Digital Designs: 10 Ideas from Penji to Inspire Your Next Project

There’s one indispensable cornerstone that no business can afford to overlook: digital marketing. In a world increasingly dominated by technology, the digital realm has become a gold mine of opportunity for businesses of all sizes. 

At the heart of effective digital marketing lies the power of digital designs. Digital designs are the visual storytellers of your brand, and they play a pivotal role in shaping the perception of your products or services in the minds of your audience.

Harnessing the full potential of digital designs is essential for building a strong online presence and gaining a competitive edge in today’s technologically driven marketplace.

And with the right digital designs, you can convey your brand’s personality, establish trust, and create lasting connections with your target audience. 

That’s why in this blog we will look at 10 digital design ideas of different types inspired by the amazing portfolio of Penji, a giant in the unlimited graphic design industry.

Let’s begin!

1. Mobile App Design

The UI/UX for mobile app design differs from that of larger screens like desktops. Most mobile app UIs must be designed with functionality in mind. While development makes functionality possible, design also partners to make it fully effective.

Imagine having a Buy Now button on an app but it’s not really visible because of the poor color choices and bad font selections. Imagine the chaos. 

Professional mobile app designers use all the right design principles to turn out great outputs. 

Take, for instance, the mobile app design below. It encompasses the need to maintain a diverse layout across the different app pages. The designers at Penji have struck a balance by using a predominantly white background and strategically incorporating the brand’s darker colors to highlight crucial buttons. 

The result? A clean, minimalistic design that doesn’t overwhelm users. These are qualities that all digital designs need to possess. 

2. Landing Page Design

Web designs are also important digital designs. And a crucial part of web design is the landing page. A landing page is a subset of web design where it’s exactly what it means. It’s where customers first land. 

Let’s take a look at that by breaking down the components of the landing page design below. 

This is an example of the landing page of this particular website. 

Design-wise, we should start off by saying that this hits marks for a good landing page design. The hero image at the top features an appealing at the same time high-quality image of their product. 

The font used for the text there keeps recurring throughout the landing page design keeping things cohesive. It’s used for all the subheadings which helps customers identify new sections on the page.

You can also see that there’s a color change for each section. This helps break the monotony and also helps establish a proper layout and hierarchy of information. 

Having all of this information properly laid out on your landing page helps customers make a proper evaluation of your brand, thereby increasing the chance of purchases.

3. Infographic Design

Infographics are a type of digital designs that helps create shareable content that simultaneously entertains and educates readers. Specifically on a brand or a subject linked to the brand. They contain concise data/ information on a topic, cleverly presented through captivating visuals.

Designing infographics can be really fun because there are many different ways that you can go about it. 

Here below is how designers at Penji went about designing an infographic for one of their clients. 

Employing gradients in shades of blue and green set against a white backdrop, this infographic effectively conveys information. The strategic use of color segregation is pivotal in crafting extensive infographics, enhancing readability, and ensuring the eye’s seamless navigation.

Furthermore, this design incorporates icons and illustrations, a common practice in infographics, to further alleviate text density. These visual elements serve as signposts, aiding readers in pinpointing specific sections within the infographic, and enhancing overall accessibility.

4. Email Design

Email headers or banners are great for email marketing. These digital designs function as ways in which you can make a text-only email more interactive. 

Supplementing text-only emails with creative email headers helps showcase your creativity as well. 

Let’s talk about the email header design featured above. 

Simplicity takes the lead in this email header design, as it primarily serves to convey concise information, complementing the email’s text content. The talented designers at Penji present two options for this purpose. 

The first option combines a serif font with a script font, lending an elegant touch. 

The second choice combines a sans-serif typeface throughout and employs an outlined hollow font to introduce variation, drawing attention specifically to the hero text. 

These font combinations play a vital role in establishing a visual hierarchy, ensuring effective communication. 

Additionally, the carefully chosen images add an extra layer of impact, enhancing the message’s overall appeal.

5. Web Banner Ad Design

Banner ad designs are almost everywhere you look on the web. They’re the most recurring digital designs on the web. Which is why there is a slight tendency for these web ads to become a nuisance to people. So how do you steer this common hurdle when it comes to web banner ads?

The only way to do it is by designing attention-worthy ads. That’s the only way that potential customers will be interested in clicking the ad. 

Let’s look at how Penji keeps things interesting with its banner ad designs. 

In the realm of travel advertising, captivating visuals are an absolute must for success. This travel ad exemplifies that principle perfectly. The bold “travel” in a sans-serif font commands immediate attention, setting the tone for adventure. 

What truly sets this ad apart, though, is the creative text wrapped around the traveler. It’s a testament to the meticulous attention to creative detail that enhances the overall appeal.

Moreover, the high-quality image selection, combined with the artful effects applied to it, further elevates this design. It turns the ad into an attention-worthy masterpiece that entices viewers to embark on a journey with the brand.

6. Social Media Design

Social media designs are the most hyped digital designs there are. And that’s probably because an average of 6.6 social networks are used by people during a single month. And many marketers vie for attention on each of these platforms. 

But the secret to standing out is amazing graphics. 

Social Media Posts

The above graphics look like a bunch of options that Penji’s designers have done for a post celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day. 

One of the most striking things about these graphics is that they maintain the essence of the event. From the unique colors to the shapes and patterns to the ideal character illustrations Penji stays right on track. 

One of the important things to remember when including illustrations like this is to pair them up with suitable fonts as seen above. 

Social Media Stories

Stories are vertical in terms of layout and need to be designed with that in mind. Otherwise, you risk having parts of the design cut out. 

Taking inspiration from marquee signs Penji’s design for this stand-up comedy show cleverly incorporates the show’s essence. 

The red curtain backdrop serves as an ideal stage, while the dark corners effectively draw the viewer’s focus to the design’s center, ensuring an engaging and visually appealing composition.

Social Media Banners/Covers and Profile Pictures

Social media banners/ covers or profile pictures are a few of the things on social media platforms that stay around for longer. For platforms like Facebook, these are much-needed assets. 

Like Penji’s design above, most brands prefer to have their logo as their profile photo. 

Like the above cover design, moving the texts to the right side ensures that they’re seen properly. As you can see the designers are well aware of the size of the graphic as well as the cut-off points because once uploaded it sits perfectly.

Pro Tip: Always find out the required dimensions of the graphic that needs to be uploaded on the different platforms. Making certain of that will ensure that these digital designs will look optimal once uploaded. 

7. Blog Image Design

Blog images are essential as they help break down large blocks of text. Extensive amounts of information without any accompanying images tend to bore readers. In most blogs, having a featured image supporting the blog helps attract readers to continue reading. 

For that very purpose, the below examples by Penji will serve you well. 

These digital designs cater to a range of topics, and the hero images play a pivotal role in instantly connecting with readers. 

Bold, easily readable titles with well-chosen fonts enhance the visual appeal. Each image on these blogs adds a layer of intrigue, ensuring that the content remains engaging and captivating.

8. Presentation Design

Chances are that you’re going to need a presentation at least once in your marketing ventures. 

And when you do, here’s the inspiration you’re going to need. 

Relying on basic presentation templates is a thing of the past. Modern presentation designs demand dynamism and a fresh approach on every slide, and that’s precisely what’s exemplified in the design above.

Each slide is distinct, foregoing solid colors in favor of a dynamic dark blue background image. These images undergo subtle variations, adding uniqueness to each slide. 

The seamless integration of images enhances the overall impact, while the well-chosen contrasting colors for fonts ensure clarity and visual appeal throughout the entire presentation. And that’s something that you very much need for these types of digital designs. 

9. Animation Design 

Animation design can differ in type. There are animation designs like logo animations, GIFs, character animations, etc. 

We will take a look at 2 types of animation design from Penji’s portfolio today. 

Logo animations

Logo animations are one of those things that brands love to have. These digital designs help them see their precious logo come to life. Which let’s be honest, is pretty thrilling to see. 

So let’s look at a good example of a logo animation. 

There are many types of logo animations. The above logo animation is a reveal type of logo animation. The logo unravels piece by piece. 

The animations are swift and easy to follow and don’t look generic. 

GIF animations

GIFs are a great type of animation for those who don’t want to go through assembling a video. These digital designs are quick animations that are best when conveying information dynamically. 

Below is a simple GIF animation by Penji. The purpose of the GIF is to advertise a local eyelash extension service. And the goal is to show that they’re efficient and good at customer service.

The designers help show this idea successfully by adding the image of a phone and the conversation is animated. This kind of animation is intriguing, especially for a setting of this sort. 

For more tips on creating GIF animations, visit here

10. Podcast Cover Design

Podcast cover designs serve as digital designs that form a visual gateway to your podcast content, enticing potential listeners with a compelling first impression.

A well-crafted podcast cover design not only reflects your brand but also distinguishes your podcast in a crowded digital space, increasing discoverability and attracting a broader audience.

Effective podcast covers swiftly communicate the podcast’s theme/topic, a feat exemplified by the showcased design below. 

Let’s talk about the design. 

The subject, homes, and homeowners, is immediately apparent through the strategically positioned logo and main and sub texts. The bold yellow text against the sky blue background, accented with other white texts, establishes a striking color contrast, ensuring legibility. 

The white frame also adeptly directs attention, facilitating clear text focus. 

Thoughtfully placed images of the speakers not only harmonize with the overall contrast but also maintain a proportional balance, contributing to a visually cohesive and compelling podcast cover design. 

Let’s Sum Things Up

Digital designs are an important part of the marketing world and there’s no counter-arguing that. We believe that these digital designs will only increase in need. That’s why we think that this blog would definitely come in handy when you want to figure out ideas for your next project. 

Using inspiration from Penji’s digital designs and the design breakdowns we’ve provided you should be well on your way to creating masterpieces that deliver. 

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