AI Logo Design: The 5 Best AI Logo Design Tools in 2024

What sets a brand apart? It’s the whole visual identity, right? And the brand’s logo is one of the most crucial elements of this visual identity.. 

Even statistics show that logos are the no.1 brand identifier with 75% of people recognizing brands solely based on their logos. 

With such attention to the logo you don’t want to open avenues for people to scrutinize your logo as unimpressive and “meh”. So, a killer logo is the key to a customer’s heart, so get a move with crafting the best possible version of your logo! 

While this may be motivation for some, there could be others who find this distressing. Logo creation is quite expensive, and for startups and solopreneurs, it raises concern and more pressure. 

But fear not, as we stand ready to unveil 5 extraordinary AI logo design tools that will make those concerns a thing of the past!

AI logo design tools are software applications that utilize artificial intelligence algorithms to assist users create professional custom logos quickly and efficiently at a reduced cost.

We’re sure you’re super excited so let’s jump right ahead and begin with the 1st tool on the list. 

1. Logopony

Logopony is an intuitive AI logo design tool that assists users create logos at the click of a button. Let’s check out its features. 


The logo creation process is quite simple with Logopony. 

The first step would be to choose the logo style. 

This will help narrow down and determine a more apt logo design. 

As you select and proceed from there, the next step is to select the colors.

You have the option to select up to 3 colors from either monochromatic color schemes or gradients. After which you can get your results. 

We generated logo options in the style of personal branding in pink and blue gradients and more chromatic blues.  

Here are the results that we got

These were good options for someone to get started with. 

In any case, once you find a logo that you like, you can further improve it by simply clicking on the design. This then opens up the editor where you can make edits to:

Whichever of these changes you make will reflect in the various mockups the AI generates for you with your preferred logo design. Here’s an example:

After you’re fully satisfied with the outcome you can hit the Save & Continue button. It’s as simple as that!

You can proceed to download your logo file after choosing a package and making the payment. There you will receive the logo. The format types will vary based on the plan you choose. 

Other features include things like the company name generator and their logo generator API that’s in the beta phase. 

The free company name generator in particular can be useful for those who want to come up with their brand name before creating a logo design. 


Logopony is free to use and you can start generating logo designs even without creating an account. However, to download a design, you’ll have to choose one of the paid plans available. 

You can proceed with 3 types of packages that require one-time payments. Here’s a look at these packages and what’s included in each of them. 

Basic $20

Premium  $85

Business $90

Logopony does not offer subscription-based services. But all these plans include lifetime access to their editor. 

Let’s now direct our attention to some reviews left by happy users. 


As you can see from the reviews, users are quite happy with the results they got when generating logos using Logopony. 

2. LogoAI

LogoAI is yet another AI logo design tool that helps users create logos for various industries in a breeze. 

Let’s take a look at its features.


Much like the previous tool, the creation process is quite simple. 

Simply add your company name and slogan to get started. Then, the tool lets you choose your industry, preferred color scheme, and font style for your logo. 

When using this tool, we observed several tiny details that show that this is a beginner-friendly option. For example, when selecting font styles, when you hover over each of the styles, you see examples of top brands that use those font styles. 

In any case, once you select the font style go ahead and hit the “Generate” button. 

We followed all these steps selecting Travel as the industry, a pastel color scheme with an elegant font style. 

Here are the results we got:

These are the first 6 designs that we got and we thought they were good with some room for improvement. 

Also, if you started the creation process without creating an account, you’ll have to sign up to view all the options that were generated.  

Once you sign in you get to access more than 20 versions. What’s more, you can go ahead and see more options if you need them. 

Next, to edit any one of these logos you need to click on it. This action opens up a whole different editor where you can make more changes to the logo like:

After these edits are made you can save your changes within the editor. 

But do note that to remove the watermark and download you would need to buy it. Let’s now talk about the pricing. 


Their services are sold in 3 packages. And these packages encompass one-time payments only. They do not offer any subscription plans at all. 

Here are the packages:

Basic $29

Pro $59

Brand $99

For more disclaimer info on all the offered services within these packages please visit their pricing page

It should also be noted that LogoAI offers a non-AI feature that allows you to manually adjust your logo by one of their designers at a rate of $40. This encompasses up to 3 revisions. This is for cases where you feel you need more than the editor’s features to edit the logo as you wish. 

Let’s go ahead and look at some reviews now. 


LogoAI doesn’t have that many reviews and is often mistakenly thought to be free but their website specifies that it’s “free to design”. Those who have properly used the tool like the ones we’ve listed above, have all good things to say about LogoAI. 

Let’s keep going. 

3. Brandmark

Brandmark is a great AI logo design tool that has helped many brands craft their logos with the utmost ease. Brandmark’s AI logo generation is also a simple type-generate-tweak process. 

Let’s check out its features and the process of creating logos with them. 


You only need to provide the brand name and slogan to generate the logo without creating any account.

With Brandmark, the next step was a bit different than the steps we followed with the previous AI logo design tools. 

They ask users to input keywords that best describe their brand.

After picking the keywords you can proceed. The next step will be to choose colors. 

Brandmark’s color selection criteria work by letting you choose between solid colors and color styles. 

And with that the criteria are set and the AI gets working once you hit the generate button. 

We went through all these steps and asked the AI to create a logo with the keywords holiday, beach, sand, and sun in soft pastel colors. 

Here are 3 out of more than 25 logo options we got:

Considering the parameters we set we were happy with the minimal logo designs we got. 

If you double-click on a logo it opens up a window where you can take a look at how this logo would look on different marketing materials like merchandise for example. 

Here’s a sneak peek of that:

It also gives you access to a brand color palette that you can even use for later. 

And there’s another option called Ideas that lets you view more versions of the same logo in different colors. Here you can also change:

For more editing, you can open up the editor and it allows you to make changes to:

For each of these, there are a great amount of changes you can make like font size changes, letter and line spacing, alignment and color adjustments, etc. 

Additionally, Brandmark provides some free tools that help you in the logo creation process like the AI Color Wheel – used to generate color palettes and colorize your logo and other graphics, the Logo Crunch option – used to generate multi-resolution logos for small scale, and others like Logo Rank and Font Generator. 

Let’s now review the pricing.


Like the other two tools we explored, Brandmark also presents three package options. Similarly, these package deals are available as one-time purchases, without any subscription options.

Here are the packages:

Basic $25

Designer $65

Enterprise $175

With all the plans, even if they’re one-time purchases you get lifetime access to the editor. 

Let’s take a look at some reviews now. 


The reviews are a clear testament to how Brandmark has been instrumental in helping these brands create their logos which were just perfect. 

Let’s go ahead to the next Ai logo design tool. 

4. Zoviz

Zoviz is an AI-powered platform that helps brands create not just logo designs but entire brand identities. 

Let’s explore Zoviz’s features and the process of creating logos using their AI.


Zoviz does not require signing in to use their logo maker. You head-on get started by entering your brand name in the designated field.

Upon proceeding we noted that Zoviz follows a different process. They create some templates with the brand name without asking for any additional criteria. 

You then end up on the editor page along with the generated logos:

It is from this editor that you have to edit and change your preference for the AI to generate more options. 

From the editor you can add more parameters and set criteria like:

We edited the parameters to include, the bakery industry, with a rolling pin in red, green, and blue color ranges. The AI then automatically generates options. 

These are just a few of the options we got. And each of these are great starting points.

If you direct your attention to the bottom of each of the screenshots above you can see that each generated logo option comes with these:

And also, by selecting the color wheel at the bottom you can make changes to the color scheme of your preferred logo design. 

After you click the “Get Your Logo & Brand Kit” button, you will be directed to log in to Zoviz. 

You will then land on the Brand Kit editor.

You can either edit your Brand Kit here or proceed to make the payment for the logo design. 

One important thing to highlight here is that unlike the other tools we looked at, Zoviz aids in creating entire brand kits and is not only limited to logo generation. 

With that, let’s check out Zoviz’s pricing. 


Zoviz only offers 2 packages. Both these packages are one-time packages. They too, don’t offer any subscription plans. 

Here’s how the 2 packages are priced:

Basic Logo Pack $19.99

Full Brand Kit $49.99

It should be noted that for both plans, the 30+ logo file types also include things like:

Despite being slightly more expensive, Zoviz offers a wide range of services to offset the higher cost. Additionally, the templates provided are ready for immediate use, and the print materials are ready for printing without any additional preparation.

Finally, if at any time you want to upgrade from the Basic plan to the Full feature plan you can do so by simply paying the difference instead of paying the full amount. 

Now let’s move ahead to look at some reviews left by happy users. 


As seen from the reviews we can gather that Zoviz has helped its users craft logos with such ease. Not only so, but the logos that were created helped encapsulate each of their brands as well and they highly recommend Zoviz. 

5. BrandCrowd

BrandCrowd is a top logo generation tool powered by Artificial Intelligence. It is one of the most reviewed AI logo design tools out there. 

Let’s take a look at the tool and its processes. 


As per usual, the process begins by inserting your brand name. And once you hit that Create Logos button, the AI will generate 1000s of logo options and take you to the editor. 

And from there the fun stuff begins. There are ways in which you can generate more targeted logos. For example, you can pick the keywords that relate to your brand and then generate more options. Or else, you can filter by logo style and color. 

Here’s what we got when we asked for a corporate purple logo with AI being the keyword:

And we liked almost all of these logos. 

Once we picked the logo we liked, we were asked to log in to continue editing. 

Upon logging in we can pick color variations of the logo:

You also have the option to skip this step and move ahead to the editor. 

When you’re on the editor you can make a vast number of edits to your logo, if needed. You can make changes to:

You also have the option to animate the logo if needed. 

It’s quite evident that this editor is quite feature-rich in comparison to all the editors we saw previously. 

Once all those additional steps are done you can proceed to save your project or download the logo. 

On the download page, you’re given some mockups to see how the logo appears in different places. 

Let’s now look at the pricing of BrandCrowd to see what plans they offer.


BrandCrowd offers 2 types of packages that are billed monthly. They offer both monthly and annual plans. Let’s look at the monthly plans. 

Premium Logo Pack $25

Premium Logo Pack + Website $34

We believe that their offerings are more suitable for those looking for long-term subscription-based plans because they provide ongoing access to design templates and other design tools. And on top of that, they provide a branded website within the 2nd and most expensive plan. 

Let’s now look at some of the reviews that happy clients have left. 


Earlier we mentioned that this is one of the most reviewed AI logo design tools. It’s been reviewed by users on Trustpilot a whopping 8,236 times with a Trust score of 4.8 which is quite impressive. 

These reviews show how the users have found BrandCrowd to be extremely helpful in their logo creation and branding endeavors. There are so many reviews of happy users who all have nothing but good things to say. 

And with that let’s wrap things up. 

Which AI Logo Design Tool Caught Your Eye?

As you read through this blog you may have come across an AI design tool that you felt works better than the others for you. So we urge you to go ahead and try one of these to get your logo designs done. 

As we previously discussed when introducing this topic, logo design plays a crucial role for brands, especially for brand recognition. Therefore, regardless of the tool you choose, ensure that your brand logo effectively represents your brand. 

In any case, if you feel like you’d like to entrust a human to design your logo we recommend unlimited design services as the best solution. There are so many added benefits you can get from them as well. So before you proceed to make a decision, make sure you cover all your grounds. 

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