DesignJoy Review: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

It’s proven time and time again that advertising and marketing cannot do without good graphic and video design. With the rising competition brands and businesses, cannot simply overlook the design aspect of branding and marketing. Because the quality of design is how outsiders measure the quality and legitimacy of your business. 

That means you must bring your A-game every time a graphic design or a video design about your brand or business is shared somewhere. However, the added burden of designing these creatives or hiring a designer can be cumbersome. 

Cue in unlimited design services. Unlimited design services are the best option if you need to get a large output of original design creatives. Statistics back this up by showing digital marketers saying 40% of original graphics performed better. Unlimited design services are superheroes in the world of design and can also help increase ROI in unimaginable ways.

And in this blog, we will take you through the review of one such unlimited design service called DesignJoy. This DesignJoy review will help you gain insight into who they are and what their services entail. 

So buckle up as we take you through this DesignJoy review!

DesignJoy Review: What Is Their Story?

DesignJoy, previously known as Hue is a one-man agency that offers design services on a subscription basis and was founded in 2017. The founder Brett Williams is a visionary who built a multi-million dollar company all on his own. Apart from running DesignJoy, he shares (in the form of courses) with others how they can too start their very own agencies. He has even been featured in a Business Insider post

In addition to DesignJoy, he operates a website named Scribbles, offering over 100 vectorized scribbles available for download for design endeavors, and is also advertised on the DesignJoy platform. 

DesignJoy refers to itself as “A design agency with a twist”. While they do fall under the umbrella of unlimited design there are slight differences when compared to the conventional unlimited design services we usually cover. We will look into this further along the blog. 

For now, let’s move ahead to learn about their service scope. 

DesignJoy Review: Scope Of Their Services

Here’s a list of design requests that DesignJoy undertakes.

Design Scope

Once these categories are expanded it would seem like they cover a good deal of designs. But they also have certain request types that they don’t facilitate. 

Services Not Provided

Let’s look at the plans they offer along with the pricing.  

Plans and Pricing

DesignJoy offers only 2 types of plans that are referred to as memberships. 





Both memberships offer unlimited revisions. 

As you can see from the overall service scope it’s slightly different in terms of offerings and features from the other unlimited graphic design services we review. Project managers, account managers, and other similar features seem to not be available. 

When it comes to the software they use to design, DesignJoy specifies that they mostly, if not entirely use Figma. For those who prefer Figma-only, this could be a plus point. But, this may appear limited to some of us, who are used to seeing full-fledged design suites like Adobe and Canva utilized by some unlimited design services.  

Conclusively, DesignJoy offers a different approach to design than other unlimited design services, hence “the twist” they mention on their website. It might be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your unique needs. 

Let’s now move ahead to see how you can get started and more details on the subscriptions.

DesignJoy Review: How To Get Started And Subscription Details

To learn more about the service, they provide the option to get on a 15-minute call with the owner Brett himself. The call is a sort of intro to the service. 

Once chosen whether the Standard membership or the Pro membership is the right fit for you, you can simply pay and begin. DesignJoy does not offer trials or money-back guarantees like some of the design subscriptions we know and talk about. 

Moving on, how does DesignJoy process requests?

Submitting Requests

DesignJoy uses Trello as the platform for project management. Clients have the option to share their briefs via any material that can be linked or shared within Trello. For those who use Trello as their project management tool, it would be a seamless integration to move tasks back and forth between dashboards. However, it would not be the best option for others who prefer a custom dashboard where there are more tailored functions. 

Once you’ve received your designs, if you’re not happy with the output, DesignJoy is committed to providing unlimited revisions until you’re 100% satisfied. 

Turnaround Times

Like most unlimited design services, you can add as many backlog requests to the queue as required. But do note that they only work on one task at a time. 

This wouldn’t be a surprise. As we mentioned previously, this is a one-man-run design agency. The founder and owner of DesignJoy, Brett Williams will be the person directly working with you. But in the case of other types of requests categorized as power-ups requests like animations or custom illustrations will be assigned to partner designers. 

Conclusively, complex requests may take a bit longer, but they maintain an average of 2 days or less to complete most requests. 

Pausing and Canceling

With DesignJoy you have the option to scale up or down as needed when workflows change. This is a facility that most unlimited design services offer. 

But if you no longer require their services you have 2 options to choose from. You can either pause or cancel. 

In situations where there might only be a few requests, pausing the subscription proves advantageous.

The billing cycles at DesignJoy operate on a 31-day period. Say, if a user signs up and utilizes the service for 21 days before opting to pause the subscription, the billing cycle will halt. Incidentally, this results in 10 days of service remaining. This can be utilized at any point in the future.

The 2nd option is to cancel the subscription. DesignJoy provides the option to cancel anytime. 

However, at no point does DesignJoy offer refunds to unsatisfied clients. Their rationale behind this policy is rooted in their commitment to delivering work of the utmost quality, which consequently precludes the possibility of issuing refunds.

With that let’s look at some of the high-quality work featured on their website next. 

DesignJoy Review: Examples Of Their Work

A glimpse into examples of someone’s work can reveal a great deal about their level of skill – in this case, Brett William’s work. Here’s a look at some of the work that he has done for his clients:

As you can see most of the work is focused on creating landing pages and websites in general. 

For more work samples, we recommend visiting here or Brett William’s Dribbble page

Moving on, let’s review what his clients say about DesignJoy.

DesignJoy Review: What Do Clients Say About Them?

You can truly gauge a service once you hear what real customers have to say about them. Let’s take a look at some of the things that clients have said about Design Joy. 

DesignJoy Website

Webflow, the famous web building and  hosting company says this about DesignJoy:

“Designjoy shows that they know the art of subtlety.”



There aren’t many reviews on Trustpilot about DesignJoy. 

But one happy customer calls it, “The best design agency”.

– Seyed Design – 



We found a detailed review of DesignJoy by a Reddit user. Here’s an excerpt of it below:

While there are limited reviews in general by clients, there are good things that the general public speaks about the model that Brett has built

With that, let’s go ahead and wrap up this DesignJoy review. 

DesignJoy Review: Time For The Verdict

It’s safe to say that this is one of the most unique services we’ve seen in the unlimited design services category. Let’s list some of the differences we’ve seen about this service. 

  1. DesignJoy is positioned at the higher end of the pricing spectrum in comparison to other services.
  2. Their design scope is limited when compared to a lot of the other unlimited design services we know.
  3. They don’t offer trials or money-back guarantees.
  4. The sole designer and point of contact is the founder and that might instill confidence in some and undermine confidence in others due to the lack of manpower involved. 

Regardless, it’s a solid business operation and those with the budget could benefit from their services. 

It’s mostly suitable for more established businesses than startups and small businesses. If you primarily need animation and video work done then DesignJoy may not be for you. But if your agency or business is website-centric and focuses more on the services they offer then DesignJoy might be a good fit. 

Finally, it’s your call to decide if this is the design service provider that works for you. We know for sure that unlimited design services like DesignJoy can be beneficial as we often state. But if you want to explore more conventional options before you come to a decision, we recommend reading these blogs about the best unlimited graphic design services and the best unlimited video design services

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