BTS Videos: 5 Handy Tips To Engage Your Social Media Audience

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Why do you think everyone just keeps scrolling on every social media platform? Do you think that the brain behind the infinity scroll knew this was going to happen or was it just an amazing coincidence? 

Users cannot stop scrolling Instagram or Twitter because they want more – they want to know everything that is happening and they want to know more about it right now! 

This is why marketers feel that appealing to a customer’s curiosity can lead any campaign to success pretty quickly. 

What can be a better way to do this than to show your customers how their favorite product comes to life or what their favorite brand does in a day to bring it to them? Behind-the-scenes videos have been gaining prominence over the past years, especially since everyone is loving videos more than anything else. 

Want a share of this pie? Wondering how to get it done? 

Scroll on to know that and a lot more to deliver the BTS videos your customers would love. 

Why are BTS videos important? 

Video content is extremely successful in driving traffic to your website, convincing your customers, converting leads to sales, and so much more. Every brand needs a comprehensive video marketing strategy right now if they want to get an edge in the market. 

But why are we specifically discussing behind-the-scenes videos here?  

Because does every post on the infinite scrolling space get views and clicks? The answer is no. Some do well while some falter and never make it past the first few steps in the race. This is because some videos are able to showcase the brand and bridge what experts like to call the “curiosity gap”. 

In a research paper on the psychology of Curiosity, George Loewenstein explains that the same curiosity that drives babies towards shiny, new, and novel objects becomes an intellectual impulse in adulthood. 

But there is so much we do not know. And that can be overwhelming. An abundance of information means nothing gets seen and that is bad news for brands and marketers. 

Studies tell us that the sweet spot of leveraging curiosity in marketing is understanding the gap. People are more likely to consume content that tells them a little more about what they already know. This means they do not have to overwhelm themselves with a lot of new information or get bored by consuming something they already know a lot about. 

Brand storytelling that involves weaving a story around the business, its employees, the product, and the process can do this with ease. Specifically, behind-the-scenes content is ideal since it is the one piece in the jigsaw puzzle that makes the bigger picture clearer. 

5 Design tips for the perfect BTS video 

The potential for marketing success from a simple Behind the Scenes video sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? Well, that is because something that seems so simple can be quite complicated to execute. 

The perfect Behind the Scenes video is not about compiling all the footage you record in a day and releasing it. No, it is about telling a story and bringing a narrative to the forefront that appeals to the audience without actively promoting the brand/product. 

You want the customer to see all the hard work that goes in every day and appreciate it. 

But how do you make the work shine and transform your Behind-the-Scenes content from a simple B-roll to a lesson in storytelling? 

Let’s explore. 

Pre-Filming Tips for Behind-the-Scenes videos: 

A good video begins at the planning table and ends at the editing table. So what do you need to know and do before filming begins to capture the best moments for your BTS videos? 

1. Think about angles 

Behind-the-scenes videos are all about storytelling. This is an opportunity for brands to showcase the finer points of their products, the manufacturing process, the workflow, or their work culture to their customers. Like a good story, you have to highlight a few elements while pushing some to the background. 

How do you do that? 

Well, avoid an extensive editing process that may result in an unnatural-looking video, and think about the filming angles even before the cameras are rolling. 

When you set up the main camera, work with the production team and describe the branding goals for your BTS videos. Set up auxiliary cameras that allow you to capture the important elements so that you can bring them all together via edit. 

Even without a high production budget, you can :

Simple measures like these can really boost the impact of your BTS videos and help your branding/marketing goals go further ahead. 

2. Plan for transitions in your BTS videos

Since we are talking about creating Behind the Scenes videos that specifically work well on social media, transitions are important. 

If you have browsed Instagram or TikTok, you know how important transitions are. They can take a video from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds. The changing angles, scenes, and effects also keep the viewer engrossed improving the overall reach of the video. 

So, before you start filming, work with your crew to plan :

It can take a little extra time and effort to include transitions but planning them beforehand can make the filming and editing process much easier. Not to mention that the video comes out looking like a million bucks! 

Post-Filming and Pre-editing tips for BTS videos 

3. Finalize the footage

Now that the filming is ready, it is time to know what makes the cut or what is good enough to be sent to the editing table. 

After spending hours creating your video, you are left with the task of compressing it to fit into socials. Everyone wants their information in 1-minute intervals and cramming all the footage into 1 minute is just not possible. 

How do you do that? 

“The goal of curiosity marketing is to persuade customers to want to learn more about a business. Marketers drip-feed information or use teasers to maintain audience interest and encourage consumers to interact with brand content. To be successful with curiosity marketing, make sure you’re aware of the audience’s existing curiosity gap. 

A curiosity gap is the difference between the customer’s existing knowledge and what they want or need to know. The role of a marketer is to fill that curiosity gap with just enough information to pique a reader’s interest and lure them deeper down the sales funnel”, says Jonathan Schwartz, CEO, and Co-Founder of Bullseye Strategy in a Forbes feature on curiosity marketing.

Editing tips for BTS videos 

Now that you know what you are going to showcase in the final Behind the Scenes video, it is time to optimize it and make it better for your audience. 

So here are a few tips for that : 

4. Make your BTS videos accessible 

Your audience is diverse. Whether you are a small business or a large organization, social media ensures that you reach people worldwide. So whenever you design any content, it is important to make it accessible to customers from all walks of life. How can you do that? 

5. Pick the right music for your BTS videos

Everything’s better with music, isn’t it? Yes, especially on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. So if your behind-the-scenes video does not have any particular sound of its, choose a popular track or a trending sound to make it better. 

Now, choosing music is an important task because, for some, it can make or break the experience. 

Choose music :

Simple steps like this can help you create BTS videos.

Take your video marketing game to the next level with engaging BTS videos 

Video content can be intimidating or overwhelming to produce, but it does not have to be. Follow the simple steps we laid out and plan before you get rolling. It will make all the difference. And if you hit a snag editing these BTS videos you can always work with video subscriptions. Some of them help with video design and some also take care of video editing. All of this makes your video creation process so much easier. 

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