Canva Designers: 3 Ways Pros Can Help You Get the Most Out of Canva

We’re no strangers to the notion that Canva is one the most useful designing apps that are freely available to anyone who needs design creatives. One of the pros of using Canva is its collection of free templates offered for use across different platforms. They are also one of the more sought-after platforms by the public with their user-friendly interface and newly rolled out AI features. 

The bottom line is that the majority of people find designing on Canva to be super convenient. And Canva also believes that they are “Empowering the world to design”, which is entirely true. But design is a vast subject and there’s a slight snag when it comes to designing on Canva for those of you who are very new to design and are looking to DIY. 

And today we will be looking at this subject from a unique perspective. We’re going to cover ways in which professional Canva designers can help you get the most out of Canva as opposed to going solo.

Let’s begin with the first way: 

1. Professional Canva Designers Understand Design Better

Professional Canva designers who use this platform to churn out designs are much more eloquent in the art of design. They understand design principles better. 

In that sense, here are reasons why they will design better than you:

1. They will pick better elements

There are indeed so many elements to select from to beautify your templates on Canva. There are even AI features to help generate new images etc. But a professional Canva designer will understand which element works best and where it’s most suited. 

2. Make sure the right focus is given to the most important details 

Professional designers know how to prioritize information in a design composition. Using design principles like visual hierarchy they can create an order to the design that achieves its marketing purpose. For example, they’d know what details of the design require more attention than others. And to achieve that they will make adjustments to the size, color, and position of elements. 

They’d even make typographical adjustments to maintain a good visual hierarchy. 

3. Pick the best font or font combinations

Speaking of typography, Canva designers who are pros know what font best suits the tone of a design. Better yet, they know what font combinations work well together. A beginner would simply pick the font or fonts they like but a pro designer would contemplate which fonts are more legible and readable. They’d also consider things like where the design would appear, what medium it would be in etc, and think about the appropriate fonts and font sizes. 

4. They know colors

There’s a whole aspect of psychology attached to colors that those who are new to design wouldn’t fully be aware of. However professional Canva designers are experts at understanding color psychology. And not only so but they’re well versed in color theories. What colors go well, what colors don’t, and what colors to pick to suit the tone of the brand are all things that the pros know. 

They understand how to navigate all of these and avoid the outcomes of poor color choices. Some outputs would be bad color pairings and wrong color inversions. They can affect the legibility of a design and sometimes affect the readability of texts and the distinguishability of elements. Finally, they also know how to design brand-consistent material in terms of color, every time as they’ve done it many times before. 

Let’s now move ahead to the 2nd way in which Canva designers can be beneficial instead of going solo. 

2. Professional Canva Designers Offer Better Returns

Because professional Canva designers are more skilled and experienced there are many benefits you can reap from their services. 

Here are a few of those benefits:

1. They’re better at time management

As we looked at in the previous section they’re much faster at bringing a design together because they understand design. This ensures that they manage their time well and design efficiently. This could mean that you can get more output from them within a short term than if you did it on your own. 

Plus, they’ve worked with much more advanced design software so working on Canva would seem like a walk in the park in comparison. 

2. They can create original designs

Professional Canva designers can offer more in terms of originality. Canva’s templates are vast and available to all so there wouldn’t be much originality if you were to design on your own. One may opt to just fill in the template as required without many design changes. 

But pro designers are much more seasoned and can quickly turn a generic-looking template into a masterpiece using their ample knowledge. Sometimes changing the layout, using a custom color, making an appropriate font change, or swapping elements with more uncommon ones can quickly turn a design into a non-generic-looking one. 

3. They know what’s trending

Another point to remember is that professional designers will know the latest trends in design. Because they are skilled and experienced they would go beyond a generic template and design it to be in step with the latest design trends. It could be the latest color trends, the latest font trends, what trends to avoid, what to adopt, etc. 

That will keep your designs not only original but also fresh and up-to-date. 

On to the final way in which professional Canva designers can help you get the most out of Canva.

3. Professional Canva Designers Know Technical Requirements Better

Let’s say you have an eye for design because you’re naturally artistic. Even so, there’s one very important way Canva designers can help you. There are many technical requirements that you need to attend to before and after designing. Attending to these details ensures that the work not only turns out as intended but so that it appears as intended once uploaded to the required platform. 

Let’s observe in more detail what these technical details are:

1. They know the right dimensions

It’s very important to work with the right dimensions. Yes, Canva has pre-made templates for different purposes and margins to guide users but those who don’t know much about the importance of bleeds and cut-off points would unknowingly place important details on those areas. 

Professional designers know where cut-off points, bleeds and margins are. They know how to design within those points so that nothing is hidden from view once uploaded.

2. They will export in the right file format

There are a variety of file formats that you can export your design in on Canva. If someone with less design experience doesn’t know the use of each format and what works best in different settings they would choose file formats that might not work. And the results of downloading the wrong format would be pixelation, poor-quality designs, and uploading issues. 

3. Printing specifics

When it comes to print design there are different requirements. Mainly the color in which you need to design is in CMYK colors. If you didn’t know that you’d use a print-ready PDF file on Canva with RGB colors and think all is well but once printed you’d see that the colors are different from the design appearing on the screen.

The bottomline is that designing on Canva using professionals can help avoid a lot of things that could go wrong.  

Now that we’ve covered how Canva designers can help you get the most out of Canva, let’s take some time to go through some Unlimited design services that include Canva within their plans. 

Unlimited Design Services That Offer Canva Designs

Unlimited design services offer so many benefits. And some of these services offer Canva file delivery as well. Let’s go through each service’s offerings, pricing, and any other value for money they present. 

Let’s start with the first service,

1. Penji

Penji has 3 types of different plans. And the option to choose Canva delivery is available in the Agency plan. 

Let’s look at the plans and their pricing:

Here’s a look at the offerings of each plan: 

Having the option to choose Canva delivery in the Agency plan paired with its other perks makes Penji a valuable asset.

Let’s move to another top name in the industry offering Canva designers. 

2. DotYeti 

DotYeti offers Canva file delivery in their service. They offer 3 types of plans and Canva files are offered only within 2 of these plans. 

Here are those 2 plans:

These are what’s offered within those plans:

DotYeti’s Canva designers can help you turn out amazing work with their years of experience and keen sense of design understanding. They’re a top pick to go for with their easy process. Simply request a design with clear instructions stating you want it done in Canva and DotYeti will work on it in their own Canva account. Once the design is ready, they will share the link to the design where you can access it easily, edit it if needed, and download it as required. 

To learn more about their Canva services visit here

We have more unlimited design services that offer Canva designers. Let’s continue!

3. Flocksy

Flocksy has a total of 3 plans. But only one of their plans offers Canva delivery. Let’s take a look at this plan closely.

Here’s what’s included in this plan:

Flocksy offers great value for money with their unique offerings as seen above. And trying their Canva designers can surely prove to be an excellent investment. The designers at Flocksy have their own Canva accounts where they can design it there and provide you with an editable file that can be opened using your account where edits can be made easily. 

To learn more about their Canva services visit here

Let’s move ahead to look at another unlimited design service that offers Canva delivery. 

4. Design Pickle

Design Pickle offers 4 types of main packages. And all 4 plan types include Canva file delivery. 

Here are the plans and the pricing:

There is a wide range of offerings within these plans as shown below:

As such, Design Pickle’s Canva designers can be quite the addition to your team as they are an experienced and reliable service. Going through the service scope thoroughly will help you see how good the service is in terms of value for money. 

But if you want to cut down on the cost and focus only on Canva design this next service will interest you. 


KIMP offers 5 types of plans. Out of which 4 plans include Canva services in various capacities. A closer look at the different plans will help you get an idea about them.

These 2 plans are their normal plans where they generally provide source files in Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign. But as you can see in the image below, customers have the option to select Canva as an output option. 

But if you only want to work within Canva, these next plans are exclusively for Canva:

Here’s a look at the service offerings of the Canva plans:

And the Canva designers at KIMP can work within your Canva account as well. So If you’re looking to work exclusively with Canva designers then KIMP can be a potential service that might benefit you. 

To learn more about their Canva services visit here

Do You Feel the Need For Canva Designers Strongly?

If you’re a marketer, an entrepreneur, or even a solopreneur, chances are you’ll be packed in a whirlwind of business activity. As much as you want to go about using Canva alone, unless you have some sort of design experience you’re succumbing further into the whirlwind! You just wouldn’t have the time nor the patience for the trial and error you’re about to face if you use Canva on your whim. 

But not using Canva is also not an option because all the top-level businesses are using Canva according to stats. Around 90% of Fortune 500 companies are using Canva. This just emphasizes why you need to use this amazing design tool. 

That’s why we highly recommend using professional Canva designers. Unless you already know a few of those, we suggest going for one of these unlimited design services listed above, which offer Canva services in their plans. The unlimited aspect of these services in terms of how much output you can get paired with the relief of knowing an entire team is at your disposal can be a soothing balm for your busy soul. 

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