AI Tools: The Top 6 Free Background Remover Tools to Try in 2024

Humans are visual beings. As marketers, we’re not foreign to the concept that visuals are quick to attract potential customers to products and visual content in general. 

As marketers, it’s our job to ensure that the visuals we share are in their optimal condition, communicating only what we need them to. Sometimes there are instances where we need to remove just that one thing in an image that doesn’t look right. And it’s at times like these that you need backgrounds removed. 

But the whole process of removing background can be one of the most tedious jobs on the planet! That’s why you should use background remover tools. And not just any tools, AI-powered tools. That’s right, AI-powered background remover tools are here to save hours wasted in front of the computer. 

Not only so but when you hand over your design brief to your designer, Having your images prepped and ready with the relevant backgrounds removed will make the design process so much faster!

So, let’s check out these AI background removal tools that are gonna make your life a whole lot easier!

1. PixelCut

PixelCut is an AI-powered tool offering background removal and replacement, etc. The awesome thing about this background remover is that you can remove backgrounds as such for free on their website using the browser or their mobile app. It’s available on both Android and iPhones. 

It’s a simple process of just uploading your image. The AI takes care of the background removal and you don’t need to lift a finger beyond that. 

To test this tool we uploaded this stock image to see how we can remove the sign in the middle:

And here’s the results… 

As you can see the background was successfully removed with so much ease.

For a free app, we couldn’t be happier than this with the result. 

The PixelCut editor lets you change the background to any custom color. It also enables you to create a shadow to give the image more dimension. 

PixelCut doesn’t have many reviews on the usual platforms we look to, but here’s one that’s available on Product Hunt:

Here are a few more reviews we found on their website:

With that let’s move ahead to the next free background remover tool. 

2. is an AI-powered background remover. The paid versions have more features but the free version lets you remove backgrounds for free. Although the resolution would be low and would yield up to about 0.25 megapixels only.

The free version is available for access on the website, desktop app, or with an API. You also receive 50 free previews per month, which you can utilize either through the desktop app or via the API. 

For more info on the paid plans, we recommend visiting their website.  

To test out the free background remover we took the tool for a spin with this image:

The moment the image was dragged and dropped even without further action the AI got into working its magic and rendered this result:

Given that we only had to upload the image and that this is a free background removal using AI technology we’re happy with the results. 

With minimum effort helps remove backgrounds in your images. And if you want to keep making changes you can use the restore button to keep the background and then hover over the image to remove any contents of the billboard itself. has a rating of 4.5/5 from 25 reviews on G2. 

Here’s a review that talks about the free features:

Here are more reviews featured on their website:

Moving on to the next free background remover. 

3. is a background remover powered by AI technology. It lets you remove the background in almost any image. The tool can be accessed straight from the website and all you have to do is just simply drag and drop an image and voila! It removes the background. 

Signing up for the free plan offers benefits like 1 free high-resolution download, unlimited previews on the website, and 50 free previews on the app and via API. 

We wanted the background removed in this image:

Here’s how it went:

We have to say that we’re blown away by the results of the free background remover feature. This kind of masking and background removal consumes many hours on tools like Photoshop. If you’re using the app or API, just be sure to download your image within 60 seconds because it will disappear and you will have to do it again and waste the limited previews. further provides the option to an editor where you can change the size of the image, make changes to things like opacity, brightness, contrast, etc, and add text. You can easily download the image once you manually make those changes. This feature is something we didn’t see in the previous 2 background remover tools. also has a rating of 4/5 on G2 out of 22 reviews. 

Here’s a review that mentions’s free features:

Here are some amazing reviews we found on the website:

Let’s go ahead and look at the next background remover tool. 

4. is one of the top background remover tools to try in 2024. It’s free to use upon signing up to the free plan but there’s a cap of 3 downloads a month along with only 3 credits per month. For the paid plans we recommend visiting their pricing page

This AI-powered tool can be accessed via the website or in the form of an API integration. 

We used the free background remover feature to remove the background in this image:

And here’s what we got:

We’re pretty pleased with the result because all we had to do was just upload the image and wait for the AI to remove the background. There was no need to make any manual changes. 

After the background is removed you have the option to download either the low-quality image (you don’t need to sign up for that) or the HD image for which it’s mandatory to sign up. 

You also have the option to edit the image and make changes to the background. You can choose between a low-quality download or an HD one. has a pretty impressive standing on Product Hunt with a rating of 4.8/5 from 204 reviews. 

Here’s a review left by a user trying out the free features:

Here are some of the reviews found on their website:

Moving on to the next free background remover.

5. Wondershare PixCut’s Image Background Remover

The Image Background Remover tool by Wondershare PixCut is an awesome tool to get your backgrounds removed from images. The best part about is it offers a free account. The free account does have limitations. For example, you can only remove 5 image backgrounds with standard quality. 

But on the positive side, you get unlimited previews, free enlarged images with watermarks, and free credits when you refer a friend. 

Even with this tool, it’s a simple drag-and-drop action and the AI does all the heavy lifting. 

Here’s the image we tested on this background remover:

And here’s how it went:

That’s pretty impressive, right? To think that we got this done for free just by simply dragging and dropping the image is quite fascinating.

You also have the option to add a different background and crop the image as required but the final image then comes with a watermark.

There are more features available within the paid plans. Check out their pricing page for more information. 

Wondershare Pixcut’s Image Background Remover has a rating of 4.3/5 from 20 reviews on G2. 

Here’s what one user had to say:

Let’s go ahead and look at the last tool on this list. 

6. Wepik

Wepik is a design app that uses several AI-driven features. One of which is the background remover feature. And one thing that makes this tool stand out from this lot is the fact that it’s free forever with absolutely no caps. The only catch is that you have to attribute Wepik when you use an image altered by them. But that’s not a high price to pay. 

One of the other perks of using this free background remover is that you can access stock images from Freepik because Wepik is a tool made by Freepik. So there’s access to the library from the Wepik editor itself. 

We were eager to try this tool out.

Here’s the image we selected straight from the Freepik library within the Wepik editor:

And this is the result we got after hitting that remove background button:

We have to admit, we’re impressed with the results from a tool that offers such precise capabilities for free.

Because all of this happens inside the Wepik editor you can make so many changes to this. You can use this as part of a larger graphic design, add texts, change backgrounds and so much more. It’s as convenient as it gets.  

Wepik has a rating of 4.8/5 from 2 reviews on G2. Even though there are limited reviews, those who have left reviews only have good things to say about the tool in general. Here’s an example of that:

Here’s a review found on the website:

And with that let’s wrap this blog up. 

Ready To Try One Of These Free Background Remover Tools For Your Next Project?

We know that images are an integral part of good graphic design because visual content is 43% more effective than text-only content. That’s why you need to find the best images. But perfecting those images can be tiresome especially when you have to remove backgrounds which normally would take hours as we discussed before. 

And in such times, these tools can surely come in handy. It could be a stock image, a product shot image, or even a picture of yourself! These AI-powered background removers will come to your aid. 

Don’t forget the right image in the right context can make such a positive impact. So give these tools a go and fast-track your design process!

Other ways to fast-track the process would be to entrust this entire design process to experts like unlimited graphic design companies. This read on the best unlimited design services in 2024 might also come in handy. 

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