Coffee Shop Logo: 5 Flavorful Designs From Famous Brands Around the World

To several people in the world, mornings feel incomplete without their usual cup of coffee. So much so that their daily moods are sponsored by coffee. When you are serving a beverage that’s considered a staple by many, you are in good business. What’s a good business without a strong brand identity, right? And when we say brand identity a logo is the first thing that people remember. It’s no different for a coffee shop business. So, let’s talk about the nuances of a coffee shop logo today. 

Is a coffee shop logo really that important? 

The coffee shop industry in the U.S. was valued at 45.8 billion U.S. dollars in the year 2022. This was a massive comeback after the industry saw a setback with businesses shutting down during the pandemic in 2020. This quick rebound is proof that the industry is growing rapidly. So, for your coffee shop to outshine the competition, you need a strong brand presence. And your coffee shop logo and other branding elements lie at the crux of it all. 

A good coffee shop logo does the following: 

Knowing that your coffee shop logo has such a huge responsibility on its shoulder, are you ready to design one that captures your brand in the best light? Let’s look at some impressive logos in this industry.

5 stunning coffee shop logos to inspire you 

1. Starbucks 

When we talk about the most beautiful and the most recognized coffee shop logos, Starbucks had to be at the top of the list without a doubt. The logo of this leading coffee chain is an example of how bending the rules and creating an identity for your brand is one way to shine bright. 

Even after several iterations, the most distinguishable element of the Starbucks logo, the siren remains intact in the logo. 

Have you ever wondered why a siren instead of a coffee cup or a coffee bean? This is where the logo stands out. Mermaids make you think of the ocean. And the ocean route is the most common when it comes to coffee bean import. 

Starbucks has always championed its ethical sourcing of the coffee bean as one of the strongest identities of the brand. A logo that represents the brand story and brand values is definitely a good one. 

There’s also a design aspect of this logo that sets an example for other brands. The logo looks perfectly symmetrical at first glance. But look close, at the eyes of the siren. What do you notice? There is a subtle asymmetry. Starbucks intentionally created this asymmetry because symmetrical features do not feel too human but imperfections do. It is a good reminder of the fact that your coffee shop logo can also be used as a visual asset to humanize your brand. 

2. Biggby Coffee

Biggby earlier went by the name Beaner earlier but the brand went on to change its name. According to Biggby, this name change was because the word Beaner was pointed out to be “derogatory to Hispanics”.

A name change is a big step for a brand and sometimes customers fail to recognize the brand from its new name. To avoid confusion, Biggby retained its iconic logo. Moreover, the name “Biggby” itself comes from the big “B” in the logo. And so customers still recognized the brand even after it was renamed. That’s the strength of an easily recognizable and memorable coffee shop logo design.  

Another point to note is the choice of fonts. The warm and welcoming ambiance at the Biggby outlets is one of the signature aspects associated with the brand. The rounded casual fonts feel relevant to this atmosphere. 

Font psychology is of great help while designing a coffee shop logo. Serif and sans serif fonts, font shapes, and other elements influence the mood of the logo. Understanding this will be a great first step in creating a stunning logo design for your coffee shop. 

3. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Simplicity is a big strength, especially in coffee shop logos. When there are complicated details, customers might not remember them all. But a simple logo like that of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will be easy to remember and recognize. 

Simple logos are versatile. Given the clean lines and clutter-free composition of the logo of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, its logo looks equally appealing on all surfaces. The below images show what the logo looks like on their coffee cups and product packaging design. 

The above images show that the logo looks good irrespective of the color and even on a curved coffee cup surface. Even on a patterned background in the packaging, the logo stands out distinctly. That’s the kind of effect your coffee shop logo should have. 

4. 85°C Bakery Cafe

The Taiwanese coffeehouse chain, 85°C Bakery Cafe is known for its coffee and cakes. There’s an interesting story behind the brand’s name. According to the brand, the optimal temperature for brewing espresso is 85°C and hence the name. That alone shows that the brand takes the art of coffee-making very seriously. Therefore, it’s a good trait to highlight and that’s exactly what the logo does. The brand name is the most prominent aspect of the logo. 

The use of circle symbolism is another notable element. Shapes are said to evoke specific emotions. A circle is seen as a friendly and happy symbol and therefore it makes a good representation of the kind of emotions a coffee shop ambiance is meant to evoke. The choice of a unique color also gives this coffee shop logo design a competitive advantage. 

5. Café Amazon

The Thai coffeehouse chain Café Amazon shows that when it comes to coffee shop logos, the meaning behind your design matters a great deal. Without the brand name, the logo does not exactly convey what the brand does. That’s why the brand went with a combination logo here making use of both symbols and text. 

To understand the logo of Café Amazon you should understand what the brand stands for. Its slogan is “Taste of Nature”. The brand is a big advocate of sustainability and adopts a variety of measures to practice this. Now do you get the logo and brand value connection? The logo reminds you of nature and the brand strives to preserve nature at every step. 

Aligning your coffee shop logo with the ideas that your brand values the most makes your logo more impactful. It helps people understand how seriously you are committed to growing your brand while also responsibly contributing to society. About 70% of Americans prioritize brands that make conscious efforts to make the world a better place. If your coffee shop business is committed to doing that, then this would be a nice point to highlight in your logo. 

Create a catchy coffee shop logo by working with the right talent 

As you can see from the above examples while designing a coffee shop logo, there are several ways to approach the idea: 

Which of these ideas will you adopt in your coffee shop logo? There are DIY logo makers that allow you to quickly create a logo. But then if you need to incorporate custom illustrations, a custom font, and the right colors, working with professional designers might help. Work with the right talent and create a logo that speaks for your brand.

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