Design Shifu Review 2024: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

Design Shifu review

Unlimited graphic design services help businesses big and small tackle their ever-fluctuating design requirements. No contracts to complicate the collaboration and no surprise design bills to worry about. Ready to try an unlimited graphic design service? Design Shifu is known for its competitively priced plans and comprehensive scope of services. Wondering if this service will be able to help meet your design requirements? Find out from this Design Shifu review. 

Design Shifu – an overview 

Founded in 2018 by Hadeel Abu Elhaija, Design Shifu is a U.S.-based company majorly run by women. The idea started small and initially, Hadeel was working on design projects from her home and today the team handles clients on a global level. 

The focus of Design Shifu from the time of its inception has been to provide a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to enhance their creative content. 

The affordable plans offered by Design Shifu are definitely one of their strengths. But what else makes this service a popular one in the industry? Let’s find out from this Design Shifu review. 

Design Shifu review – plans & pricing

+These services are available as paid add-ons.

Who is Design Shifu for? 

Design Shifu Review – what does your subscription cover? 

Design Shifu is a good choice for businesses that are looking for all kinds of graphic design services to elevate their social media performance or even take their online advertising to the next level. 

Design Shifu has a comprehensive scope of services that cover almost everything required by a brand for marketing, advertising, and branding. Some of the most popular design types that the service takes care of are: 

The entry-level plans do not include several design types like illustrations. So, if you are planning to explore a variety of design styles for your brand, the Unlimited Plus plan will be a better choice. 

Design Shifu does not offer motion graphics designs, video editing nor help with web and app designs. 

Having understood what your monthly subscription fees cover, it’s time to understand what the process looks like. 

How does Design Shifu work?

Service demonstration 

The Design Shifu website does not provide a video demonstration of the service. But yes, the Design Shifu team does support a one-on-one demonstration call if you wish to understand the services before making a decision. 

You can invite your team members to the call and connect over the phone or via Zoom. This 30-minute live demonstration is to help you understand what Design Shifu offers and to get an overview of how things work. 

Create an account 

After the call, once you have made up your mind about the right plan for your business you can create an account in a few easy steps. Once you provide your contact details and verify your email ID you can proceed with choosing the plan and paying for it. Once all this is complete you can access your custom dashboard and start adding design requests. 

Create and manage your design requests 

The Design Shifu platform is where you manage all your design requests and handle your account-related activities. 

Creating your brands will be the first step as this helps your design team understand the kind of colors, fonts, and other visual elements and visual styles to use in your design. 

The good news is that Design Shifu assigns a dedicated designer for your project without any additional cost. So, your designers do not change with each request. Therefore, adding a clear brand profile means that the designer who works on your projects on an ongoing basis will understand your brand better. 

Placing a design request is easy too. With the brand profiles in place, you can quickly add your design brief by selecting the relevant options in the Design Shifu platform and selecting the brand for which the particular design will be created. 

From there on, tracking the progress of the design, requesting revisions as well as downloading the completed design files will be in the same place. 

With Design Shifu’s Grab tool (available as an add-on), you can instantly mark the design elements you wish to revise or even add screen recordings to help your designer understand the revision required. This makes it easier to reduce any communication gap in the design workflow. 

Having spoken briefly about how the process works with Design Shifu let’s now get to the strengths and setbacks of this service. 

Design Shifu review – weighing the pros and cons 


Quick turnaround 

With the dedicated designers at Design Shifu, most designs are delivered within a 24-hour window. This can be a huge plus for businesses looking to outsource their everyday graphics like social media posts. 

There is also a Project Manager to quickly look into any design workflow-related issues and resolve them instantly so as to avoid delays. 

Cheaper entry-level plans

When compared with the plans offered by other unlimited design services, the entry-level plans at Design Shifu lean towards the cheaper side. Even though there’s a limitation to the number of tasks and the number of active tasks at a time the price justifies the cost. 


Limited offerings within the plans

At first glance the plans offered by Design Shifu do look affordable and on par with most other unlimited design services. But a few inclusions and exclusions in these plans make them appear limited. 

For example, the Limited plan is the most affordable option offered. But this plan only makes sense if you do not need illustrations, GIFs, Presentations and landing page designs for your campaigns. But since these are design types that most businesses need regularly, the Unlimited Plus plan is a much better option. 

But the price of $599/month for the Unlimited Plus plan only covers 1 active request. For 2 active the plan costs double the amount. And finally, it does not include motion graphics or video editing. However, there are some unlimited graphic design services that offer unlimited video design plans at a lower cost while covering video editing as well. 

Collaborative features are only available as add-ons

Another con is that integrations like Slack, Trello, Asana, Canva, and Grab are not included even in the most expensive plan. These services need to be obtained separately as add-ons. Cons like this begs the question of how truly unlimited Design Shifu is. 

Customer support team is not very responsive 

Though the customer support team is quick to respond through live chat, you do not always get the answers to your queries directly. Queries through email to the support team are not answered promptly either. This can make it tough to make a decision quickly when you are in the consideration phase or while comparing services to understand which unlimited design service is best for your business. 

Design Shifu review – customers’ perspectives 

“Design Shifu has been instrumental in turning the design aspect of the client’s business from being their pain point to one of their strengths. They constantly surprise the client with the quality of their designs. Moreover, they ensure efficient project management and effective communication.”

-Thomas Lehner, Owner, Digital Marketing Agency

Source: Clutch

“Design Shifu has helped me immensely with my design needs. The team is friendly and quick to respond to all of my requests. I have used them exclusively for the past year and will continue to use them in the future.”

-Faiz Fauzi

Source: Google Reviews 

Designs by Design Shifu 


Social media graphics 

Custom illustration 


Design Shifu review – final verdict 

If you do not mind having designers located in different time zones and therefore missing out on real-time communication with them, Design Shifu is a good choice. In terms of consistent design quality, Design Shifu has impressed quite a few clients, as we can see from some of the client testimonials. On the whole, if you are looking for an unlimited design service that provides a designated designer and supports integration with a variety of productivity tools, then Design Shifu is worth considering. 

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