5 Canva Competitors: The Top Free and Paid Alternatives in 2024

Canva competitors

In this blog, we’re delving into a comprehensive overview of Canva’s top competitors. While Canva stands out for its extensive offerings, competitive pricing, user-friendly interface, and creative flair, we recognize that other tools come close in terms of quality and functionality. 

Therefore, we’re excited to present a curated selection of alternatives to Canva, ranging from free to paid options. All these options have similarities with Canva. For example, they all have design templates and other features like a drag-and-drop editor. These kinds of features make these alternatives some of the top Canva competitors. And we will show you all these features and evaluate them as we go.

But before we explore these alternative design software/tools, let’s look closer at Canva and its position in the design tool landscape. It will help us compare the following tools more fairly. 

Let’s get started!

A Quick Snapshot Of Canva

Canva is a versatile design tool accessible across various platforms including desktop, browser, tablet, and mobile, ensuring convenience and ease of use wherever you are. 

Here is an overview of Canva’s pricing:

The Canva Free plan can be used for as long as you want with access to great templates and some limited AI features. Both other plans offer a 30-day free trial which lets you take the full benefits of the tool. 

Canva’s free plan allows users to access 250,000+ free templates and over 1+ million free photos and graphics. Canva even gives access to AI features like Magic Write, Magic Write, and others within the free plan. 

Canva’s Standing In The Design World

Since its inception in 2013, Canva has facilitated the creation of over 15 billion designs, with a staggering monthly active user base of over 130 million, solidifying its position as one of the most popular design platforms globally.

With availability in 190 countries and support for over 100 languages, Canva boasts extensive global reach and accessibility. The platform’s accolades include the Accessibility Award in 2022, recognition as the Apple App Awards winner in 2021, and recipient of The Good Design Award in 2020. Additionally, Canva has been featured on prestigious lists such as CNBC’s Disruptor 50 and Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in 2022.

Canva also has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on G2, a renowned product review platform. This is a most impressive score given that it’s out of 4,586 reviews

And staying ahead of the curve, Canva continues to innovate by integrating cutting-edge features, including AI features that streamline the design process, making intricate design tasks more manageable and efficient.

But following suit, many other design tools have emerged and that’s what we will move ahead to look at next. We will also look at their features, pricing, and reviews on G2 for a fair comparison. Let’s get to it. 

Top 5 Canva Alternatives To Try In 2024

1. Visme

Visme is a renowned graphic design software similar to Canva. It boasts a staggering user base of 28.1 million registered users. With over 32,000 projects created daily, it stands as one of the most prominent Canva competitors in the design industry. Founded by Payman Taei, who also serves as its current CEO, Visme is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, United States.

Top Features

Visme has a drag-and-drop editor much like Canva’s that allows easy editing even for beginners available on desktop, browser, and mobile. 

Visme stands out for its comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet diverse design needs. With customizable design templates and an infinite canvas for infographic creation, users have unparalleled creative freedom. 

The platform offers robust photo and video editing tools, including background removal, along with animations to bring designs to life. Collaborative functionalities facilitate seamless teamwork. Visme also allows users to create analytics designs.

 Multiple download formats and sharing options ensure accessibility and versatility. 

Visme also integrates AI-powered tools for designing, editing, and generating copy, alongside a social media scheduler and brand kits, making it a one-stop solution for all design requirements. 


They provide a free plan but no trials. And this free plan is recommended only in a testing capacity. Because most of the best features like premium stock assets, video, AI features, and other advanced features are only available on paid plans. Visme’s free plan also gives access to only around 1000s of free templates. 

Regardless, it’s a powerful opponent among the Canva competitors out there. 

Rating And Reviews on G2

4.6/5 from 405 reviews

The reviews and ratings prove Visme’s worth as an easy-to-use design software.

2. Adobe  Express

Adobe Express emerges as a comprehensive design software offering limitless creative potential. As part of the renowned Adobe design suite, it was founded by industry luminaries John Warnock and Charles Geschke. 

Situated in San Jose, California, United States, Adobe Express stands at the forefront of design innovation with 50 million plus education users worldwide and is one of the top Canva competitors. 

Top Features

The Adobe Express app also boasts an easy drag-and-drop editor that allows easy design editing on your browser, desktop, or even mobile.

Adobe Express offers a robust array of features tailored to streamline the design creation process. With customizable design templates and access to Adobe Stock photos, users enjoy limitless creative possibilities. 

The editor integrates over 20,000 top-quality Adobe fonts, ensuring ample room for typographical creativity. 

Quick action features further streamline workflow efficiency, while comprehensive photo/image and video editing tools, including background removal, empower users to perfect their creations. 

The generative AI features powered by Adobe Firefly enhance the design processes and cut short the time taken to design. Most of the available AI features are similar to that of Canva’s. One of our previous blogs offers a deeper comparison of the AI features of Canva and Adobe Express. A read-through of that blog will provide more insight. 

Moreover, the availability of dynamic animations also adds to the allure of this software. Collaborative functionalities facilitate seamless teamwork, and a built-in social media scheduler simplifies content sharing. 

Additionally, Adobe Express provides the option to create brand kits. 


Adobe Express provides a 30-day free trial for paid plans like Canva and a free plan but most of the features in the free plan are limited in comparison to the paid plans. You still get access to over 155,000 templates in the free plan but the stock assets are quite limited in comparison to what Canva offers within its free plan. 

However, the available features as a whole, make it a comprehensive solution for all design needs.

Rating And Reviews on G2

4.5/5 from 395 reviews

The rating and the reviews listed show that Adobe Express allows users to quickly and efficiently create designs.

3. PicMonkey

PicMonkey, an all-encompassing design software, stands as one of the pioneers in the industry. It is one of the oldest design software on this list of Canva Competitors and is a product of a renowned name in the design industry-Shutterstock. 

Founded by Brian Terry, Justin Huff, Charlie Whiton, and Lisa Conquergood, it has facilitated the creation of 10 billion images and garnered millions of users spanning over 200 countries. With headquarters in Seattle, WA, and a global office in Ireland, PicMonkey maintains a strong presence internationally, catering to diverse design needs worldwide.

Top Features

PicMonkey also offers a drag-and-drop editor that allows easy designing, especially for beginners navigating design software. The editor is accessible on the desktop, browser as well as mobile. 

PicMonkey offers a versatile suite of features tailored to enhance design and editing capabilities. With robust photo editing tools and background removal functionalities, users can effortlessly attend to their photos and images. 

Customizable design templates and over 100 collage layout templates provide endless creative possibilities. The ability to incorporate videos into designs adds dynamicity to projects. Access to Shutterstock photos expands the pool of resources available for design projects. 

Furthermore, AI features powered by Shutterstock streamline workflows and enhance efficiency. PicMonkey also provides brand kits, ensuring consistency across designs. 


PicMoneky provides a 7-day free trial. They do not provide any free plans and it should be noted that advanced features like the collaborative tools and others are only provided in the Business plan.

Other advantages that Canva provides like free templates and stock assets aren’t provided in PicMonkey as they don’t have a free plan.

But with its comprehensive range of features in the paid plans, PicMonkey empowers users to create stunning visuals with ease.

Rating And Reviews on G2

4.5/5 from 403 reviews

The ratings and the quality of reviews give the sense that Picmonkey is a reliable design software much like Canva.

4. VistaCreate

VistaCreate, previously known as Crello, is a user-friendly online platform tailored for crafting digital marketing collateral with ease. Boasting a user base of over 15 million active users and supported by a team of over 100 individuals, VistaCreate has solidified its position in the market since its founding in 2016. 

Founded by Dmitry Sergeev, VistaCreate emerged from his deliberate pursuit to challenge Canva head-on, resulting in a platform designed to rival its competitors. With a repository of 150,000 design templates and support for 17 languages, VistaCreate caters to diverse design needs globally from its base in Ukraine.

Top Features

VistaCreate also has a drag-and-drop editor that helps create designs with the utmost ease. It is available for use on desktop, browser and mobile. 

VistaCreate offers a comprehensive suite of features. With customizable design templates a vast asset library,  and access to a staggering 70 million stock images, users enjoy unparalleled creative flexibility. Robust image/photo and video editing tools enable users to refine their visuals with precision. 

With VistaCreate you can design dynamic animations for projects. They also support multiple export formats so that you can download them according to your requirements. 

VistaCreate also provides brand kits, facilitating consistent branding across designs. 

Additionally, the platform boasts a social media scheduler for seamless content sharing. 

For those who are keen on customer service, VistaCreate also offers live chat customer service.


VistaCreate provides a free plan plus a 14-day free trial for the paid plan. While the free plan has some good features, it should be noted that the best features come in the paid plans. The amount of free templates and images the free plan provides as seen from the offerings above is commendable. Even though it’s not as close to what Canva offers within the free plans, it’s still impressive. 

This combination of features makes VistaCreate a top choice for design needs.

Rating And Reviews on G2

4.5/5 from 169 reviews

The rating score and the reviews show that VistaCreate is a useful tool that helps you get your designs created with ease. 

5. Pixlr

Pixlr stands as a versatile online platform among the Canva competitors on this list, renowned for its comprehensive photo editing capabilities. But they also go beyond that offering a broader range of design solutions. With offerings like Pixlr Designer, users gain access to an extensive template library.

Launched in 2008 as an online image editing tool by Ola Sevandersson, Pixlr has evolved into a go-to destination for digital design needs. Headquartered in Singapore, Pixlr serves a vast and diverse community of tens of millions of active users worldwide. 

Top Features

Pixlr provides access to a drag-and-drop editor as well so that users can engage in an easy design creation process. They offer access to the editor via desktop, browser and mobile. 

Pixlr stands as a versatile image and photo editor, equipped with a customizable design template library to suit various creative needs. 

Its AI-powered features, including background removal and image generation, streamline editing and image selection processes. The animation feature helps enhance visual appeal in design with ease, while collaborative functionalities help with productivity. With support for multiple export formats, Pixlr ensures compatibility across platforms. 


Pixlr offers a free 7-day trial with full access to all its features. There’s also a free version with limited features. Only the paid versions provide access to advanced features like AI features. 

They offer 10,000+ templates and also recommend 123RF, a stock site to get free stock assets so that you can use them on these available templates. 

But, whether for personal or professional use, Pixlr’s intuitive interface and robust features in the paid plans make it a go-to choice for editing and design tasks.

Rating And Reviews on G2

4.4/5 from 723 reviews

We can see from these reviews and the rating above that Pixlr offers many benefits to those seeking design solutions.

The Verdict

As we wrap up we want to bring your attention to some statistics. Out of a group of businesses surveyed, 19% currently do not utilize graphic design services. However, an overwhelming 67% of these businesses express willingness to adopt graphic design if presented with a faster and more cost-effective solution for creating design materials.

If you also feel the same way, these design tools that we looked at are the way to get fast and cost-effective designs done.  

However, even with the compelling features and pricing, Canva maintains its position as one of the most widely used DIY design platforms globally, owing to its undeniable appeal and ease of use.  

Furthermore, several unlimited design services have recognized Canva’s popularity and potential and have begun incorporating Canva file delivery into their plans. For instance, unlimited design services like KIMP have introduced specialized plans tailored to clients seeking Canva designers. Other services like Penji, DotYeti, Flocksy, and DesignPickle also offer Canva designers within their plans. 

For those who find Canva aligning with your project requirements, leveraging separate Canva designers through an unlimited design subscription could present an optimal solution. Happy trails!

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