Delesign Review 2024: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

delesign review

There are many options for businesses choosing to outsource their graphic designs. But yes, many businesses complain of several outsourcing challenges like long-term contracts, limited support for revisions and unpredictable budgets. Unlimited graphic design services or design subscriptions are one way to eliminate these challenges and outsource design in a more cost-effective way. Today we are going to talk about one such unlimited design service – Delesign. 

Delesign is a flat-rate design subscription intended to help business owners and agencies manage their design workload and scale their businesses without any hassle. But what makes Delesign a trusted name in the industry? Does this service hit the mark or miss it when compared to other unlimited graphic design services? This Delesign review will talk about all these little details. 

Delesign – an overview 

Delesign was founded in the year 2017 with the objective of helping businesses delegate design tasks conveniently to an external team. The service is known for its versatile plans and vast scope of services. 

Trusted by 1400+ brands, today Delesign has expanded its scope beyond graphic design and motion graphics. The company now offers web development and content writing services as well. This makes it a great option for small business owners who have very little time at hand to vet the right talent for different kinds of marketing content. They know that all their content including design and copy will be in the same place. 

Delesign review – plans & pricing 

Other than these, the service also has a plan for Web Development and one for SEO writing. Web Developer costs $499/month and SEO Writer costs $399/month. 

Who is Delesign for 

Delesign review – what does your subscription cover? 

Delesign subscriptions all come with unlimited graphic designs and unlimited revisions. The difference between Graphic Designer and Multimedia Specialist plans lies in the inclusion of motion graphics and video editing services in the latter. 

Here are some design types Delesign can create: 

In motion graphics services, Delesign covers:

When you choose the Multimedia Specialist plan, you also have the option to switch to website and mobile app design with either one of these services active at a time. That’s a handy feature to tackle those momentary web development tasks that pop up. 

Having spoken about the plans and scope, let’s get to the actual Delesign review. We’ll talk about everything from the convenience of using the tool to its features and then cover the strengths and weaknesses of this service. 

How does Delesign work? 

Service demonstration 

Delesign has two options for those looking for a quick demonstration of the services. There is a video demo that you can access by providing your contact details. This is a short 3-minute video that only covers the basics. It gives you a quick overview of what the platform looks like. 

You can also book a 30-minute demo call to get a more comprehensive walkthrough of the workflow. 

Create an account 

If the live demo call answers all your questions, you can pick a plan that meets your goals and pay for it to create your account. Since there is no free trial option, you can only access the Delesign platform upon making a payment. Delesign supports monthly and annual payments. 

Once you make the payment for your subscription, you gain access to Delesign’s client platform called Go. This is where you manage your brands, place design requests, download the finished designs and communicate with your designers as well. 

Create brands 

Delesign’s services are unlimited with respect to brand profiles as well. In case you are a marketing agency or a marketer who needs to maintain multiple brand profiles and get designs done for each of them, you can add all those brands and their respective brand assets and information to your account on the Go platform. 

Place design requests 

Adding design requests is quite simple on the Go platform. You can directly select the design category, add sample images, and provide other notes that a designer might need to accurately capture your idea.

You can also mark it as a priority task. The designer will then pick up this request first and then proceed with the other items in the queue. If you want the designer to add a particular stock photo you have in mind, you can also choose that from the stock library while placing the design request. 

Keep track of the workflow 

Your dashboard on the Go platform shows the queue and the status of different design requests. In this case, the files are not directly available on the platform. The designer who works on your design request sends you a link to a Dropbox folder with the files in the requested formats. 

These files are available for access as long as you have a subscription. They are also available if you temporarily pause your subscription. But they are removed once you stop your subscription. So, it’s a good idea to keep moving your files to your local machine to risk losing them in the future. 

Delesign review – weighing the pros and cons


Convenient integration with existing workflow 

Several unlimited design services offer convenient integration with tools like Zapier. Delesign makes it even more practical. You can automate your design workflow to get your designs straight in your Google Drive by integrating your Delesign account with Zapier. 

Another handy feature is the option to add design requests directly through Slack. This helps avoid delays during those times when you cannot access the Delesign Go platform. 

Extensive scope of services 

One of the main reasons businesses prefer an unlimited graphic design service over traditional design companies is that they can have it all in one place. In other words, you do not have to spend time looking for a logo designer, a designer for your print designs, and a designer for your social media graphics. One subscription takes care of all these. 

In addition to making this happen, Delesign also caters to web development and SEO writing which happen to be other time and effort-intensive tasks for small business owners. These are again available as contract-free monthly plans. So you can simply add the respective subscription to your account to tackle temporary content requirements or you can add this to your content creation budget as a fixed entity. 

Quick turnaround 

Delesign delivers most simple designs in less than one day. Meaning that there is a good chance of getting more than one design delivered to you per day. Of course, some motion graphics designs might take longer. 

The designer assigned to your project works on your designs every single day and dedicates 2 hours per day solely to your requests. So, as long as there is a clear brief and the design is simple, you can expect delivery on the same day or the next day (depending on your time zone and the time of placing the request)


Limited time slots for designer availability  

Delesign currently has designers located in the Philippines and their availability is restricted to two time slots in Pacific time. While there will be a good overlap with most time zones, some delays are likely for clients in many locations. Real-time Slack collaborations might not be “real-time” in many cases. 


Delayed response from customer support team 

Delesign’s customer support team is quite helpful in resolving queries, no doubt. And according to Delesign, the customer support team is available 24×7. But their response is delayed sometimes. This can be a turnoff to some. When you are exploring the service and you have some critical questions that need to be answered before making your payment, waiting for a response for hours might be the last thing you expect. 

Limited scope for illustrations and motion graphics 

In terms of the kinds of projects the teams can handle Delesign does a great job by adding SEO content and web development. But within each category, there are several items that are not included. 

For example, only limited formats are supported in presentation designs. There are also restrictions on the kinds of animations and transitions that can be added. So, if you have some visually-intense presentations Delesign might be falling short in some places. 

Similarly, in terms of illustrations, the team does not handle hand-drawn illustrations. So if you need them on your ads or if you need a unique hand-drawn illustration for your logo you might be missing out on it. Digital painting is another exclusion. 

In motion graphics, though the service does include graphic loops and standard animated posts for social media, trending formats like cinemagraphs are not part of the scope. 

Delesign review – customers’ perspectives 

“Delesign took care of our creative needs and they delivered well. Our dedicated designer ensures to give as an update everyday and works efficiently within the allotted working hours. We can freely discuss what we like to see in our projects and they generously give feedback as well on what would work best. Their support is very interactive and always ready to help anytime”

-Maryna N.

Source: Capterra  

“We recently signed up for Delesign’s service to help with our design requirements. They are quick in working on our requests and are fast in doing revisions should we need them. Satisfied with all the designs they have provided with our projects.”


Source: Trustpilot 

Designs by Delesign 


Presentation design 

Email design 

Motion graphics 

Delesign review – final verdict 

Delesign’s plans and scope look good on paper. And many customer reviews agree with this based on their experience as well. But the few missing design types in the scope and the delayed customer response cannot be forgotten when you are making a decision. With all that in mind, if you are looking to go with an unlimited graphic design service that does so much more than graphic design, then Delesign is definitely a good choice.

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