Frequently Asked Question

A flat fee marketing service, aka a productized marketing service, provides you with a standardized service for a flat fee. This means you get a consistent number of outputs, including unlimited iterations, updates and revisions for a flat monthly fee. At we focus on these flat fee marketing services:

  • Flat fee graphic design
  • Flat fee web design
  • Flat fee video editing
  • Flat fee video design
  • Flat fee web development
  • Flat fee copywriting services

Flat fee services are very cost-effective because they allow for the service providers to manage a higher volume of accounts than freelancers or agencies typically can. Each client is allotted a fixed number of outputs per business day, and tasks are completed for each client on a first requested, first completed basis. Since the workflow is so consistent and systematic, this eliminates a lot of overhead costs, and the savings are passed on to clients. A pretty great win-win situation!

All of the companies listed on offer their services on a month-to-month basis. Sign up when you need to, cancel when you don’t. And in some cases, you can also pause your account to continue accessing your account dashboard for project files.

Based on the subscription you sign up for you’ll receive outputs at a set volume. This can be anywhere from 400-1000 words per day with a flat fee copywriting service or 2-3 designs with flat fee graphic design. It’ll depend on how complex each of your tasks are. And how long you’ve worked with the service. You can expect to see faster turnarounds the more you request a particular type of service. To get more clarity on the workflow try booking a demo call and/or doing a test run with each service you’re considering.

Flat fee services are typically offered on a month-to-month subscription basis. So, you’re not locked into any kind of an ongoing contract. And most of them offer either a free trial or a money back guarantee. Since productized services can take a little getting used to, they make it easy for you to test out their services and see if it’s the right fit.

Depending on your business’s needs, and the type of service you’re looking at, you can sign up for anywhere between $99 to upwards of $1000. And you can quickly scale up or down during busy periods too. To get a good sense of the subscription tier that’s best for your needs, try setting up a demo call. This can also help you with making the most of a test run with a service.