Unlimited Graphic Design: Everything You Need To Know About Design Pickle

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing and branding, the demand for eye-catching and creative graphics is on the rise. Whether it’s for social media, websites, or promotional materials, businesses are constantly seeking ways to stand out from the crowd. In this pursuit, Design Pickle, a trailblazing unlimited graphic design service, has emerged as a game-changer. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the history, achievements, and evolution of Design Pickle, uncovering its fascinating journey from inception to its current prominence in the design industry.

Let’s begin by looking at the history behind this unlimited graphic design company. 

A Brief History – The Birth of Design Pickle

The story of Design Pickle began in 2014 when founder Russ Perry the CEO and Founder found himself in a “design pickle”. He then set out to find a solution for himself that would eliminate the frustrations and limitations of traditional graphic design services. Right after he read the 7-day Startup, by Dan Norris, Russ had a lightbulb moment. 

He recognized the need for a reliable, cost-effective, service and after many overviews realized that unlimited graphic design service was the way to achieve it. Because that was the solution that could help cater to the ever-growing demands of creative services. He also realized that granting access to other businesses and individuals to the same potential gold mine would be a revolutionary idea.

With that Design Pickle was born and it became a subscription model-based flat-fee creative service in 2015 and debuted as the first of its kind. When they first began the company they were a small group of 15 people. 

Then in 2018, they opened up their headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Despite its physical headquarters being in the US, the company works remotely, allowing them to tap into a global talent pool and provide its services across different time zones. And so, Design Pickle operates with a diverse team of talented graphic designers, developers, and customer support specialists. Today, they have more than 500 talented employees from countries like the Philippines, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia and are moving into the Peruvian and Indian markets. 

Moving on, let’s take a look at Design Pickle’s brand identity.

Unveiling Unveiling Design Pickle’s Brand Identity

At the heart of every brand is its visual identity, and Design Pickle certainly has a way of showing its brand identity through its various visual components.


The brand’s logo is a combination mark logo with a monochromatic, playful depiction of a line-drawing pickle. This quirky choice embodies the brand’s fun and approachable nature while hinting at its artistic capacity. 

The Design Pickle Mascot 

Additionally, Design Pickle boasts a charming and unique mascot, appropriately named “Pickle.” This anthropomorphic pickle character serves as a friendly face for the brand and embodies the company’s values of creativity, collaboration, and a hint of eccentricity. Pickle has become a beloved symbol among Design Pickle’s community, representing the company’s commitment to creativity and innovation. 

Take a look at the different forms it takes on:

And then there’s the Pickle Suit Guy. This real-life mascot wearing a pickle suit is a great way to humanize the brand and drive engagement. They use the Pickle Suit Guy mascot to create funny videos that will eventually reach potential clients and intrigue them into giving this unlimited graphic design service a try. The comments on YouTube for the following ad are a testament to this. 

This humorous video ad puts Design Pickle on the map for those who don’t know the service and it even manages to get a good laugh while doing it. They also do different types of video content series with the Pickle Suit Guy that are also humorous. 

Brand Tone of Voice

Another funny aspect of the brand is how they like to play on the word Pickle to create funny salad puns. They have a Design Pickle partner called Make Relish that focuses on acquiring global talent. Basically, it’s part of their HR management system that’s responsible for employee recruitment. They’ve managed to creatively extend their brand identity into something as formal as the HR sector. 

They also call their employees Pickles. 

And consequently, it’s this attempt at humor that got them mentioned in a piece by Forbes on how brands should use subtle humor to differentiate themselves. 

Let’s now see how this unlimited graphic design service evolved over time.

Evolution of the service – From Inception to Innovative Transformation

As we discussed, Design Pickle started with a groundbreaking concept of offering unlimited graphic design requests at a fixed monthly rate. This concept was revolutionary in the design industry, as it liberated businesses from the constraints of per-project pricing and enabled them to receive a consistent flow of design assets tailored to their needs.

In its early days, Design Pickle primarily focused on graphic design tasks such as creating social media posts, blog graphics, and basic marketing materials. The service quickly gained traction, appealing to small businesses, startups, and solopreneurs seeking professional designs without the hassle of managing a full-time design team.

Over the years, Design Pickle’s evolution has been marked by a commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and customer demands. They have their own platform that helps customers manage and make requests and they’ve integrated other automated plug-ins like Zapier that streamline the process further. The service has also expanded its offerings to include more complex design tasks like landing pages and custom illustrations. This expansion reflected Design Pickle’s adaptability and dedication to serving a diverse range of creative needs.

Today, Design Pickle is a wholesome creative partner for businesses of all sizes. The service offers a wide array of design services within 3 plans and a 4th extra one called Power Plans for those with higher volumes of output needed. 

Here’s a peek at the different plans they offer and the pricing for each:

You can take a look at more details about Design Pickle here where we do an in-depth review of everything you need to know to get started.

We now move on to see what achievements Design Pickle has reached throughout the years. 

Notable awards and achievements

Over the years, Design Pickle has garnered recognition and accolades for their innovative approach and exceptional service. They have been featured in prominent publications like Forbes, and Inc., further solidifying their position as a leader in the industry. 

Design Pickle was honored with the prestigious Inc. 5000 award 3 years in a row from 2019-2021. The award recognizes the fastest-growing private companies in America. This achievement reflected their dedication to delivering exceptional value and exceeding customer expectations.

Besides that in 2022, Russ Perry was honored with the 40 Under 40 Award selected by the Phoenix Business Journal for positively impacting society and creating a great place to work. 

A lasting impact on the world of design

In the realm of unlimited graphic design, Design Pickle’s journey from its quirky logo and mascot to its innovative approach has been nothing short of remarkable. From its early days as a disruptor introducing the unlimited graphic design subscription model to the creative world to its current status as a design powerhouse, the brand’s commitment to creativity, customer satisfaction, and pushing the boundaries of the design industry has left an indelible mark.

While this blog provides a snapshot of Design Pickle’s known history, achievements, and evolution, there may be so many inside stories of sweat and blood that keep the team pushing forward. Design Pickle’s story serves as a testament to the power of innovation and the ability of a single idea to transform an industry. As businesses continue to seek creative solutions, Design Pickle’s legacy has undoubtedly inspired entrepreneurs and designers alike.

With Russ Perry’s model as the foundation, there are so many other Unlimited graphic design companies that have surfaced, each going head-to-head with the other. The benefits that unlimited graphic design services offers are tremendous to the competitive and fast-paced digital world today. 

The lesson here is that when you end up lost in your way, an innovative idea, can not only help you but can be beneficial to thousands of people out there. Russ Perry’s story is a perfect example of that. 

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