helps viewers make a quick identification of what’s where. 

Overall, the designers at DotYeti have used some simple yet effective design practices to turn out eye-catching ads for real estate and interior design all while staying on brand. 

Ad No. 2

Print ads are not dead as some may believe. Especially when it comes to creating ads for real estate and interior designs, print ads can be one of the best tools, particularly in reaching the local audience. These could be any form of print ads but what we’re going to look into today from DotYeti is a printed catalog for real estate. 

Yes, printed catalogs can be a great form of advertising for real estate companies as they help customers carefully go through the features and amenities offered. It helps give them a vast amount of information that they can take their time to process. 

While customers peruse through such catalogs, the very design of the catalog itself makes it that much easier for them to come to a decision. 

The above catalog is a good example that will help you get some pointers on how best to do it. 

First of all, these types of advertisements have long chunks of text explaining locations, surrounding areas, amenities, etc. And that’s why displaying such vast amounts of information in a legible and readable way is important. The above design uses brand color variations to keep things legible and spiced up design-wise. 

Since the theme is a dark one, they use white text boxes to aid a smooth read. In one of the pages without images, they have an interplay of colors in black, purple, and white that helps keep things interesting without straining the eye. 

High-quality images of the various surrounding locations keep it looking professional and provide value to the content.

Overall it’s an excellent way for companies advertising real estate and interior design services to make a lasting impact on potential clients. 

Ad No. 3

Where you advertise your advertisements has a big influence on what type of design you should create. And if it’s a display advertisement you would need to focus on color contrast and typography so that it stands out in a competitive ad space. 

One other way to make your advertisements stand out is to add motion graphics to them. GIFs are a great form of motion graphics to add to your advertisements as they can be designed in a simple form and can also be in a loop as necessary. 

We previously covered that it’s important to show and not just tell when creating ads for real estate and interior design. Showing while telling increases the chances of the advertisement impacting viewers.

When it comes to real estate, a lot of people love knowing the reasons why they should invest in certain properties. Animations can help highlight those unique aspects and features. Or they could be used to grab attention.  

In such cases, ensure that your text and other visual elements establish a hierarchy where the element in focus stands out from the rest of the design. 

And in this particular design example, the unique sunset is the main attraction that’s on display. The genius of the designers is seen here as they use an outline font for the text so that the background video of the sunset which is the most alluring aspect here, is seen without hindrance. 

Even the font color is a lighter color helping keep things minimal and helping draw focus on the sunset.

Overall, this is the kind of animated design that can be effective in real estate advertising.

Ad No. 4

As we looked at previously, when it comes to real estate and interior design companies, the trustworthiness of a service is often gauged through the lens of creativity in their own advertising. Particularly in the intricate field of interior design, where clients seek the pinnacle of artistic expertise, your advertisement becomes a critical showcase of your capabilities. 

While you may excel as an interior designer, the narrative presented in your ads for real estate and interior design is what’s paramount.  

The above is a prime example of an impactful advertisement with an animation featuring the brand’s logo and a resonant tagline. Simplicity meets effectiveness, as this ad succinctly communicates prowess, making it a compelling testament to the artistry of the brand. 

It makes sense that the animation begins from the inside of the black lines of the logo’s icon on the left. It amplifies the tagline they’re so keen on advertising as it holds the promise of their services. So, points for purposeful animations as they’re showcasing their innovation to potential customers. 

While it may seem like a simple advertisement, it’s an impactful one as your brand logo is one of the top things that speak to customers. As a matter of fact, 39% of people believe that a logo reveals the quality of a brand. So you can imagine how an animated logo furthers this communication. 

Let’s Bring It To A Close

As we looked at these ads for real estate and interior design by DotYeti, the points we previously listed are proven right. Staying on brand, showing and not just telling, making memorable ads, and providing people with unique reasons to invest are all seen in these advertisements. 

Practicing these key things while designing ads for real estate and interior design creatives can boost your sales and help you make an impactful mark in the industry. 

Don’t forget your ads are what attracts your customers. Everything else proceeds from there onwards. So we encourage you to take your advertisements seriously and use these creative ideas from DotYeti to begin your advertising journey.

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