Leverage the Power of FAQ Video for Your Business

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Brands always have something to tell their customers. And customers always have questions about the brands they love and the ones they wish to try. Videos act as a bridge in this communication. They help customers know brands better and brands communicate their message to their customers more effectively. 

There are several types of videos that brands actively use across their digital channels like websites and social media. But there is one type of video that is often underrated. But this is also the type of video that can have a strong influence on your customers’ buying decisions. And that is an FAQ video. 

So, what exactly is an FAQ video for a business?

When a customer hears about your brand for the first time or when they are in the final stage of the sales funnel, they might have some questions on their mind. When they do not get all the answers, they might have second thoughts about doing a transaction with you. An FAQ video is one that sums up all such doubts that customers commonly have about your brand. 

Having all these questions and the answers to them in one place makes it easier for visiting customers to understand your brand, your products, and your services better. When they are sure about the process they will be ready to take the next step. 

Does your business really need an FAQ video?

Yes, it does! All types of businesses in the B2B and B2C segments benefit from FAQ videos. Below are some benefits a carefully crafted FAQ video offers:

On the whole, an FAQ video is a resourceful piece of content that finds so many applications in your marketing plan. But the key is to create FAQ videos that are actually helpful to your customers. Now, how do you do that? Let’s find out. 

The secrets to creating FAQ videos that influence purchase decisions 

Have a strong introduction 

If you plan to create a series of short videos to answer one question at a time, you can get straight to the question and convey the message in as few seconds as possible. But for a long video, you need a strong introduction. 

Customers are most attentive in the first few seconds. In these few seconds, you should convey the essence of what the FAQ video will offer them. You can show a quick slide that displays all the questions you will be answering or use relevant imagery to indicate that you are about to cover a lot of areas. Either way, a quick look at the questions or the content will tell customers if the video will be worth their time. 

Find the right sources for the questions 

Finding the right questions is one of the biggest steps in creating FAQ videos. Questions that are rudimentary or those that can be instantly answered when your customer visits your website do not actually make things simpler for them. It is about finding questions that a lot of customers have, questions whose answers are difficult to grasp. But where do you find them? Here are a few places to look:

People who know very little or nothing about your brand will be the ones that have the most serious questions. By spending time and effort in accumulating these questions, you will also be gaining exposure to common customer pain points. This will give you some ideas on how to refine your marketing strategy in such a way that it delivers the right solutions to your customer’s pain points. 

Understand who is looking for these answers 

When you know too well about your brand it can be difficult to visualize the kind of questions that people transacting with your brand for the first time might have in their minds. This could be customers looking to place an order, businesses trying to find out if you are a good fit for their collaboration or investors to identify if your business is worth investing in. The key is to summarize a set of answers that target such a diverse group of viewers. 

The above video clearly focuses on university students looking for answers. Since the video features actual people who graduated recently, the answers are more credible and empathetic. 

Prioritize branding 

Even customers who might not follow you on social media or watch the rest of the videos you create might watch the FAQ video in order to quickly get the answers they are looking for. So, do not underestimate the need for branding in your FAQ video. Find the most creative and effective ways to incorporate your brand’s visual identity in your video. Here are a few ideas to try: 

Little things that matter – text overlays and captions 

92% of consumers watch videos muted. If it is going to be a text-heavy video without an actual person appearing on the video then your message will be conveyed even without a voiceover. But if you are going to deal with the FAQs by having someone on the team answer them, then one tip that helps is to use text overlays and captions.

Captions ensure that customers grasp everything that the speaker says without having to turn the sound on. Text overlays ensure that they get a quick peek into the topic or the question that the speaker is addressing. These little steps ensure that customers do not abandon your video simply because they are not in a position to unmute the video and your video does not convey the message without the audio. 

Aim for harmony 

Video footage, text that appears on the video, and the soundtrack are the three main components of your FAQ video. Each has its role to play. The footage can be an actual person answering the question or an animated illustration directing viewers through the video. Sometimes it is just a text slide show. Then comes the difference between whether you add music as the soundtrack or a voiceover. 

A good FAQ video will be one that creates a harmonious blend of all these elements. If the tone in the voiceover does not match the tone of the copy or the overall mood the colors and visuals in the video create, then the video might not necessarily have the intended impact. Make sure that together these deliver a pleasant experience for any customer who is looking to know more about your brand. 

Add character to your video 

Every brand has a personality. So, the content the brand creates should resonate with this personality. What’s your brand’s personality like? 

Your brand’s FAQ video should also be aligned with this unique tone you have set for your brand messaging. That’s when it feels in place and as a perfect representation of your brand. 

Take the Dollar Shave Club FAQ video for example. It does answer some of the commonly asked questions but with a twist. And this twist is what makes the video perfectly in sync with the brand’s signature tone. 

Deal with them one question at a time

If you think a single video feels too long, you can always split your FAQ videos into multiple short ones. And the best part is that when you create a series of short videos each tackling just one question at a time, you can use them in your Instagram and Facebook Reels, YouTube Shorts, or even Instagram Story ads to draw attention and win some leads. 

Even big brands like Coca-Cola use this idea. Take a look at the below video for example. 

Remember that videos that are less than 90 seconds have a 50% retention rate and those under two minutes, in general, have the most engagement. So, try to keep your FAQ video short or create multiple short ones. 

Close with a strong call to action 

Demo videos, explainer videos, and other kinds might act as salespeople trying to sell your product. In the same way, your FAQ video will act as a virtual customer support executive who answers your customers’ questions. So, you should make the most of it by getting customers to take some action. For this, you need a clear call to action at the end of the video. This can be a quick reminder to visit your website or to click a link that will take them to a lead capture page. 

Your CTA here depends on the place where you use your FAQ video. When you have a well-designed video, you can simply swap the outro slide in the video with respective CTAs and place it on your website, email, or social media. 

Where to use an FAQ video

FAQ videos can be used in all places where customers make a transition from one stage of their buyer’s journey to another. A few places where video FAQs feel relevant and impactful are:

Are you ready to create an FAQ video that creates value? 

As you can see, FAQ videos can provide that gentle push to bring prospective customers closer to placing an order. These can eliminate doubts, build trust and build better customer relationships too. So, if you do not have an FAQ video for your brand yet, add one to your content plan today. 

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