Unlimited Graphic Design Subscription: Draftss Review 2024

In today’s blog, we’re diving deep into Draftss, an esteemed unlimited graphic design service. Our comprehensive Draftss review aims to equip you with all the essential details necessary for a seamless start with them. We’re committed to delivering such insights because we understand the significance of graphic design and finding the perfect graphic designer to meet your design requirements. 

It’s not simply a sentiment, but a fact because statistics prove that from the POV of 94% of consumers, first impressions of a company are design-related. 

So choosing the ideal designer or design team to get killer designs done can significantly impact the image of your company. Not only that, but the right fit can make all the difference. 

So, let’s delve into everything you need to know about Draftss so that you can figure out if they’re the right fit for you.

Let’s begin by exploring their roots and the narrative behind Draftss. 

Draftss Review: The Draftss Story

Draftss is a design company based in India and was co-founded by Amin Memon and Junaid Ansari in 2018. 

Amin had been running his design agency for some time but found that the service model he was using was quickly becoming outdated. As he was himself someone looking to hire designers he knew of the overhead cost and the difficulties that came with the search. That’s when he realized that a productized service model would be ideal to offer their design services. 

With the use of community marketing, referrals, and affiliate marketing, Amin and his team quickly acquired their first 50 customers and continued to succeed. 

And today they’re a thriving business trusted by more than 1000s of Startups, brands, and agencies. 

Draftss Review: Service Scope

Draftss goes above and beyond in terms of what it offers as an unlimited design service stretching beyond 135+ service types. They’re not only limited to graphic design but extend into motion graphics, video editing as well as website development. 

But since we’re exclusively covering the unlimited graphic design aspect of Draftss let’s look at just their graphic design scope.

Design Scope

They offer their design-related services in 2 different categories.

  1. Graphic Design & Illustrations
  2. Web & App UI Design. 

Let’s explore the lists of work they do in each of these categories.

Graphic Design & Illustrations
Web & App UI Design

It seems that they cover almost all the design types that almost all other unlimited graphic design companies offer. 

And it also should be noted that some of the simple design types listed above will take 24-48 hours to complete, but whatever is deemed complex will take the standard 1-3 days turnaround they mention in their plans. 

And with that let’s move ahead to look at their plans and pricing.


Draftss offers 3 different plans. These plans are offered in 2 service categories called.

  1. Shared Team
  2. Dedicated Team

The difference between these 2 plans is primarily the turnaround time. With the Shared Team you get a turnaround time of 1-3 days for most designs. Whereas with a Dedicated Team you get same-day delivery most of the time. 

With that in mind, here are the plans that Draftss offers:


Shared Team – $398/month

Dedicated Team – $1,090/month


Shared Team – $599/month

Dedicated Team – $1590/month


Shared Team – $1,349/month

Dedicated Team – $3,190/month

All of the above plans come with the following benefits:

In terms of pricing the Dedicated Team option, leans towards the higher end of the spectrum. Even with same-day delivery and a dedicated designer, for some, it may be too expensive. 

Ultimately, your decision hinges on a delicate balance of factors: the urgency of your projects, the specific design needs you seek to fulfill, and, of course, your budgetary considerations.

Now let’s learn more about how to get started with them, their processes, and other important subscription details. 

Draftss Review: How To Get Started And More Subscription Details

Once you’ve subscribed to Draftss, expect to receive an onboarding message from Draftss and your dedicated Project Manager within 1-2 hours of signing up. Additionally, you’ll gain access to their intuitive dashboard, marking the beginning of your journey with Draftss. 

From there, you’re primed and ready to dive in. Simply log in to the dashboard, where you can seamlessly communicate with your Project Manager and effortlessly submit your design requests. 

Requesting and Receiving Designs

To kickstart the design process, you’ll need to furnish a comprehensive design brief to your Project Manager. Ensuring to include as many specifics as possible will facilitate a thorough understanding of your design requirements. 

Once the designs are crafted per your brief, your Project Manager will promptly share them with you for review. From the multiple design options, you’ll have the freedom to select the ones that resonate most with your vision and seamlessly transition to the next task.

All your requests and designs will be conveniently housed on the dashboard, granting you unrestricted access whenever you require. 

While there’s no limit to the number of backlog tasks you can add, it’s important to note that the team will prioritize and work on the number of active tasks stipulated within the plan you’ve opted for. This ensures a structured workflow aligned with your chosen plan’s capacity.

Pausing And Cancelling Subscriptions

Workflows are bound to change so it’s good to know that with Draftss you have the option to pause or cancel your subscription. Just be sure to let them know before the start of a new billing cycle. You also have the option to cancel your subscription within the Dashboard itself through the “Services” section. 

Draftss Team

Despite being spread across various countries such as Brazil, the Philippines, Argentina, the United States, Venezuela, Buenos Aires, and Colombia, the Draftss team operates within the time frame of 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm IST.  

Diverging from the typical Monday-to-Friday schedule observed by many unlimited design services, Draftss extends its working hours to encompass six days a week, spanning from Monday to Saturday. 

This additional day of availability could certainly be considered a noteworthy advantage for their clientele.

Other Details

Draftss provides white labeling in all of their plans. Simply inform the team during onboarding, and they will ensure your work remains confidential without appearing on their website.

Draftss is dedicated to facilitating seamless collaboration by accommodating your preferred applications. As part of this commitment, they enable integrations with a variety of platforms, including GSuite, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, Basecamp, GoTo, Notion, Monday, Zoho, Slack, Zeplin, Trello, AirTable, Dropbox, Asana, ClickUp, Jira, GitHub, and Bitbucket.

This extensive list of collaboration platforms may also be highly appealing to individuals who rely on such tools to streamline their processes.

You have the option to reach out to the Draftss team on their live chat or you can schedule a call

If you’re curious about this service and want to know more they also offer a demo call where they take you through a friendly tour of their dashboard and processes. 

And with that let’s move on ahead to review their work. 

Draftss Review: Examples Of Their Work

This Draftss review would not be complete if we didn’t feature some of their work. 

Let’s go through some of the various design work they’ve done for their clients. 

These designs are a clear testament to why they’re trusted by many brands. 

Draftss Review: Reviews By Clients

Next up, we have a round-up of reviews from real clients featured on their website as well as those on renowned review platforms. 

Draftss Website

One client says, “Highly recommended. I’m really happy working with the Dratfss team, whenever I need them they are there, fast respond, good quality, and very patient. if the situation needs they do meetings with you to make sure all understandable.”

“I would like also to thank Jas the PM for her services, she is amazing! I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a highly creative agency.”

Haitham Anwar– 

Another says, “Exceptional Design Service with Stellar Project Management. I’ve been using Draftss for my design needs, both for B2B and B2C projects, and I couldn’t be happier with their service. The quality of work they consistently deliver is outstanding.” Among other things. 

Rebecca Salzman

One other client says Draftss is a, “Great company to work with”. They further say, they’ve,  “handled every design I needed. Project manager is very active and on top of the work. change request are made swiftly”

Ambrose Chea


One reviewer on Trustpilot has this to say about Draftss:

“I’ve been working with Ria who has been fantastic. The quality of the designs have been great so far and any issues are quickly resolved. I’ve tried a couple of similar services but draftss has been the best in my experience.”

Joe Scott

Another says, 

“Probably the most professional company I have worked with, They are very attentive to details, create variations, confirm the details so as not to waste time, and deliver fast, outstanding, and creative results every time. I highly recommend joining their services.

Aditi, our project manager, is making sure I always get the best results, she really cares and it shows”

Renata Moshkovich

Product Hunt

One of Draftss’ clients had left a 5-star review on Product Hunt along with these words:

“My overall experience with Draftss has been good. The designs that I receive are always on point with a short TAT.”

Shaan Khan

The majority of reviews affirm that Draftss is a reliable design service offering good designs and great support. 

And with that let’s move on towards closing this Draftss review. 

Draftss Review: Final Verdict

It’s no surprise that Draftss has much to offer in terms of the services they make available. And it’s right there on par with most unlimited graphic design services when it comes to the design types and categories they offer. If we were to pinpoint a significant difference in their services, it’s the way they offer their plans. The Dedicated Team plans, for example, offer the best features but come with a hefty price tag whilst some unlimited design services we know offer much of the same at quite a fair price. 

But like we’ve said before, it all comes down to what you prefer, what feels right, and the budget you have on hand. 

And whatever decision you make always choose an unlimited graphic design company because there’s so much you can achieve with them than if you went with freelancers or design agencies. 

So to help the search going, here are more unlimited design services that you can look into before making a final decision. 

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