Company Culture Video – The Marketing Tool Every Brand Should Be Using More

company culture videos

Videos have a strong role to play in shaping a brand’s image. The stories you tell in your brand videos make people understand your brand better. And to really make the most of video marketing for your brand there is a myriad of different types of videos to explore. 

There is one type of video that is underrated when it comes to its impact on marketing – the company culture video. Corporate culture videos are mostly perceived as tools to attract the right talent. They are seen as company assets that elevate the hiring process. While that remains true, there is an added advantage to creating impactful company culture videos. And that is, winning the hearts of prospective leads and existing customers. 

It doesn’t end there. Even investors who are watching your brand will develop a strong interest in it provided the video shows them that you have a strong company culture. So, it all begins with understanding why company culture videos are important. And then planning the content for these videos and designing this video right. 

So, what is a company culture video? 

Put in simple words, company culture videos showcase the work culture in your organization. It showcases what it is like working in your company and being part of the process. 

While the rest of your marketing videos focus on your brand and the products or services you offer, company culture videos show the people behind the brand. It shows how these products and services are made a reality. 

An outsider who does not know anything about a brand yet will be able to form strong opinions just by looking at the company culture video. These outsiders could be potential hires or customers or prospective business partners as well. 

Here is an example. The below video shows the company culture at Zendesk. 

The benefits of company culture videos in marketing 

Any company that wishes to grow into a brand that is remembered will benefit from a company culture video. Below are some perks of prioritizing this video. 

company culture video

Corporate culture videos, as you can see, are of huge value in branding. So, getting professional video design services for your corporate culture videos is well worth your time and money. Before we talk about the design aspects of the video let’s also look at some of the content-related tips to help you get started. 

Content tips for company culture videos 

1. Optimize the content for the target audience 

From the tone of the video to the content you include a lot changes depending on who the video is for. For example, if you are designing a company culture video for ads on LinkedIn targeting potential hires, you might want to highlight the experiences in the workplace. And even talk about work benefits. The tone here depends on the employee culture. A fun and light-hearted video will strike the right chord if you have a chilled-out workplace. A friendly and warm tone represents a more formal yet employee-centric workplace. 

On the other hand, if you need a video to go on your website’s corporate culture page or for social media where all kinds of audiences will watch the video, the content would be slightly different. To begin with, the tone here is aligned with your brand’s general tone of messaging. And the content here focuses more on the overall process and how your employees play a critical role in the experience your brand delivers to customers. 

It is all about telling a story 

Don’t make it sound like a promotional video. Or one that simply demonstrates how your brand works. Plan the content in such a way that everything you show about the workplace and everything that people tell in the video together forms a beautiful story. People remember stories better than they remember random facts a brand tells them. 

Evoke all the right emotions 
company culture video

Company culture videos need to sound authentic and not scripted. However, from the scenes you capture to the tone of the employees who speak in the video, a lot of factors can be used to evoke a strong emotional response. It’s not enough if your videos look good. They also need to make an emotional connection so that people will remember the video. And this way, every time they see or hear your brand name anywhere or come across your ad, they will remember the same emotions the company culture video conveyed. This makes your brand memorable. 

Prioritize transparency 

Whether you have a remote work culture or an office setup that you wish to show the world, prioritize transparency. When your video gives customers a fair idea of how things work in the background, it makes it easier for them to trust your brand. 

To make it sound less promotional, you can give viewers a peek into the process. Show them different places like the assembly area, the manufacturing unit, or the packaging areas, for example. 

By including video clips of employees from the respective teams talking about their experiences you are highlighting the meticulous efforts that go into delivering your products and services. And all that while also showing the diverse kinds of roles in your company and the strong workplace culture you have. 

Design tips for company culture videos 

Now that you have a fair idea about what to include in your company culture videos, here are some design tips to create them. 

How you start and end the video matters 

The opening and closing slides are of utmost importance, especially in your company culture videos. The text and imagery on the intro slide, for example, tell people who the video is for. Make your brand color prominent in these slides and incorporate a logo animation. Keep the copy on the intro slide brief but straightforward. 

Use visuals to build the story 

In traditional workplace culture, you might have video clips featuring employees in their cubicles or teams in conference rooms and other places. And in the case of remote work, there are going to be video clips shot in different scenes. Either way, you will be having video clips that look different from each other. So, how do you achieve seamless storytelling with these clips? With the power of video editing. There are numerous add-ons like transition slides, video frames, text overlay boxes, and others that help in creating a visual style for the video. Use these to join the clips in the right hierarchy to convey the story. 

Focus on branding 

As we mentioned above, there are design elements used throughout the video like the frames and accents. By using your brand colors in these little details you can go strong in your branding efforts. Remember to include a small yet visible version of your logo as a stationary element in the video. When it is always there in sight, it is easier to remember. The audio you use and the overall visual style should perfectly resonate with your brand’s personality. 

Create engaging company culture videos 

While there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to the duration, aim to keep it short. Don’t let the features get too long. Company culture videos are about employees and their experiences. However, try to keep the narrative brief and interactive. Talking head videos are the most effective ideas for company culture videos. Don’t forget to include details about the employee including their name and the role. You can also show scenes from the office while an employee’s voice plays in the background. This gives a practical overview of what the employees say and thus makes the video more memorable. Get as creative as you can. Work with professional designers to create a company culture video that reflects your brand’s unique personality. 

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