DotYeti Review 2024: Your Guide to Getting Started

Here we are with yet another review of an unlimited design service. To provide a refresher, unlimited design services encompass graphic and video design offerings provided through subscription models at fixed monthly rates. These services offer numerous advantages while remaining budget-friendly. They yield a higher return on investment compared to using costly design agencies or freelancers for individual projects.

But even with such advantages, it’s not easy having to go through every website of every unlimited design service. That’s where we come in. Our goal is to make things as comprehensive as possible. And this next blog is a comprehensive review of DotYeti. 

This review will act as a guide and will provide you insight into all the things you need to know to get started with them. 

So strap in and let’s move ahead to first learn a bit about DotYeti’s backstory. 

DotYeti Review: Their Story

DotYeti is a fully remote operation founded in 2020 by Gregory Benjamin and Roy Selbach. Currently both Roy Selbach and Derek Delost function as co-CEOs with FE International announcing that they’ve acquired DotYeti on January 26th, 2024. 

Their brand identity is primarily blue and white and consists of a striking mascot you see across their website in different forms. 

The idea for this mascot came about when one of their CEOs came across a toy he had in his possession. The toy was a yeti from the online RPG League of Legends. Thus the mascot and the name of the service came to be. 

The founders of DotYeti recognized an increasing demand for creatives within companies, particularly at this time and age. They also saw how it was difficult for companies to acquire these creatives because of the high cost and slow production. And so the main goal of DotYeti was to provide businesses with effective creative solutions and turn frowns into smiles. 

Let’s take a look at their service scope to see how effective these solutions they provide are.

DotYeti Review: Scope of Their Service

For a fixed monthly price you can enjoy a vast array of benefits from DotYeti’s offerings. DotYeti recommends their subscriptions as suitable for marketing agencies, marketing teams, SMEs, Startups, and E-commerce. 

Here’s a list of the design categories offered by DotYeti:

Design Scope

For more details on each category visit their website

Let’s now direct our attention to their plans and their respective pricing.

Plans and Pricing

DotYeti offers 3 unlimited design plans. Here they are.







All plans Include the following:

With many other unlimited design services introducing Canva delivery, DotYeti has also introduced Canva file delivery. Their Canva designers can work on their own Canva accounts and provide editable links making editing and collaboration easier. They specify that clients can have any type of Canva account for these collaborations. 

However, it should be noted that Canva file delivery is only facilitated within the Premium and Royal plans. 

On a different note, for those wanting one-off projects, DotYeti offers a Pay-as-you-go option as well. 

Projects belonging to this service category start at $125 per project. 

Here’s a look at their rates:

*Prices on the rate card may vary on the platform. The platform displays the actual prices.

Now let’s move ahead to see how you can get started and more details on the subscription.

DotYeti Review: How to Get Started and Subscription Details

Once a suitable plan has been selected you can pay and get started with the service or book a demo

They also offer a 10-day free trial. You have the option to terminate your subscription within the initial 10-day trial period of any subscription plan purchase. No charges will be incurred during this trial period. But once the 10-day trial period ends, regular fees will be applied. 

DotYeti also offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, but it should be noted that the money-back guarantee is not applicable during the above-mentioned free trial period. 

With the DotYeti 14-day money-back guarantee you will receive a full refund within the first 14 days of your subscription given there are no other discounts applied. However, there is a transaction and administration cost of $65 that will be deducted from the refund. The amount minus the $65 will be refunded within 45 days. But do note that post the 14-day period no such refund will be provided. Also, in the case where you request revisions, additional files, or more requests the money-back guarantee becomes void. 

For more details, we recommend going through their terms and conditions page

Let’s now direct our attention towards how their process works. 

Process of Submitting Requests, Revisions and Receiving Files

DotYeti has a custom project management tool where you will be collaborating with your designers. 

The process goes like this:

1. Submit your request.

Fill in all your design requirements in the request form to help the designers grasp your creative vision. Include any files you think might help with the design process and mention the preferred delivery file type. 

2. They will assign the most suitable designer.

The DotYeti platform automatically matches clients with the most suitable designer for a project. Clients can utilize the direct chat function and on-image feedback tool for efficient and transparent communication. Once you submit the brief and a designer is assigned, they will immediately start working on your project. These are designers carefully vetted through stringent screening processes to ensure that you work with the best talents. 

3. Review your draft and provide feedback for any revisions required.

You can expect to hear from the designers within 48 hours. Once you receive our drafts you can revise unlimitedly. Simply use their image-commenting tool to provide easy feedback. 

After revision feedback is submitted, you will receive your final files in less than 48 hours.

If you’re still unsatisfied, DotYeti arranges for a new designer to take over the task.

4. Receive revised files.

At this point, you can download the final files in formats like AI, PDF, PNG, PPT, etc. 

Your files will be stored in the dashboard and are accessible at any time. 

Moving on.

Pausing and Canceling

Like most unlimited graphic design services you can cancel anytime because this particular model doesn’t lock you in with long-term contracts. 

Unfortunately, DotYeti doesn’t offer a pause feature. Instead, when you cancel your account you’re automatically converted to a Pay-as-you-go user. 

The only time your account will go on a pause period is when there is a payment failure. The account will be reinstated once the failed payment goes through successfully.

That covers all the basics you would need to get started. 

Now let’s move ahead to look at some of their work.

DotYeti Review: Examples of their work

DotYeti prides itself on its quality of work. Let’s observe some examples ourselves. 

Social Media
Logos & Branding
Animated GIFs
Custom Illustrations
Landing Pages

For an overview of their work categorized by industry, please visit their website

Interestingly DotYeti also has a free illustrations library. This blog where we compare their illustrations library and that of ManyPixels’ might interest you. 

It’s now time to look at some reviews by their clients.

DotYeti Review: What do clients say about them?

DotYeti lists their ratings on their website and it appears to be promising. 

Here are some ratings and reviews from clients featured on other leading platforms.


Based on 31 reviews, DotYeti has a rating of 4.7/5 on Trustpilot. One client goes on in much detail, praising DotYeti’s services. Here’s an excerpt from that DotYeti review:

“We were simply blown away by the deliverables. At each stage, we were given a nice little presentation of the proposed designs, and given options to choose from.

The delivered graphic came fast and the team quickly got through the work well ahead of schedule, resulting in us getting started on our second month’s objectives.

I couldn’t praise DotYeti enough for the quality, the speed, the price, and even the process.”



There are just a couple of reviews for DotYeti on G2. And here’s an excerpt from the DotYeti review by a marketing manager:

“they are great at speed, attention to detail, design” 

And when asked if there was anything negative they had to say, this is how they responded, 

“nothing they are great company to work with”


With that let’s wrap things up.

DotYeti Review: Verdict

We’ve now come to the final verdict of this DotYeti review. As far as it seems DotYeti possesses many of the same elements and features offered in other unlimited graphic design services. We did find some points that made them slightly different from other unlimited design services. 

Here are those differences:

  1. For starters, the services are offered in tiers, unlike some unlimited design services. 
  2. The Basic plan even though is lower in price, is quite restrictive in scope compared to other services. 
  3. The “unlimited” aspect doesn’t extend to backlog requests and brand profiles in the Basic and Premium plans. 
  4. Generally, the best features and facilities are seen within the Royal plan but it could be on the pricier side for some small businesses and startups. 

But design stats for 2024 do show that 60%  of small businesses intend to boost their investment in graphic design over the next 12 months. 

Conclusively, DotYeti can be used in various capacities as it offers a wide scope of services with unlimited services plus one-off projects. 

Thus, having the option to choose can be of value to those who like to have a wide selection range. And for such people, we also recommend these blogs listing more unlimited graphic design services and video editing services. 

So get deciding because we cannot state enough how important design is for brands and businesses,

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