Unlimited Graphic Design Subscription: DesignTork Review 2024

If you’re a marketer reading this, we’re sure you know what it means to be represented by good graphic designs. Good designs are responsible for increasing much-coveted conversions and ROIs. They engage viewers and help secure long-lasting impressions on viewers and customers. 

But the road to creating these “converting graphic designs” is steep. It’s filled with many checklists, tackling design software, head-scratching, and cups of coffee that seem to disappear faster than a magician’s rabbit!

And as always, we’re here to the rescue with unlimited graphic design solutions. In this blog, we bring to you yet another unlimited graphic design subscription review: DesignTork. 

DesignTork checks all the boxes with its unlimited graphic design offerings, and they could solve your impending graphic design needs. So sit back, relax, and keep reading to find out all about them in this comprehensive DesignTork review. 

DesignTork Review: About DesignTork

DesignTork, established in 2019 and headquartered in Germany, operates with a diverse team of designers and talent spanning countries such as India and Bangladesh. Born from the camaraderie of a designer, a developer, and a project manager, the founders recognized the challenges inherent in paying for design and development projects separately on an hourly basis. To streamline and enhance their offerings, they integrated these services into a cohesive productized model. 

Now, let’s explore the array of services they provide.

DesignTork Review: Service Offerings

Like many unlimited design services, DesignTork provides you with unlimited designs and pairs you with seasoned designers. With a turnaround time of 24-72 hours, depending on project complexity. This swift delivery, a hallmark feature of the productized design model can be enjoyed within DesignTork as well, ensuring you receive creatives promptly.

Let’s move ahead to the exciting part of looking at what they offer. 

Scope Of Design Services

Here’s a list of the graphic design services offered at DesignTork:

Since they offer UI/UX design + front-end development here’s a list of the work they cover within that category as well:

Because DesignTork offers these services as well, you can anticipate seamless integration with any technology you utilize, including WordPress, Webflow, Simvoly, Bootstrap, Unbounce, Mailchimp, and many others.

While it seems like they do it all, DesignTork still has certain limitations.

Services Not Offered

By the looks of it, we can see that they offer almost all the services offered by other unlimited graphic design services. But it should be noted that they don’t seem to undertake some illustration work, particularly book illustrations and mascots. If you have plans of getting work done along those lines DesignTork might not be the best option. Here’s a list of unlimited design services that offer a variety of custom illustration services. 

But if that is not a major concern, we can keep going. 

Let’s review their pricing. 

Plans And Pricing

DesignTork offers 3 types of plans where you can enjoy a variety of their services. 







All 3 plans come with a 15-day money-back guarantee. 

If your needs surpass what these 3 plans entail, DesignTork offers custom plans upon consultation. Simply contact them or schedule a call to discuss further. 

Another additional scope detail is that DesignTork happily accepts design tasks in multiple languages, provided that the instructions are given in English and all necessary details and copy are provided precisely as required for incorporation into the design.

DesignTork Review: How To Get Started And Subscription Details

To initiate your journey with DesignTork, simply register for their service. Payments can be made via credit or debit card. By the looks of it, they don’t seem to accept PayPal, if you’re wondering. 

Regardless, once you’ve successfully signed up using credit or debit card details, you’ll gain access to their intuitive project management tool, empowering you to effortlessly create and oversee design requests. 

Additionally, they offer the flexibility to collaborate via Slack or any preferred communication platform. Just be sure to have that conversation beforehand about which communication platform works best for you. 

Regardless, once a request is submitted to the project management tool, DesignTork manually assigns it to the most qualified designer for the task. 

From there, they seamlessly commence work, diligently crafting your project and delivering it in your preferred file format.

They don’t have any limitations on backlog tasks so you can have a full request queue, but DesignTork only works on 1 task at a time except in the Pro plan (where they work 2 tasks at a time). 

The workflow is quite simple –  as soon as one task is completed they move to the next one. 

Trial And MoneyBacks

While DesignTork does not provide free trials, they do offer a 15-day money-back guarantee on all their plans, reassuring you. If you’re dissatisfied with the work, you can expect a full refund. 

However, they are confident that you won’t require this, as they assure top-quality deliverables.

Designer Information

For those curious about whether DesignTork provides dedicated designers or design teams: they do not. Their rationale lies in the belief that various designers possess distinct skills, and different tasks require these diverse skill sets. 

Therefore, they advocate for assigning tasks to the most suitable individual rather than allocating a dedicated designer. 

DesignTork does, however, offer an account manager who oversees this assignment process.

Other Information

While some unlimited design services may be hesitant to serve agencies, DesignTork welcomes them without reservation, catering to a diverse range of clients. They currently boast several agency clients.

If customer service is a dire concern for you, you’d be happy to learn that they have a live chat option that lets you communicate with one of the team members in case you need to get it touch.

That wraps up all the information you need to know to get started. 

Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the design examples of DesignTork.

DesignTork Review: Design Examples

What enhances the allure of a great deal is the assurance of a satisfactory outcome. And what better method to ensure this than by examining the creatives crafted by DesignTork’s expert designers?

So here’s a look at their various designs:

These designs exemplify the wide array of design categories and the exceptional quality that DesignTork is renowned for. 

Now, let’s proceed to the next segment.

DesignTork Review: Reviews

Another important part of any review is hearing what real customers have to say about their experience with a company. These stories and experiences help set our expectations straight. 

So let’s dive into some customer reviews.

DesignTork Website

One reviewer, Abdul Jabbar, the founder of Tailor Sew said this about their experience with DesignTork:

“DesignTork has made it quick and easy for our team to create a variety of eye-catching marketing materials. Being able to communicate directly with the designer about our needs helps ensure we get the best possible final product, every time”


One user says,

“Design Tork has been an invaluable partner to our business, making a huge positive impact over the years. Their creativity and professionalism set them apart, and we look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration indefinitely. Grateful for their outstanding work and excited for the future together!”

Rubion Marquez


One reviewer on Slashdot says there’s, “None Better”. They further go on to say, 

“Working with Design Tork has been an absolute pleasure. Your team’s innovative designs, attention to detail, and ability to understand our brand and vision have been instrumental in elevating our business to new heights. The branding materials, website design, and marketing collateral you have provided have genuinely set us apart from the competition and resonated with our target audience.” 


These reviews as a whole show that DesigTork is surely a good design company to entrust your design work to. 

And with that, let’s bring this review to a close. 

DesignTork Review: Final Words

DesignTork offers much of the same things that most of the unlimited design companies we look into, offer. One special thing about DesignTork is its offering of front-end development as well as its integration with other tools. That proves to be one of the stand-out features of this service. Besides that, everything else is as it normally would be with any other unlimited design service. 

Whether you choose to go with them, or you want to keep searching for more options before you commit, don’t forget our initial talk about how important graphic design is. 

85% of people are attracted to brands that have good visuals. And this competition for attention is fierce and to stay afloat you need to make sure you get noticed. And the only way to do that is good graphic design. 

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