Designing Prints: 9 Ideas from Penji to Inspire Your Next Project

Printed materials are often overlooked by some as they consider them to be outdated or no longer effective. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Printed collaterals are pretty much a necessity for so many reasons. They have so many uses and are also a great tool for marketing purposes. 

That’s why designing prints needs to be given much attention. There are a number of things you need to remember when designing for print. Once you understand them moving on to the designing part is what’s left. 

But if you’re mind immediately rushed to what ideas you can come up with for your next project fear not because we have 9 ideas from Penji to inspire you. 

Let’s start unwrapping these awesome ideas!

1. Local Advertisements

Local marketing is a potent strategy for captivating your immediate community, making it a vital avenue to reach your target audience. When it comes to local advertising, designing prints with ingenuity is the key to capturing local audiences. In fact, 82% of consumers are more likely to trust printed advertising than other forms.

Out of all the types of local advertising, posters, and flyers are classic and ubiquitous mediums for promoting local events and parties. 

Take, for instance, the captivating poster design by Penji, meticulously crafted to resonate with local audiences. 

This design employs a blend of eye-catching visuals, vibrant colors, and engaging typography.

The poster design advertises a local fitness-related event. You can see that the information is purposefully laid out in a methodical way. However, to attract the attention there are typographical tactics employed. For example, the most important information is set in a larger font size. 

Even the color scheme is thoughtfully chosen to give out the summer feel at the beach.  

This next local advertising material is a flyer design that also sticks to a seasonal theme with the design. 

Flyers are a highly effective print design medium, offering exceptional outcomes. Though flyers and posters may seem the same there are slight differences

This flyer is for a Fall bake sale so naturally, the design is thematic. And as you can see the various elements like illustrations and fonts are all appropriately selected and included to give out the vibe of the event and the fall season. They’ve used a Fall theme color palette also to beautify the design. 

Local marketing, through these thoughtfully designed posters and flyers, establishes a strong connection with the local audience, making it a powerful tool for community engagement.

2. Planners

Planners are a precious marketing tool that certain brands can leverage to their advantage. These versatile tools remain in use year-round, with daily engagement by their users. 

Crafting a unique planner design provides an exceptional opportunity for brands to establish a daily connection with their audience, yielding significant returns. 

The potential yields of designing prints of this nature are diverse, and in Penji’s portfolio, we find two remarkable examples that exemplify this concept. 

These designs seamlessly blend form and function, ensuring that users not only stay organized but also engage with the brand daily.

The floral illustrations paired with the script typeface help make a distinct statement. Design-wise it’s a beautiful composition that makes you want to pick it up and admire it. 

The next design, all black and sleek is a wedding planner. And it breaks the usual stereotype surrounding this type of event/industry and goes with a professional look. The diagonal strokes and the color alternations with pink and white add a touch of elegance. It’s a genius and unique design. 

Such strategic planner designs enhance brand visibility and customer interaction, making them a valuable asset in any marketing campaign.

3. Books and Magazines

Books and magazines are powerful printed materials due to their ability to inform, entertain, and engage readers. 

When it comes to designing prints for this type, there’s a multitude of categories. These printed materials could be one-time products or ongoing marketing collateral. 

Let’s explore some of them. 

Kid’s Books

Kids’ books and book series offer excellent opportunities for designing prints. They’re mostly products of their own. However, designing prints for them in a captivating way can increase sales. 

Penji’s cover design for the featured children’s book showcases vibrant and detailed illustrations, complemented by captivating typography

The fusion of colorful imagery and unique lettering makes it an ideal choice to engage young readers and leave a memorable impact.

Cook Books

Cookbooks are enduring printed materials, often passed down through generations, making them a potent long-term brand booster. They can be a product of their own or even function as promotional material for food channels. 

Design-wise, Penji’s sleek black cookbook design exudes sophistication, with its black and white pages. The darker color palette ensures durability for long-term use which is something to consider when designing prints of this nature. 

Furthermore, the clear and precise content layout enhances user experience, making it an excellent choice for cooking enthusiasts.

Product Catalogs

Product catalogs remain a valuable asset for many brands, offering a tactile experience that digital catalogs can’t replicate. They are a key promotional tool for brands. 

According to a USPS study, 92% of American households sort their mail specifically in the hopes of retaining the catalogs. This should help you realize how important it is to issue catalogs. 

Penji’s catalog design is a visual masterpiece, weaving an immersive narrative that draws customers in. The strategic fusion of design, layout, and aesthetics not only captures attention but also entices readers to become part of the brand’s captivating story.


Magazines stand as versatile printed materials, useful for extended periods due to their adaptability in content, frequency, and occasions for publication. They are the ultimate printed promotional tool for featuring information surrounding a brand. 

Penji’s elegant magazine design below exemplifies this versatility. 

The choice of alternating between black and white background colors on the magazine pages makes for a dynamic look. The font selections and the various typographical nuances are the ideal choices for designing prints like magazines. 

4. Bottle Labels

Bottle label designs are pivotal in marketing products, particularly in the beverage, beauty, and medicine industries. Designing prints for these products can be a formidable challenge, requiring a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and informative content. 

The featured bottle label designs below by Penji, vividly illustrate this transformative power. In both cases, unassuming bottles come to life, projecting the brand’s identity, and effectively engaging consumers. 

The choice of a blue label with yellow lettering is a masterful pairing of complementary colors. This is why the yellow lettering stands out perfectly against the blue. 

The choice of fonts should also be commended. While the brand name appears in a quirky serif font and it suits the vibe of the brand as seen by the logo mark. Pairing that with a more straightforward bold, capitalized font helps both of them individually stand out.

This next label design is for a feminine product. The green label with the floral and leafy illustrations is an ideal choice for such a product. The designers have opted to use a crest/badge to include all the main details regarding the product. They’ve also maintained a proper visual hierarchy by changing the font sizes and font types effectively. 

5. Product Pouches

Product pouches with airtight zippers have gained immense popularity for their practicality, and when adorned with captivating designs, they become irresistible to consumers. 

Penji’s featured pouch designs exemplify this synergy. These aesthetically pleasing designs not only enhance the product’s appeal but also ensure it remains fresh and functional, making them an instant favorite among discerning shoppers.

This coffee bean pouch transforms you into an out-of-this-world experience (pun intended) with its design. The brand name being COSMOS, the design extends into the reaches of exploring the actual cosmos using relevant elements and illustrations. 

The next pouch design is for a supplement brand. The entire bag is adorned with fruit and flower illustrations. These types of elements make designs like this unique. Your job is to make the unboxing experience as memorable as possible. It’s something that you need to keep in mind when designing prints. 

If you do decide to adorn your design with such illustrations then a solid block of color to include the details like in the above design is perfect. It increases the legibility of texts. 

This next pouch design is the epitome of minimalism. If you’re going for the craft paper pouch then a design like this would be amazing. You wouldn’t need all the bells and whistles to make an impression. This rustic look also does the trick as long as it suits your brand’s identity. But remember in cases like this the typography of the design needs to be spot on.

6. Popup Cards

Popup cards are a versatile and engaging print design type suitable for various occasions, including thank-you notes, invitations, promotional gift cards, or coupons. These tactile expressions not only convey gratitude or special event details but also serve as marketing materials that leave a lasting impression. As a matter of fact, consumers love receiving these kinds of coupons

The featured popup card by Penji exemplifies this, combining intricate detailing with a delightful surprise element that captures the recipient’s attention. 

There are some string features in this popup card. Instead of going with a solid red background, the designers have used a texture on it to keep it interesting.  Even the different casual fonts help make it look personal instead of too serious. 

7. Box Packaging

Box packaging remains a timeless and versatile print design, suitable for various purposes. The possibilities for designing prints like this are limitless, with countless creative avenues to explore. 

The two featured examples are exceptional showcases of innovative and captivating box designs that have the power to draw in customers.

The box packaging design, housing a ceramic taco holder, beautifully integrates product inspiration and Mexican cultural elements. Penji’s designers have skillfully infused embellishments, patterns, shapes, typography, and vibrant colors that exude an authentic Mexican vibe. 

Leveraging cultural associations like this can be a powerful tool in capturing the attention and interest of the target audience, creating a strong connection between the product and its cultural roots.

In this box packaging design, illustrations take center stage to create a memorable unboxing experience. The diverse dog outline shapes, combined with minimalistic typography, resulted in a professionally crafted packaging design. 

This combination not only enhances the product’s appeal but also showcases the brand’s attention to detail, further strengthening the brand. 

8. Canvas Bags

Canvas bags serve as excellent printed marketing materials with a wide range of applications. They are particularly advantageous for brands with frequent customer visits, such as supermarkets or grocery stores.

Penji’s canvas bag design exemplifies the potential of this medium. With the right combination of aesthetics and branding, the designers have created a unique canvas bag. While there are illustrations on the bag it’s not that what makes it special. It’s the way the illustrations are colored. The designers use the brand’s colors to customize different parts of the illustrations in different colors. This shows the attention to detail. And that’s something to really look into when designing prints. 

9. Beverage Cups

Designing prints for beverage cups is a delightful endeavor for several reasons. Firstly, it provides an opportunity for creative expression, as the cylindrical canvas of a cup allows for eye-catching and innovative designs.

Secondly, it’s not limited to coffee shops or juice centers; these cups can be a versatile marketing tool, ideal for product launches or events, where branded merchandise enhances engagement.

Functionality combined with excellent design is a recipe for success. People appreciate items that serve a purpose while looking visually appealing. 

Penji’s cup designs exemplify this concept. The first designs boast a full print, offering limitless possibilities to cater to unique requirements. 

On the other hand, the second design focuses on a logo as the central element with a simple leafy, and green background, demonstrating that simplicity and brand recognition can be just as effective. 

Both approaches are compelling and illustrate the dynamic potential of beverage cup designs in various settings.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Printed material remains relevant and holds significant potential. And these 10 inspiring ideas from Penji are for your next project in designing prints.  

Let these design breakdowns guide you toward designing prints that captivate and engage your audience, steering you in the right direction for successful business transactions. 

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