Construction Company Logos: 4 Design Tips to Help You Nail It

construction company logos

A construction company helps its customers bring their ideas to life. What they visualize you deliver. Your brand elements, your logo for starters, should tell them that you are good at this. It should convince them that they can trust your brand to execute their dream residential project or an expensive commercial project. 

But it is not as easy as it sounds, is it? Let’s face it. The competition is getting intense. You need to have a robust plan of action. And designing a logo that speaks for your brand, loudly and clearly, should be part of this plan. Don’t worry. Whether it is a new logo that you want to create or a retouched version of your old one, we have some practical design ideas for you. In this blog, we’ll talk about the ins and outs of construction company logos that win customers’ trust! 

Construction Company Logos – A Few Quick Things to Consider 

You are in the construction business. So you know that behind an exquisite architectural structure there is a strong foundation, a robust construction plan. In the same way, behind a beautiful logo, there should be a solid plan. This plan should include details like:

For your logo to meet these expectations, here are a few things to do. 

Define the value you create 

We are not talking about the scope of services you deliver. We are talking about the actual value you create. The signature quality that most customers like about your brand. Here are a few, for example:

When you know which of these values to highlight you will be able to come up with bright ideas for construction company logos. Emphasizing these traits in your logo design helps you distinguish yourself from your competitors. And thus attract the right type of customers to your brand. 

Analyze and be aware of your competitors 

Within the same locality, there might be several competing construction companies. Knowing your competitors comes in handy when you have to fine-tune your branding strategies. And when it comes to designing construction company logos, this analysis is even more helpful. We’ll tell you why:

Keep it professional 

While construction company logos should be warm enough to build strong customer relationships, they should also have an air of professionalism about them. People should know that you take your work seriously and deliver it as promised.

There are some industries where adding a playful element or some joyous colors and some hip fonts can actually work in favor of the brand. Fashion logos, for example, can be eclectic if the brand predominantly deals with edgy styles that break the rules. But in the case of construction companies, customers are looking for brands that know the value of their money. Since there is a huge investment involved, people look for brands that know what they are doing. So, keep your logo design businesslike. 

Be mindful of the imagery you use 

Imagery can add so much more meaning to construction company logos. But what kind of imagery you use and how you execute it matters. For this, identify the symbols that resonate with your industry or those that resonate with the name of your brand. Add this symbol as an illustration in your logo or simply try creating the shape by manipulating one of the letters in your brand name. 

Another popular idea is to use the symbol as a silhouette and then place your brand’s monogram or lettermark logo within this silhouette. The imagery you use should be clear and so should its purpose in the logo. And its connection to your brand. 

Here is a logo that makes the most straightforward use of imagery to create an impact. 

The lion’s head imagery resonates with the brand name and the helmet on the lion instantly reminds you of a construction site. The yellow color in the logo supports this visualization. As a result, this design turns out to be a memorable one. 

Having spoken a little about the design of construction company logos in general, let’s look at some examples and analyze what makes them better than other similar logos in the industry. 

Construction Company Logos – Designs That Inspire 


The French construction company VINCI has an interesting logo. The abstract red symbol in the logo represents connectors that were once used to bind stones together in cathedrals. Using historic references like this one can add so much value to your design. And for a construction company that has maintained a reputable position in the industry for more than a century now, such history-related imagery work pretty well. 


The China State Construction Engineering Corporation shows how you can create imagery without actually using symbols in construction company logos. The varying heights of the letters help you visualize pillars. And the geometric shapes make the letters resemble bricks. On the whole, you can easily associate the logo with the construction industry. What’s more? The clean font and the use of contrasting white on a black background keep the legibility of the logo intact at all scales. 

3. BAM

The Dutch construction company BAM has a simple combination mark logo. The abstract house symbol in the logo is an eye-grabbing detail. The brand solidifies its branding by using the green in its logo in a variety of construction site elements including cranes and construction equipment. 

Image: BAM towercrane in Groningen 

This logo reminds you of one essential detail in the design of construction logos – choosing the color. Remember that your logo will set your brand colors. When you pick a color ask yourself – will you like this color appearing as the primary color in your billboard ads and construction site branding? If yes, then you have a good color to work with. 

4. Balfour Beatty

This UK-based construction company reminds us that you can never go wrong with a minimalistic logo. 

Legible font and a solid blue color to represent the credibility and authority the brand has over this industry result in a fool-proof logo design. And this versatile minimalistic design makes it suitable since the brand offers several other services besides construction. 

On the flip side,  when there is nothing in the logo that tells what your brand does, it might not really attract the attention of relevant customers. But this works for businesses that have a well-established portfolio and a strong reputation where the name is enough to evoke a response from customers. 

Laying a Strong Foundation for Construction Company Logos 

With these popular construction company logos to inspire you and the logo design tips to guide you, you can easily create a logo that gets your construction company noticed. That’s one of the first steps you can take in establishing your brand in a competitive market. With these ideas, you are building not just a logo but the trust of your customers and potential clients. And telling them that yours is a brand that they should take seriously. 

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