Unlimited Graphic Design Subscription: DigiFloat Review 2024

When it comes to advertising and brand presentation, nothing catches the public’s eye more than the visuals you use. Visuals are the key aspect that differentiates a brand from countless others within the same niche. 

One of the top reasons for that could be that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. This makes humans naturally visual beings. To make use of this naturally occurring human behavior, you need good graphic design. 

That’s why we often encourage you to invest in good graphic designers. And one of the best places to invest is in unlimited graphic design companies because you can get many benefits from their services than if you went with expensive freelancers and design agencies. 

And to make the search process easier for you, we’re bringing in another unlimited graphic design subscription review for you. 

In this blog, we will cover DigiFloat, an unlimited graphic design company to look out for. And in this DigiFloat review, we will cover all you need to know about them to get started. 

Let’s begin! 

DigiFloat Review: About DigiFloat

Established in 2019 by Jaideep Bishnoi, DigiFloat is headquartered in India. 

Jaideep envisioned aiding small business owners, solopreneurs, and medium-sized agencies in enhancing their brands. Since its establishment, he has expanded the company from a solo endeavor to a team exceeding 20 members. He regards his team as the cornerstone of the company, emphasizing a culture of innovation and teamwork as its bedrock.

DigiFloat proudly maintains an annual recurring revenue surpassing $100k.

Let’s explore the services that DigiFloat offers to keep their clients hooked. 

DigiFloat Review: Service Offerings

On the outside DigiFloat looks just like some of the unlimited graphic design companies we’ve looked into previously. While that’s true there are a few things that make them a bit different. One of which is the other services that they provide. DigiFloat provides a diverse range of services extending beyond graphic design to include content writing as well.

And then on top of their unlimited graphic design services, they have a separate plan that caters to only logo design. In this next segment as we delve into their design services we will explore both services. 

Design Services: Unlimited Graphic Design Service

Here’s a look at all the design services they offer within their graphic design plan along with the estimated turnaround times:

This service scope goes to show that they undertake almost all kinds of design requests. 

One other important thing we noted is that they even undertake UI/UX development which is why you see in the above list that they do HTML/CSS/JS page creation. This is a bit of a unique twist because most other unlimited graphic design services do not offer this. 

But even DigiFloat in all its comprehensive design solutions has its limits. 

Services Not Offered

DigiFloat offers 3 different plans:







The plans are offered on a tiered basis but the pricing is most attractive especially given the number of active tasks at a time.

Let’s now move ahead to the next design service they offer.

Design Services: Logo Design

This separate Logo Design service is targeted more toward startups who are just getting started with developing their brand identity. 

You might be curious as to why we’re highlighting this additional service, considering that logo design is already listed in the previous service category.

The main reason to include this within this blog is because this service comes with unlimited revisions. And that’s an unlimited aspect that we find quite alluring. 

Let’s look at the pricing and what’s included within this plan:


This plan comes with simple one-time pricing.

Logo Design


DigiFloat’s logo design services offer one bespoke logo design for the one-time payment of $99 you make. This logo design won’t be based on a template and will be a full-customized logo design. 

This is mostly suitable for those with smaller budgets, who also want only a one-time project done.

Moving on, let’s review how you can get started with DigiFloat and other subscription details you need to know. 

DigiFloat Review: How To Get Started And Subscription Details

Getting started with DigiFloat is easy. Once you pick the service or plan that suits your needs it’s pretty much the same as with other unlimited graphic design services. 

We will cover the process in 2 segments, as we did in the previous section. We will first talk about the Logo Design services and then move on to the Graphic Design services. 

Logo Design Service Process

Upon signing up for the service, DigiFloat will allocate a direct email contact with a dedicated account manager. 

Their support team also remains accessible 24/7 for any further assistance required. For the design process to begin, you’re required to share your ideas for the desired logo design.  

But in any case, if you’re uncertain about font and color choices, your account manager will offer guidance. Rest assured, the designers possess 5-7 years of experience and are thoroughly vetted, ensuring reliability. 

Once the brief is finalized, the team initiates work, and you can anticipate the initial draft within 24-48 hours. Unlimited revisions are available until you’re completely satisfied. 

If you find yourself dissatisfied with their logo design even after numerous revisions, DigiFloat provides a full refund within the initial 5 days from your sign-up date. That ought to give you confidence about paying upfront for their logo design service. 

If you’re still not sure about it and require more details DigiFloat offers you can get a free quote based on your requirements. 

Unlimited Graphic Design Service Process

The process starts much like any other service, you can sign up and commence immediately. 

All communication with your account manager happens via email or Trello. Upon submission of your request, your dedicated account manager will assign it to the most suitable designer for the job.

Once the task is received, they promptly commence work on the first draft, which you can expect within 24-48 hours. 

After receiving the work simply download all files. Alternatively, you can request revisions as needed. It’s important to note that DigiFloat prioritizes revisions unless instructed otherwise to begin a new task. 

Additionally, DigiFloat’s pricing structure is noteworthy, as even their basic plan accommodates 2 active tasks. There are not many unlimited design services that support 2 active tasks at this budget. 

Also, if you’re keen on customer support they have a 24/7 live chat option that lets you communicate with one of the team members in case you’re not able to reach your account manager. 

On a different note, if you’re unsatisfied with the designs provided, DigiFloat offers a 100% money-back guarantee within the initial 15 days of your sign-up.

They don’t facilitate any pause options but if you want to cancel the subscription simply email them. This subscription is a good option for those having ongoing design needs. They also cater to agencies seeking to utilize their services.

And that’s all you need to know to get started with either their logo design services or their unlimited graphic design subscription. 

Let’s move ahead to take a look at some of their work. 

DigiFloat Review: Examples Of Their Work

This is one of the best parts of reviews getting to see some actual work different unlimited graphic design companies have done for real-world clients. 

Let’s observe some of their logo designs:

Here are some of the work they’ve done for their clients within the unlimited graphic design subscription:

To browse by design category we recommend visiting their portfolio page

DigiFloat Review: What Do Their Customers Say?

What truly lends credibility to any company, regardless of the service they offer, is hearing from the customers and clients who have benefited from their services. That’s why we will next take a look at some reviews of DigiFloat on their website as well as on Trustpilot. 

DigiFloat Website

One of the clients who reviewed DigiFloat’s services calls it “the best budget design agency out there”. They further go on to say, “Top-notch, fast turnaround designs without breaking the bank. We’ve tried everything out there, but it’s only Digifloat that has produced the best creatives while also ensuring they followed our specifications.”

John Zeus Taller

Another client provides an even more wholesome review reaching into a lot of aspects about DigiFloat.

They say, “Digifloat (and specifically our contact Jaideep) are awesome. Regardless of if I provide a ton of detail, or just some overall guidelines the designs the team come back with are fantastic and varied. I appreciate the detailed thought processes they include with each of the design options they provide. You can tell they took the time to think about the guidelines we gave them to craft each design. They are also extremely open to feedback and are great at providing revisions until the design is exactly where we want it. Working with them has streamlined our process and improved our design quality.”


Conclusively, the bulk of the reviews goes to show how pleased clients are with the services that DigiFloat offers. 

And with that let’s move on towards closing this DigiFloat review. 

DigiFloat Review: The Verdict

DigiFloat’s offerings encompass all the good things we love about unlimited design services. 

But we did see some slight differences in their offerings. Some of these key differences we saw in DigiFloat include things like how they offer some level of front-end development and a special logo design plan. 

Regardless, these could be the reasons why you choose to go with their services. In any case, if you still want to go through a few more options before you make a decision you can proceed to explore why you need to try unlimited graphic design along with more unlimited design services.

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