Unlimited Graphic Design Subscription: Buzzcube Review 2024

We often say that graphic design is important. It’s so important that if your brand were a house, graphic design is what beautifies it. Graphic design serves as the curb appeal, enticing visitors to step inside. Like the architectural details that draw attention to a home’s unique features, strategic graphic design highlights your brand’s identity, values, and message. 

Now getting strategic graphic designs done is a challenging job. Not because there isn’t anyone to get it done by. Graphic designers and agencies are all over the place. It’s not hard to look for someone willing to do your graphic design work because so many of them are looking for work. But the question is, will you benefit from freelancers and big design agencies? 

You don’t need to ask yourself anymore because we have solutions that go by the name “unlimited graphic design subscriptions”.

And in this blog, we will cover a popularunlimited graphic design subscription called Buzzcube. This Buzzcube review is meant to cover everything you need to know to get started with them. 

So let’s begin!

Buzzcube Review: About Buzzcube

Buzzcube was founded by Matt Treece in 2019 and is based in the United Kingdom. Matt Treece has a background in digital marketing that helped steer him in this direction. 

Most of the workforce of Buzzcube hails primarily from the Philippines, alongside New Zealand and US representation.

Next up, let’s go ahead to review the scope of services offered at Buzzcube. 

Buzzcube Review: Scope Of Service

Much like other unlimited design services, Buzzcube extends its offerings to encompass an unlimited array of requests monthly, with no restrictions on backlog tasks and unlimited revisions. However, distinguishing itself, Buzzcube also delves into development alongside design, broadening its scope beyond that of some other unlimited design services we cover.

Here’s a look at the work they undertake:

Design Scope

While the services mentioned are typical offerings among the companies we review, there appears to be a notable absence of services like custom illustrations. 

Development Scope

They also work with development software and apps like click funnels, Kajabi, WordPress, Kartra 

As you can see, a wide array of development work falls into the scope listed above so if this is the kind of work you’re looking for then it might work out well for you. 

Let’s look at the pricing next. 


Buzzcube simplifies pricing by offering just one straightforward plan.



By the looks of it, it’s much of the same that other unlimited companies offer with a slight difference in the way you have the option to choose a graphic design or a web designer. We will look into further details later on for those of you wondering if you need to skip the development side of things. 

Additionally, for those seeking more flexibility beyond this plan, there’s the option to select a custom plan tailored to their specific needs.

Those kinds of POA plans would entail these:

You can book a call to discuss custom plans. 

Now that we’ve covered the scope of work covered by Buzzcube let’s move on ahead to review how you can get started with them along with more details you need to know about the subscription. 

Buzzcube Review: How To Get Started + More Subscription Details

Getting started with Buzzcube is as easy as it is with design companies operating under the productized service model – the simple choose-a-plan, pay, and get started process lets you begin without a hassle. 

With Buzzcube, unless you need to talk to the team about a custom plan, you can choose the available plan and proceed to make the payment via the Stripe checkout portal. You get an offer of $50 off for the first month if you subscribe to their newsletter. 

Although they don’t offer a free trial option, they do guarantee a 100% money-back within 15 days of purchase.

The process

The process begins upon successful payment. Once you sign in to their website you can make and manage your requests using the client portal. 

You can expect to be matched with a dedicated designer within 1 business day of your sign-up. Be sure to get the onboarding call because that conversation determines how well you’re matched with the designer.

This designer will continue to be your dedicated designer unless at some point the team and Buzzcube feel that there’s a better fit available. 

Once this match is made you can submit your requests via the client portal on the website or via email. Be sure to craft a good design brief and provide it along with your brand assets and copy. 

Once designs are completed you will receive them with the necessary source files or they will be handed over to the development team. 

Buzzcube supports unlimited revisions. So, if you would like some changes to be made to your design, you can send the details to the team via email and the website’s client portal. 

Do bear in mind that the next task can only commence after a project is fully completed, approved by the client, and the ticket is closed. The exception to this rule is on a custom plan with a minimum of two dedicated designers and one dedicated project manager, where two projects may be handled simultaneously.

The Buzzcube Team

Buzzcube’s designers are vetted designers and developers who are well-versed in:

And like we just looked at the designers and developers are manually matched to clients after much evaluation and discussion among the management team. But in any case, if you do need to change your designer you can simply let the team at Buzzcube know and they will do so within 1 business day. 

All communication with designers and account managers happens on Slack. This might be a plus point for those who prefer communicating directly with the designers. You also have the option to pick email as the primary communication method. 

The team generally operates from 8 am to 6 pm UK time. While they occasionally work on projects outside of these hours, communication with project managers remains available within this timeframe.

Turnaround Times

For simple projects, expect a turnaround time of less than one business day. However, complex projects may require 2-4 days, with daily updates provided. Complex tasks like designing landing pages and web pages necessitate 2 days for design and an additional 2 days for development per page. 

Social media and marketing collateral will be processed in batches, with 5-6 social graphics delivered within 48 hours.

Other Subscription Details

There could be some of you wondering if Buzzcube is the right fit for you since you don’t need development work. Well, to compensate for that and provide an alternative solution they will give you more hours with your designer. 

Expanding your team with additional designers and developers entails a new subscription. Each new subscription you acquire entitles you to a 10% discount, which can be coordinated with your account manager. They will provide you with the discount code accordingly.

As it is with most unlimited graphic design companies, cancellations are easy. Simply let the dedicated account manager know and they will proceed to cancel the account. 

And that wraps things up for all the things you need to know to get started with them. 

Let’s now move ahead to review Buzzcube’s work. 

Buzzcube Review: Examples Of Their Work

Next up, is another important segment to consider before trying Buzzcube.

Buzzcube Review: Reviews By Real Clients

Here are some reviews featured on their website. These help you learn what real clients’ experiences are with Buzzcube. 

Besides these reviews, there aren’t any available, unfortunately. 

Buzzcube Review: The Final Verdict

As we wrap up this Buzzcube review we should highlight that there are slight differences in the way they carry out their processes in comparison to traditional unlimited design companies.  Primarily because they offer additional services beyond just designing. 

However, if you don’t need any development work you can use more hours for graphic design work instead as discussed previously. And that might make up for the fact that they don’t offer any custom illustrations work. But it all ultimately hinges on what specific design needs you have. 

To broaden the search for the perfect ultimate graphic design subscription for you, we recommend reading this blog on the best unlimited design services for 2024 as well. 

As we said in the opening, graphic design is how people judge your brand. Statistical data indicates that companies prioritizing design have outperformed the S&P 500 by a whopping 228% within the course of ten years. That’s how much design can help catapult your brand. And it can even help set your brand image. So finding the best design solution for your brand is paramount because a lot is riding on it. 

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