The Top 9 AI Design Tools You Need For Your Marketing

Previously we covered 8 of the top AI marketing tools released in June 2023. But if it’s AI tools pertaining to the area of design that you’re interested in stick around and read on through. Because in this segment, we’re going to look at the top AI design tools that you would need for your marketing venture. Let’s jump right in. 

AI design tools have played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the marketing sphere. These AI design tools provide marketers with a shortcut that could help them save money and time. 

How, you ask? By using AI design tools, marketers can automate and streamline various design tasks that once would’ve taken hours of manpower. AI design tools enable marketers to stay ahead of the competition, deliver more effective campaigns, and achieve better results in an increasingly data-driven and dynamic marketing landscape.

So to help you sort out these tools depending on your necessity we will categorize them. 

First, let’s look at AI design tools that can be used for editing and background removals. 

AI design tools for Editing and Background Removal


Scope of Service is a cutting-edge AI design tool that can be used to remove unwanted objects, text, people, and other defects in images.

Features and benefits of as listed on their website:

Let’s now take a look at a couple of examples of what is capable of. 

Here is a before and after image of a snow mountain cleaned up and looking crisp:

If you’re looking for real images to include in a design related to tourism, don’t you hate it when there are so many things ruining the photo? With you can say goodbye to those worries because take a look at what sort of editing you can do with this AI design tool,

Here’s an example of how you can remove elements in the background so that you can use only what you want in an image:

Tool in Action

And this is what experts have to say about their experience with


There’s a free plan for those of you wanting it to do basic editing and background removals. You can have a look at the pricing and offerings of the paid plans below. They also offer a free trial that lets people evaluate the service before committing to the paid plans. 

You can also manage your subscription, pause or cancel it from the dashboard by yourself. 


Scope of Service is a cutting-edge AI tool created to swiftly and autonomously eliminate image backgrounds with remarkable precision.

Features and Benefits of using

Tool in Action

Let’s now take a look at some examples of what this tool can do.

This is the before image:

And this is the after image:

Here’s a look at the Photoshop integration in action.

This is what the integration on Photoshop looks like.

And this is how the final image would look like,

It’s so simple! 

Let’s now direct our attention to what happy users have to say about the tool. 

These are some reviews extracted from Product Hunt where has a 4.7-star rating. 


Let’s now discuss the plans offered by They have a Free plan, a Subscription plan, and a Pay-as-you-go plan. Out of these, the Subscription plan offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. 

3. Unscreen

Scope of Service

Among the various AI design tools available for background removal, this particular tool stands out significantly. What sets it apart is its ability to remove video backgrounds in a completely automated manner. 

Features and Benefits of using Unscreen:

Tool in Action

Unscreen achieved an impressive accolade as the #4 Design Tool of the Year in 2020, recognized and honored in the esteemed Golden Kitty Awards.

Unscreen has a free version and a paid version called Unscreen Pro. The below video is a sample of what you can do with Unscreen. 

Visit their website to view more video samples.

Let’s now go through some reviews to see what users say about Unscreen. 


Let’s now look at the pricing structure for Unscreen. They have a Subscription model plan which offers a 14-day money-back guarantee as well as a Pay-as-you-go plan. 

Having spoken about AI design tools for background removal, we will look at AI tools that can help with product mockups or product photography. 

AI design tools for Product Mockups and Product Photos

1. Pebblely

Scope of Service

Pebblely is an advanced AI-powered image curation platform that can help users in designing and showcasing their products with exceptional visual appeal, making it an indispensable tool among AI design tools.

Features and Benefits of using Pebblely:

Let’s observe an example.

The below image shows the kind of quality image that Pebblely can generate for you once you index your specific requirements. Pretty impressive right?

Here are some generated product images that also underwent resizing.

If you have multiple products and want to use the same background, the below example will excite you.

You can also visit their gallery to see more of these product images. 

Tool in Action

Let’s now shift our focus to what satisfied users say about this AI design tool.

Here’s a Tweet from a user happy with Pebblely’s services,


Pebblely has a free plan which lets you have 40 images for free but you won’t be able to access a bunch of important features. 

Here’s how the pricing goes for the paid plans:


Scope of Service

Booth AI is one of the most efficient AI design tools useful in, generating captivating product photography. With advanced AI capabilities, it automates the process, from background removal to the optimization of lighting, reflections, and shadows. Booth AI streamlines workflows for designers, marketers, and e-commerce businesses, delivering high-quality visuals that highlight product features.

Features and Benefits of using

Looking at some examples will help you better understand the tool’s capabilities. 

This first example is for a blazer product photo. Once the right prompt is added, the tool generates high-quality images that you can choose from. 

The next example gives the prompt for a recliner in a rainforest. We thought that the placement looked very natural.

Tool in Action

Here’s a review from a user who used it to change her wedding photo using proper prompts. 


The below image shows the available pricing structure for


Scope of Service is an AI design tool, dedicated to assisting e-commerce sellers in crafting visually appealing product images for their online stores and social media platforms. 

Features and benefits of using

The below snapshot shows the kind of product images can help you create.

You can also visit their gallery for examples of their high-quality product images. 

Tool in Action

Let’s now review some feedback that satisfied customers have shared.


There are 3 pricing plans for Featured below is the monthly pricing structure. 

Let’s now move to the AI design tools that can help you generate images or manipulate existing ones. 

AI design tools for Image Generation and Image Manipulation

1. ThinkDiffusion 

Scope of Service

ThinkDiffusion uses AI to create unique images with only text input. It eliminates the need for coding or complex setup, providing quick access to results and making this a valuable tool among other AI design tools. 

Features and benefits of ThinkDiffusion:

These features can be used to design unique creatives that help engage audiences better while doing marketing. 

Tool in Action

Here’s how one user on Reddit created a unique QR code using ThinkDifussion. 

Featured here are some feedback comments from ThinkDifussion users on AlternativeTo:


And here’s how their pricing works:

2. Looka

Scope of Service

Out of all the AI design tools that we discussed, this is going to especially pique your interest because this is an AI-powered logo-making tool. Looka Logo Maker harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to assist you in creating a distinctive logo, establishing a cohesive brand identity. You can effortlessly generate a multitude of logo options and refine them to align with your unique vision even with no prior design skills.

Features and benefits of using Looka:

They have thoughtfully compiled over 2,800 existing logo designs from more than 100 popular industries, accompanied by design tips tailored specifically for each category.

If you don’t have any idea about the kind of logos that work for your industry you can simply just go to this logo ideas page and check out the logos by industry to get some inspiration. 

Let’s take a look at some examples of what Looka can achieve.

Tool in Action

And here’s what satisfied users have to say:


Looka lets you design, edit, preview, and save an unlimited number of logos for free. However, to download and utilize a logo or obtain the copyright, the assets need to be purchased. Below are the available pricing structures

3. Photosonic 

Scope of Service

Photosonic, powered by Writesonic, is an AI art generator that enables users to produce one-of-a-kind and breathtaking digital art. It stands out as an all-important tool out of the AI design tools out there. 

Features and Benefits of using Photosonic AI:

Here are some examples of the kind of images that you can generate.

And so much more!

Tool in Action

This is what one user says about the tool:


The pricing structure is as follows:

Let’s wrap up

As you can see, the significance of AI design tools in contemporary creative processes is astounding. A poll for visual statistics in 2022 showed that the percentage of marketers using original graphics as opposed to using stock photos was higher. This rise has come about with the kind of work that AI design tools can provide. And if you too want to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to your design needs, these AI design tools can help you. 

These AI design tools leverage the power of artificial intelligence to streamline processes that if not would have taken so many hours of work. As we’ve looked at,  the above-listed AI design tools can help generate innovative design options, and can even provide valuable insights for designers. 

So incorporate the power of AI into your designs. You can also use an AI copywriting tool and streamline the process even further. You’ll be surprised by how efficient your strategies are going to be when you incorporate AI into your marketing!

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