AI Graphic Design: The 4 Best AI Graphic Design Tools in 2024

Graphic design is the lifeblood of good marketing. What first draws the attention of potential customers is the visual outlook of what you advertise. Be it a social media post, a product shot, packaging, a billboard, or even a tiny favicon, what draws people in is how good your graphic design is. 

Statistically, consumers only need 6.8 seconds to form an impression, but a well-crafted design can extend that by an additional 50 milliseconds. We know that’s a lot of pressure! This is why you need to invest in good graphic design so that what you produce/advertise is its best possible version. 

With new technological advancements, particularly in the AI sector, this has become something quite easily achievable. 

And to further help you in this regard, we have for you the best AI graphic design tools to try in 2024. 

As we cover these tools we will be looking into various tools that offer both wholesome AI graphic design solutions as well as more targeted AI design solutions. Regardless, we’re confident that these tools will surely come to be of use to you in your marketing design ventures.

So let’s begin with the list. 

1. Design.AI

Design.AI is a complete design suite with strong AI-driven features, perfect for those who aren’t skilled in graphic design. It helps content creators and marketing folks make designs and other content quickly and easily.

Let’s look at some of its features to understand why this tool belongs in the best AI graphic design tools list for 2024. 


Some of the AI-powered design solutions you can expect are the,

To name a few. 

First, we tested the DesignMaker feature.

Simply select the design type and input variables such as the design style category. 

Each different category has unique information you need to input. For example, the business card category will ask you to input the name you want to add.

We selected the business card option typed in a name and hit the generate button. Here are a few of the options we got:

While there is room for improvement, it’s a great starting point. To think that at the click of a button, you could generate this and more options is just great. 

To download whatever work you generated using this AI feature you need to log in to Design.AI. You get 10 credits upon signing up and you can use that for the various AI features but you won’t be able to download without the watermark. 

To remove watermarks, you need to subscribe to one of the paid plans. 

Next up, we tried the FontPairer feature. We know how difficult it is to pair fonts when designing. It’s a whole ordeal and AI tools like this one help simplify the process. 

All you have to do is select one of the fonts and the tool instantly suggests accompanying fonts to use in the sub-heading and body. 

Here are a few of the results:

By adjusting the font similarity you can get diverse combinations to use in your designs. 

There’s also the option to lock in a specific font from the generated ones so that you can keep that font and generate the other two. On the whole, it’s a very efficient system. 

Moreover, since these are Google Fonts there is no problem with using them in your designs. 


In all three of these plans, you get unlimited projects and unlimited usage of 115 million images and video clips within the tools. 

For a more in-depth comparison, we recommend visiting their pricing page


It’s clear from these reviews that users are highly enjoying the AI features that Design.AI offers. They also attest that these AI features have streamlined their content creation process. 

Let’s move ahead to the next tool.

2. AutoDraw

AutoDraw is an AI-powered graphic design tool created by Google. It turns your sketches and doodles into more refined illustrations. It can be accessed via desktop, tablet, and mobile. 

This tool is not an entire design suite like Design.AI, but it has some unique uses that are more targeted toward illustrations. 

For those of you who don’t have fancy tablets and digital pens, this could be a useful tool for creating quick illustrations.

Let’s check out the features.


AutoDraw does not require any sign-ins, you can straightaway jump into creating illustrations with it. 

As far as AI tools go this would be the most user-friendly tool out there. 

The sketches can be drawn on 3 different default canvas sizes. But there’s also the option to expand the canvas as required. 

Once you’re ready with the canvas size, you can start your doodling. The AI will suggest similar illustrations that match your doodle as you doodle. All you have to do is click on what you desire and a refined illustration will replace the doodle. It’s as easy as that. You can then proceed to color, resize, and change the rotation as required. 

This can be highly useful for those looking to create bespoke patterns and backdrops with small icons. 

We went ahead and tried it with a basketball sketch replicated it multiple times and adjusted the size. Here’s how it went. 

The download is by default a PNG file, and therefore of high quality. But it does come with a white background. A solution to this could be found in the next tool we will look at shortly. 


While the art/image generation styles and types are limited, it’s still the best tool out there to use because it’s completely free. 

It offers no subscriptions, add-ons, or any advanced features. Whatever you see, comes at no cost.


The reviews show how different users make use of this AI graphic design tool for their everyday icon creation. 

Let’s go ahead and check out the next tool. 

3. TinyWow

TinyWow is an online app that offers a variety of tools including many for graphic design. What’s strikingly important about this app is that all the tools are offered free. TinyWow doesn’t require any sign-in to use their services. 

Let’s check out the amazing features it offers.


Here are some of the design-related features that this app offers:

Just to name a few. 

Out of this, we tested the Remove Background feature first. Removing the backgrounds of images is such an important and common part of creating good graphic design. In this regard, TinyWow’s background removal tool is indispensable.

You can simply drag and drop an image and the AI will get to working. In minutes you will have the background of your image removed. 

We went ahead and tried this on the image below:

And here’s the result:

There is definitely room for improvement but still, it was so easy and quick considering that this was an image with a busy background. 

Once you’re satisfied with the result, you can change the background if necessary or go ahead and download the image. Just be sure to download the file as soon as you’re happy with it because generated images disappear after 1 hour. 

We also tried the Image Generator feature. It’s quite similar to other tools in that capacity. All we had to do was just type in a prompt and hit that generate button. 

We asked the AI to generate a dove holding an olive branch.

It’s not exactly holding the branch in its mouth but the image is usable and we’re happy about that. There were only 2 images available but we had the option to generate more if necessary. What’s even better is that there was the option to download these images in HD, for free.

Another important thing to know is that these generated images can be used in your designs both for personal and commercial use. But also note that some images may be used in TInyWow’s own gallery for public use. 


All the features on TinyWow’s website are freely accessible to users. There are no caps or limits. The only disclaimer is to download processed and unprocessed files within the 1-hour mark. 


Most other reviews also generally iterated the same sentiment and praised TinyWow for offering so many features for free. 

Let’s review the next tool. 

4. BeFunky

BeFunky is a graphic design tool that harnesses AI capabilities to enhance the design workflow. It belongs to the comprehensive category of graphic design tools, offering a wide array of functionalities for various design tasks.

Let’s look at the AI features that make this one of the best AI graphic design tools in 2024. 


As we just said, this tool offers comprehensive design solutions. We found some fascinating features within the photo editor. Some of the features within this AI-powered category include:

To name a few. 

We were particularly interested in the Expand tool and decided to give it a try. 

We tested this feature on this image that we got from the BeFunky image library:

Then we expanded the image in all directions and ended up with this amazing result:

We’re entirely happy with the way the BeFunky AI generated this image. The amount of detail from the grass to the vehicles and the added roof on the right side top that it was able to produce is just unbelievable. 

This AI feature can be a great deal of help when you like an image but you’re not happy with the size or the parts of the image that are visible. 

One of the other unique things about this feature is that you can expand it into any other standard size both in landscape or portrait. 

From there you can keep going and use other features like Image Enhancer or the Background Remover to further edit the image as you wish. 

But do note that you cannot download the generated images if you’re on the free plan and whatever you do generate comes with a watermark as is visible in the above image. 

Some of the other features available like the Old Photo Restorer or the Upscale feature save countless hours spent Photoshopping images. 

So it’s no surprise that this is one of the best AI graphic design tools to try in 2024. 


This is what the paid plans look like:

The free version has a good amount of features as a graphic design tool but to access those rich AI features you would need to subscribe to one of the 2 payment plans above.

For an in-depth comparison of the free and paid plans, we encourage you to visit their pricing page


The reviewers are quite happy with how the AI features have helped them streamline their photo editing and graphic design processes. The only downside that they saw was the fact that it didn’t have social media scheduling options and that the best features were paid ones. 

And with that let’s wrap up our list of the best AI graphic design tools to try in 2024. 

Which AI Graphic Design Tool Caught Your Eye?

Different people have different design needs. Some need wholesome solutions and others need more targeted work. And that’s exactly what we’ve kept in mind when we compiled this list for you. We’ve gathered tools that can help in different ways. And we’re sure that at least one of these tools will come in handy as you work on your designs. 

Furthermore, we acknowledge that some individuals prefer to skip the design process entirely by choice or due to other pressing commitments. This could involve prioritizing other tasks that require you to be up and about your feat rather than sitting in front of a computer. For those individuals, we recommend outsourcing your design needs, and what better way to do so than to hire unlimited design companies? 

For more information, we recommend reading this blog on the best unlimited design services in 2024.  

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