AI Text to Video: The 5 Best AI Text to Video Design Tools in 2024

Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or business owner, there’s no denying that you enjoy good content yourself. And if you recall some of the most memorable content you have come across, we bet that some of those top picks would be video content. 

There’s something about the dynamicity of videos that makes them more engaging and memorable. That’s probably why 91% of businesses incorporate videos into their marketing. 

But we know for a fact that creating video content is not an easy process. Writing scripts, creating thumbnails and statics for approval, and then animating them isn’t easy. Nor is shooting videos and editing them, especially if you’re not the one doing all of this. It can be painstakingly difficult to communicate your entire brief to a video designer.

So today we bring to you the best solution possible. AI text to video design tools! That’s what we will be diving into in this blog. You’re in for an experience with these awesome text to video tools we have lined up for you. 

But first, let’s take a look at what a text to video tool is and how it can help you in your marketing ventures. 

What Are AI Text To Video Design Tools?

Text to video AI tools leverage advanced algorithms to transform written text into dynamic video content. Users input scripts or descriptions, and the AI generates corresponding video footage, offering customization options for style, characters, and scenes. 

These tools provide efficient and innovative ways to translate textual inputs into engaging visuals with the least amount of effort.

How Are They Useful?

Here are some ways in which these text to video tools can come in handy:

  1. Text to video AI tools are a great way to repurpose written content. 
  2. They help overcome creative blocks ensuring that you churn out content consistently without a problem.
  3. They help create those last-minute videos like presentations, at such a fast rate. 
  4. They provide efficient video solutions for marketers who are always on the move. 
  5. The ability to customize a video according to your specific needs is possible with these text to video AI tools. 

These are just a few of the general benefits that you get from these tools. 

Now, let’s look at the top AI video tools we have on our list for you.

AI Text To Video Tool #1 – Deepbrain AI

Deepbrain AI has earned recognition as a High Performer for the Winter of 2024 on G2 in regions such as Asia, Asia Pacific, the Americas, and India. Additionally, it has been listed among the top 50 AI products of 2024 by G2.


There are several features in this AI text-to-video tool. One feature involves inputting a topic and generating up-to-date videos. 

Another feature is to use documents such as MS Word, MS Excel, or MS PowerPoint presentations to create diverse types of videos using the content within. 

Additionally, you can transform any article or blog content into videos helping you repurpose your marketing content like we spoke of before. 

Lastly, you can input a URL, including Amazon product links, and the AI will produce a product demo video.

In any case, using these 4 features you can generate a stylized first draft. You then have the option to edit as required and then download your work.

We went ahead and gave the free (40 seconds worth) video option a try and generated a video with a topic-based prompt. We asked the AI to generate a YouTube Shorts video with 3 tips for creating child-friendly advertisements. 

We were thoroughly impressed by the AI’s ability to generate a distinct audio script, provide three helpful tips, create additional captions for the video, and select images for each slide. It even came with one of their avatars on the side. While there is definitely room for enhancement, particularly in the choice of pictures and fonts, the content delivered for our short-form YouTube video was exceptional.

Do note that the avatar does not move its mouth when it speaks in the free video, but once you upgrade to a paid subscription you can even control the hand gestures of the avatars using text prompts. This will result in a much more realistic and life-like depiction.

Here’s a demo video that explains the process:


Deepbrain AI offers 3 different highly customizable plans.

The Personal and Team plans can be customized based on the number of minutes you require a month. 

For an in-depth comparison of the plans, we recommend visiting their pricing page.  


The reviewers mostly praise the tool as a cost-effective solution offering up-to-date features. 

AI Text To Video Tool #2 – VideoGen

VideoGen is an AI text to video tool trusted by renowned brands like Airbus, Salesforce, and TikTok. With over 3 million copyright-free assets and 150+ unique voices in 40+ languages, it’s trusted by over 500K marketers, creators, and professionals worldwide. 


This is an easy-to-use tool offering services with the simple insertion of a text prompt. 

With VideoGen not only can you generate videos with AI prompts, you can even use website links. The AI will then use the content from the website to generate a video. 

If you want to use a prompt, you can describe the video that you need in as much detail as possible to get exactly what you need. Other features include things like setting the duration of the video (a maximum of 2 minutes in the free try) and choosing the style for the script. You can choose from styles like persuasive, engaging, professional, casual, dramatic, etc. 

After you type the prompt and select the style you generate the script for it. The AI will provide a script based on those parameters and once you confirm the generation or make any edits, you can proceed to generating the video. 

We followed all of these steps and got ourselves a video with 3 marketing tips. 

VideoGen knocked it out of the park! First of all, the script was spot on and we didn’t have to make any changes. The language was very natural. Then the stock video, the AI voice narration the transitions, and the flow were all perfect. Even the captions came auto-generated. 

Further, if there are any changes that we need to make, we can simply edit within the editor. Changes to scene pace, music, voice, and caption typography are possible. 

But unfortunately, to download the video you need to subscribe to one of their plans. This free run is just for interested people to check out the ropes of the tool. 

Check out this demo for more info:


Here’s a look at the plans and pricing at VideoGen:

We feel that the cost is justifiable with the precision of the tool and the features that are offered, especially the number of characters per video script are impressive in all of the above paid plans. 


The gist of the reviews certifies that VideoGen is definitely a tool to try out for its efficiency in turning out awesome videos in the shortest amount of time. 

AI Text To Video Tool #3 – Hour One

Hour One is a video generation tool for both novices and pros. They were ranked on G2 as the High Performer in Winter 2024. They even made it to the list of the top 50 AI products in 2024 on G2. They were even featured on TechCrunch, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Fortune. 


Hour One offers many features that can help you generate AI-powered videos. Once you sign in you can try the free trial which provides 3 minutes worth of video generation.

You can customize the dashboard based on your dominant video needs ranging from L&D, sales, marketing, or development. 

Speaking of the creation process, Hour One offers a seamless three-step process to bring your content to life with ease. 

First, create your content effortlessly by adding your script, generating it from a document, presentation, or URL,  or drawing inspiration from Hour One’s AI video tools. 

Next, you can customize your video by selecting from a range of templates and avatars, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your brand identity. 

Finally, collaborate with your team to gather feedback and make refinements before effortlessly sharing and exporting your finalized content. 

We went ahead and gave the tool a try. We used the script option, copy-pasted some content, and hit the create video button. Unlike the previous tool, this AI didn’t make any changes to the script but retained exactly what we pasted, but that was alright with us. 

Quality-wise, we were happy with what we got. The images, the transitions, and the fonts used were good. There was however room for improvement in the AI voice. 

Some features like creating videos from URLs were also not supported during the trial. But overall, the tool is a great option for those looking into AI video generation for targeted industries as this AI is wired to customize accordingly. 

The tool can also be integrated easily into some of the best leading LMS and CRM systems. 

Here’s a demo:


Hour one has 3 different plans and a trial run to try out:

These plans are a bit on the pricier side when you think about the number of minutes you get per month. But for those who want to keep scaling the Business plan is the one to go for owing to its customizability. It offers the option to scale the number of minutes you need per month. 


Most of the reviewers talk about how Hour One has been a tremendous help in their workflow and how they find it very easy to use.  

AI Text To Video Tool #4 – Colossyan

Colossyan is a top AI text to video tool that has been recognized on G2 with many accolades. Some of these include recognitions such as the Momentum Leader in 2024 and the Leader in the Americas in 2024.


With Colossyan, generating videos from text takes just minutes, offering multiple convenient methods. You can prompt the AI to create a script tailored to your needs or effortlessly paste your existing script into the editor for instant video creation. 

You can easily customize your video by swapping out avatars or presenters to align with your brand’s tone. 

There is also the option to edit your video by adding additional avatars and conversational scripts. Other features include converting PDFs and PPTs into videos effortlessly or choosing from a selection of pre-designed AI templates. 

And with a simple click, you have the facility to translate your video into over 120 languages.

We went ahead and tried their free video option which doesn’t even require any sign-ins. 

Once we tested out the features and tools we were blown away by the quality. There are so many different edits you can apply to further fine-tune the generated video as well. You can proceed to add more avatars, make script changes for different scenes, add pauses in the audio, change backgrounds and so much more. 

Here’s a slight glimpse into the interface:

The only downside is that you can’t see the mouth of the avatar moving when the script is playing on audio. That’s a feature accessible only to paid users. 

Here’s a look at their demo video:


Here’s what their plans and pricing look like:

The offerings within each of these plans seem great, but most features are offered within the Enterprise plan. Those who have large-scale video generation needs would benefit from that plan. 


As you can see from these reviews, the users are quite happy with the features and services of Colossyan. Particularly of how this tool has helped them generate quality videos in such a short time.  

AI Text To Video Tool #5 – Elai.

Elai. is an AI video generation tool that offers all sorts of features. They have been recognized by G2 as one of the Most Easy to Use AI tools in 2024. It has also won recognitions such a the Best Support and Easiest Admin in the year 2023. 


Elai provides diverse methods for generating videos from content. Users can utilize templates from the editor, leverage the AI storyboard feature, or commence with an avatar. 

Additionally, users can initiate video creation from presentations, which is currently in beta. 

The standout feature is the AI storyboard option, enabling users to generate videos from various sources such as topics, URLs, text, or entirely from scratch.

Experimenting with the AI storyboard topic option proved to be a delightful experience. Upon entering the topic, we received a concise video outline. Since we were satisfied with it, we could proceed; otherwise, we had the option to edit it as needed. 

After the AI automatically generated the slides, we reviewed them before advancing to video creation. The overall process yielded satisfactory results, delivering a meticulously crafted and well-outlined video.

This demo will give you a glimpse into this tool’s capabilities:


Here’s a look at their plans and pricing:

An extensive feature comparison of each of these plans is available on the pricing page

They even have add-ons such as custom avatars, selfie avatars, voice cloning, and cartoon avatars.


Reading these reviews, it’s clear that users are thrilled to be able to create videos with such ease. Some even consider it the best product on the market. 

With that, it’s time to wrap up this list. 

Ready To Use One Of These Text To Video Design Tools?

We are quite certain that these tools would help cut short so many hours of video creation and in the process cut down some heavy overheads. 

So we encourage you to try one of these AI text to video creation tools and make your life that much easier!

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