Deer Designer Review 2024: Your Guide to Getting Started

Graphic design is an important part of advertising and marketing. There’s no outrunning this importance. However, effective graphic design makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful advertising/marketing. And in your venture to create effective designs, hiring the best designers is the optimal solution. 

But this hiring process can become tedious. Design agencies are too expensive, freelancers can sometimes be both expensive and unreliable and you may not have the time for trial and error. To address all these concerns, we recommend unlimited design services – because it’s the only solution you need. Unlimited design services offer exactly what they promise – unlimited design services!

That’s why we bring to you yet another review of one such on-demand design service named Deer Designer. In this Deer Designer review, we hope to cover who they are and what they offer along with examples of their work and customer reviews. 

So let’s get started!

Deer Designer Review: A Brief History

Deer Designer, founded by Thiago de Carvalho in 2018, aims to provide accessible and reliable professional design assistance to everyone. Their website mentions that their overarching mission is to democratize design services, enabling individuals and businesses to achieve a polished and impactful visual identity, thereby making the “small” appear significant.

They function remotely and are quite vocal about it. They believe that it lets them tap into a global network of the best designers.  

Deer Designer works for clients all over the world and they are serious in terms of the solutions they want to offer each of these clients. 

So let’s take a look at these design solutions by reviewing their scope. 

Deer Designer Review: Scope of Service

Like most unlimited design services, Deer Designers offers a variety of unlimited services. 

Let’s look at what those services are.

Design scope
Branding and stationery
Daily tasks
Social media
Web design*

*Deer Designer works with both Photoshop and Figma for website design. 

As you can see Deer Designer offers quite the scope of design work within their service. However, they too have certain limitations like most unlimited design services. Let’s check those out as well. 

Design Services Not Offered

With that let’s move ahead to take a look at the various plans they offer. 

Plans and Pricing







*The Brand Health Checkup entails a video consultation with a creative director to evaluate your brand, as well as your clients’ brands. During this session, the discussion will revolve around determining whether your brand requires a refresh, new logo, or branding styles, or if maintaining its current state is preferable.

**Arrange weekly video sessions lasting up to 45 minutes each with a Creative Director. These calls will focus on delving into past, present, and future projects, providing a creative outlook and perspective.

All the above plans include the following:

And here are the software Deer Designer uses:

Softwares Used

Any other sort of design apps are not part of their processes at the moment. 

With that let’s move ahead on how you can get started with Deer Designer and more subscription details. 

Deer Designer Review: Getting Started and Subscription Details

Once you select the plan that works for you, you can pay for it and immediately add requests. As mentioned in the previous section all plans come with a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee. 

It simply means that in the event you’re unsatisfied you will get a full refund for the initial subscription fee as long as it’s communicated within 14 days of the signup. 

Here’s some information about their designers and design processes:

Design Team
  1. Upon signing up, clients are matched with a Dedicated designer selected according to the information they provide.
  2. Even in the absence of your assigned designer, your work will proceed seamlessly as a Substitute designer will step in to fulfill their role.
  3. Designers can be swapped upon request if they do not align with your desired style.
  4. Each designer is part of a Squad of 10-12 designers who specialize in various design types. So, if your assigned designer specializes in web design but you request a logo design, your request will be directed to the logo expert within the group. However, your dedicated designer will still be involved in the design process to ensure you receive the best outcome.
  5. Each client gets an Account manager responsible for taking care of ensuring smooth and seamless communication.
  6. Another member of your design team is the Quality analyst who will take care of the quality of your designs. 
Design Processes

Once a client is assigned a designer as mentioned above they can start making the requests. The account manager will then check if everything is in order for them to proceed. Upon confirming the team will start working. Once the work is done, the Quality Analyst will check the design and then send it the client’s way via email.

Clients can keep revising till they are 100% satisfied. 

Checking the progress of tasks, and other such functions can be done using Deer Designer’s dashboard.

Another thing to note is that the Deer Designer process allows for an unlimited number of backlog requests. However, in all 3 of their plans, they only work on 1 active request at a time. The reason for this is that each client is given only 1 designer with their subscription. 

In any case, if clients wish to increase the output they can do so by adding more designers to their team. Each additional designer is equivalent to a new subscription. 


All sorts of communication happens either on Deer Designer’s dashboard or via email. This is to keep track of things. Video calls and voice calls are not facilitated as most design teams work in different time zones. Also, keeping all communication logged in one place allows for seamless transitions between design teams in case your designer is off on a particular day. 

Some of the clients at Deer Designer use short videos and screencasts to better explain their requirements. Others opt to writing text briefs, Word docs, annotated images etc. 

Pausing and Canceling

Deer Designer facilitates a pausing feature where you can simply just pause the account for free. They are committed to holding onto your projects till you decide to resume their services. 

Cancellations are also facilitated at any time. 

Let’s now direct our attention to some of the work done by Deer Designer for their esteemed clients. 

Deer Designer Review: Examples of Their Work

Web Design
Social Media

These examples showcase that they’re experts in what they do. 

Let’s now take a look at what their clients say about them, next. 

Deer Designer Review: Reviews by Real Clients

Deer Designer has a lot of positive reviews that will instill confidence in their services. 


Deer Designer has a 5/5 rating on Google Reviews based on 8 reviews. One client said this:

“Deer Designer is fantastic to work with! They’ve eased the pressure on my company for design work and are always friendly. Highly recommend!”


Another says,

“Deer Designer has been our go to design team for the past few years. The value provided is amazing. Our clients are consistently impressed with our work and we have Deer Designer to thank. Response times are really fast. It’s not uncommon for us to provide a design brief and within 24 hours they already have a concept for us to review. I highly recommend Deer Designer.”

Tom Legens-


On Trustpilot, DeerDesigner has a rating of 4.6/5 based on 25 reviews. One of the reviews on Trustpilot by a client urges others to immediately hire Deer Designer:

“Hire Deer Designer immediately! Our web developer recommended Deer Designer for a brand overhaul and some mini rebrands of some of our products and I cannot believe the quality of the work product, the design team, the system they’ve created (user experience is great)…plus they’re so fast! Everyone on the team (including the founder) are accessible, professional, skilled…I could go on! Thank you DD :)”

-Kristina Craven-

Another says this:

“Excellent experience with Deer Designer. The account managers are very sharp and detail oriented and the designs always come out looking great. I’ve done many web designs with the team and they are my go-to graphic designers.”

-Navin Kulshreshtha-

With that let’s go ahead and wrap up this Deer Designer review. 

Deer Designer Review: What’s the Verdict?

Reviewing Deer Designer affirms that this is an unlimited design service to try out among the other top services. 

We did see some differences in this service compared to more conventional unlimited design services, let’s observe them:

  1. Deer Designer is mostly graphics-centric and does not offer video work like animation, motion graphics and video editing.
  2. They also don’t undertake mobile and app designs.
  3. Most unlimited design services we know offer designs in MS Word and PowerPoint but Deer Designer doesn’t. 
  4. They use a limited set of software in comparison to other unlimited design services. 

Regardless, we firmly believe that regardless of which unlimited design service you use, they are your best bet in getting a good ROI as opposed to more expensive modes. And that’s just one of the benefits. There are a lot more benefits that you should explore along with other unlimited design services that rank as the best ones in our book. 

So the bottom line is that you should do all in your power to make sure that you churn out the best possible designs. Because at the end of the day, your visuals are what’s going to attract customers and increase brand recognition and brand awareness. 

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