Designing Presentations: How Design Pickle Creates High-Impact Results

We don’t think that presentation designs will ever stop being a need. There will always be the need for visual aids when making a sales pitch or a project proposal. And presentation designs are the easiest and most cost-effective form of visual aids.

But with all that said, the “success” of a presentation design lies in many factors. One of which is the design part. And studies reveal that 91% of presenters are the most confident when they have a well-designed slide deck. However, designing presentations for success is not an easy task. There are so many different ways that you can go about it. And not everyone will understand your unique needs. 

Design Pickle on the other hand has truly mastered the art of designing presentations. That’s why we’re going to look at 7 ways they deliver high-impact results with their presentation designs. 

Let’s dive right in!

1. Playing with Colors on Titles

Individual titles on each slide in presentation designs are vital for a well-structured and effective presentation. They offer clarity, help the audience understand the slide’s content, and contribute to the overall organization of the material. Titles also act as navigational aids, making it easy to locate specific information, and they can engage the audience’s interest. 

As such the above design by Design Pickle plays on the typography by choosing clear and bold fonts for titles to differentiate the content between each slide. But what makes them really stand out is their colors. You can see that they’ve incorporated both the primary colors of the color scheme into the titles. 

Additionally, these colors complement each other well.  

To avoid monotony while maintaining this consistency, they’ve played with the positioning of the titles on each slide. This helps the titles look engaging and dynamic. 

Let’s now look at another presentation design by Design Pickle. 

2. Using Images and Fun Illustrations

When designing presentations, your goal is to keep it interesting and fun. To that end, using images and illustrations can be of much value. Images and fun illustrations in presentation designs inject visual appeal, capturing the audience’s attention and making content more memorable. Additionally, they break the monotony of text-heavy slides, providing a refreshing, engaging element. In fact, a study shows that a whopping 100% of people think that presentation design should definitely include visuals. 

There are also a few things to watch out for when you include visuals like this. You need to practice restraint when you include images and illustrations. Overcrowding the presentation with images and illustrations will lead to a cluttered design. And it’s also best to avoid using overused stock images as they bring down the quality and professionalism of the presentation. One last thing to look out for is to make sure that the colors of the images and illustrations perfectly blend with the rest of the brand colors. 

The above presentation design by Design Pickle considers all of this. It utilizes images and fun illustrations. The images are of real food and the illustrations are cartoon drawings that pair well with the font selections too. The design uses these visuals to enhance the message that they’re trying to communicate which is to choose organic skincare. Additionally, the colors of the illustrations further strengthen this same message.

Let’s take a look at the next way Design Pickle creates great results when it comes to designing presentations. 

3. Staying on Brand for Every Single Slide

Consistency in brand representation across every slide in a presentation design reinforces brand identity and professionalism. It fosters trust among the audience, promoting a cohesive and memorable message. 

Deviating from the brand when designing presentations can create confusion and can severely dilute the impact of the content. By staying on brand when designing presentations, you maintain a unified and compelling visual identity, enhancing the effectiveness of your message.

As such, the above presentation designed by Design Pickle hits all those points. Every single slide is imprinted with the brand’s look and feel. They’ve successfully followed the brand guide.  

Using brand colors in the design throughout the presentation contributes to staying on brand with each slide—the black and purple pair well with the contrasting orange as well. You can see how they’ve added an effect even to the images in this presentation to keep it from looking closer to the overall mix of these colors. Also, note how they use white as a background to present important information throughout the presentation design.

You can also see how the logo and the website address are included in some of the slides to reinforce the brand.

Upon further examining each individual style you can also pick on how none of the slides look monotonous. Staying on brand does not mean that you duplicate the same slide design repeatedly. Talented and visionary designers are able to give thought to this kind of thing when designing presentations. 

Let’s explore further how Design Pickle does amazing presentation designs. 

4. Making the Best Use of a Bright Color Palette

Utilizing a bright color palette when designing presentations can invigorate and captivate the audience. As long as they’re used in the right setting or context, using vibrant colors helps evoke positive emotions, making the content more engaging and memorable. They can also highlight key points, improving clarity. 

However, it’s crucial to balance brightness with readability and maintain brand consistency. When used judiciously, a bright color palette can enhance the visual impact and effectiveness of your presentation.

With these thoughts in mind let’s divert our attention to the above design by Design Pickle. You can immediately tell by looking at it that they’re using an analogous color palette. The bright colors red, orange, and yellow in the design are perfectly blended into the design. To make these colors pop further charcoal black solid elements and white accents are used. 

The designers at Design Pickle have made ample use of the color palette by diversifying its usage across different slides. This helps keep the colors moving around as the presentation advances and it keeps viewers attentive and interested. 

Moving on to the next one. 

5. Follows Aesthetical Cues

Incorporating a brand’s aesthetic cues, such as its unique vibe and design style, into presentation designs is crucial. It ensures a consistent and harmonious representation of the brand’s essence. Tailoring design elements to match the brand’s personality fosters a stronger connection with the audience, reinforcing brand identity. This approach not only enhances the visual appeal of the presentation but also communicates the brand’s character effectively.

You can tell by the above slides that Design Pickle gave a lot of thought to that very thing when designing them. The slides are for an herbal tea brand. You can see that the clarity and serene look are derived from the essence of that brand. They’ve made use of that to come up with a minimal design concept that further accelerates the effects of the tea they’re promoting. With suitable illustrations and muted pastel colors, Design Pickle has managed to follow the aesthetical cues to a T.  

Let’s look at another way that they create high-impact results when designing presentations. 

6. Mixes up Backgrounds to Keep it Interesting

Diversifying background designs in presentation layouts is essential for visual interest and message clarity. Varying backgrounds can demarcate different sections or themes within the presentation, aiding in structural organization. 

Moreover, it prevents monotony, keeping the audience engaged and attentive. Aesthetically appealing backgrounds can complement the content and enhance its overall impact. When done judiciously, background diversity contributes to an excellent presentation by promoting comprehension, maintaining audience interest, and creating a visually pleasing, dynamic, and professional design.

And it’s quite evident that Design Pickle’s team has a keen sense of this as you look at the above presentation design. The slides that are showcased use different colors for the background to keep them looking monotonous. However, to still keep it on brand they interchange the brand colors and keep the layout of some of the elements the same to maintain cohesivity. 

It speaks volumes of attention to detail and how invested they are when designing presentations.

Let’s look at the final way they deliver great presentation designs. 

7. Keeps it Simple

When has simplicity ever failed to achieve great things when it comes to graphic design? Simplicity in presentation designs especially, is essential because it enhances clarity and comprehension. It allows the audience to focus on the core message without distractions, making the content more digestible. 

Simple, uncluttered visuals and layouts facilitate a more efficient and engaging communication process, ensuring that the key points are easily understood and remembered.

Another reason simplicity is important is because presentations tend to be long with much information communicated. At that moment during presenting, a complex presentation could overwhelm the viewer/listener. 

So it’s best to keep things light and minimal when designing presentations like the above design for example. The light color theme is chosen here in favor of the overall branding. We can grasp why Design Pickle went with this approach for this brand. The simplistic design with a few things going on is great for presentations in the medical industry. 

Design Pickle has certainly done some great presentation designs as we looked at in this segment. 

But there’s a burning question that needs to be answered. Design Pickle is an unlimited graphic design service. Can you get something of the same quality done by freelance designers instead? Or is there a difference between them and unlimited graphic design services in general? 

That’s what we will take a look at in this next section. 

Different Options for Designing Presentations

One of the best ways to make an informed decision about anything is to write down the pros and cons. And we’re going to cut short the process and write it for you. Let’s take a brief look at the pros and cons of using freelancers as well as unlimited graphic design services like Design Pickle. 

Pros and Cons of Hiring Freelancers for Presentation Designs
✅Direct communication with the designer.
✅Flexibility when it comes to the hours they work. ✅Attention to detail
✅You can find designers that suit your project.
❌No accountability.
❌Can be unreliable.
❌Limited revisions
❌Trouble of screening different designers.
❌You have to pay extra for revisions and additional work.
❌You only get to work on one presentation design.
❌Unpredictable delivery times
❌Limited input into the design
❌Having to search for a suitable designer when the next presentation comes.
❌No customer service specialists
❌Inorganized request management system
Pros and Cons of Hiring Unlimited Graphic Design Services for Presentation Designs
✅Flat monthly fee
✅Unlimited presentation design requests
✅Unlimited revisions
✅Fast turnaround time
✅Access to a team of diversely talented and skilled designers
✅Extremely cost-effective if you have high volumes of presentation design outputs. 
✅Saves time by providing equipped designers
✅You get everything under one roof
✅Most unlimited graphic design services have their own platforms to make and manage requests. 
❌Doesn’t work well for those with few requests. 
❌Unable to talk to the designer directly at any time of the day.
❌Some services don’t offer dedicated design teams. 

Let’s Wrap Up

These pros and cons will undoubtedly show you that if you have a number of design requests, particularly presentation designs (as they have multiple slides) then unlimited graphic design services are the best option for you. They have so many benefits and the pros far outweigh the cons. 

As we looked at Design Pickle is an excellent example of such an unlimited graphic design service. The presentation designs themselves were enough evidence to affirm this. 

So no matter the industry you’re in, when you let the professionals handle your work, the results can be spectacular! 

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