The Top Fiverr Alternatives for Logo Design in 2023

Fiverr, founded in 2010, has evolved into a global hub for freelancers and clients. This virtual marketplace, known for its diverse range of creative services, began with the idea that services could be offered for just $5. Today, it provides a spectrum of budgets, making it accessible to startups and established businesses seeking services like logo design, copywriting, graphic design, and video production. Fiverr has revolutionized how creative projects come to life, providing accessibility, affordability, and a wealth of talent. 

But in this exploration, while delving into Fiverr’s use cases, pros, and cons, we will introduce you to compelling Fiverr alternatives, particularly for logo design services. These Fiverr alternatives are serious contenders who have changed the way design transactions are done.

We will make our way into these various Fiverr alternatives by first breaking down the different use cases and the pros and cons of Fiverr.

Let’s first explore use cases for Fiverr.

Design Use Cases of Fiverr

There are a host of use cases for Fiverr but for our purposes, we will only be covering Fiverr design and graphics categories and video and animation categories. 

1. Graphics & Design
2. Video & Animation

Pros and Cons of Fiverr Design Services

Nothing helps come to a decision about a service more than the pros and cons list. So let’s take a look at the different pros and cons of Fiverr design services. 


Now that we’ve looked at the design use cases and the pros and cons of Fiverr we move on to take a look at some examples of logos done by Fiverr as that affects the objective of this blog.

Examples of Logo Designs

Let’s look at a few logo designs by Fiverr designers.

1. This is a memorable Fiverr design done by a freelancer on the platform. 

2. Here’s another minimalist Fiverr design done by a designer on this platform.

3. This is an example from an excerpt where a few designers on Fiverr were asked to reimagine the Fiverr logo. 

4. Here’s an example of a mascot logo design by a Fiverr design professional. 

5. Here’s a pictorial logo by a Fiver design professional. 

Fiverr Logo Design Pricing

Before we get into the top Fiverr alternatives for logo design, there’s one more important thing to look into, and that’s the pricing for the logo designs done by Fiverr freelancers. Fiverr has also recently introduced its very own AI logo maker to keep up with the times. So we will look at the pricing for that service as well. 

The pricing for logo design is set at a varying range of between $5 – $1000+, with some designers throwing in visual and brand identities along with brand guidelines, into the bundle. The big gap in the price difference can help you gather that it’s not easy finding a designer because you will either be afraid to pay too less or reluctant to pay more. 

Then there’s the Fiverr AI Logo Maker option which basically takes in the name of the logo, and tagline if present, and then asks you to set parameters for the kind of output you require. The AI then gathers similar logo designs based on our parameters from the existing portfolios of Fiverr designers and customizes them to suit your needs. After choosing the logo option you prefer, you can proceed to download the logo package.

The pricing and service offerings for the logo packages look something like this:

Now for the segment you’ve been anticipating. We’re moving right ahead to look at the top Fiverr alternatives. 

Top Fiverr Alternatives for Logo Design

1. Looka

When it comes to Fiverr alternatives for logo design, Looka is a top contender. Looka is an AI-powered logo maker similar to the one offered by Fiverr. 

The logo creation process by Looka is straightforward without any complex steps. You simply need to index the relevant industry, the colors you need the logo in, any symbol types you need in the logo, and pick a style from the existing templates. Once these steps are followed you can generate your logo. 

After selecting your preferred logo from the many options they provide there are a few ways you can proceed to get your hands on that particular logo. 

There are 2 one-off logo packages as well as 2 subscription options. Observe the pricing and offerings below:

For more details please visit here.

While both Looka and Fiverr are popular platforms for logo design and other creative services, Looka distinguishes itself by providing comprehensive support even in its one-off payment scheme. With Looka, users can also benefit from lifetime technical support and unlimited revisions, ensuring that their logo is perfect. 

Additionally, Looka offers a subscription model that goes beyond just one-time purchases, providing users with a host of additional offerings. 

These examples of the logo designs that Looka has helped generate will give you an idea about the capabilities of this service. 

2. is a worthy opponent to Fiverr because it also has an AI-powered logo maker that is offered free of charge. All you have to do is just sign up. 

In a few steps, without the hassle of having to go through a designer, you can start on your own and choose the kind of font and style you want along with the color, and generate multiple options. You can then simply download your preferred option. You can also browse the different logo design templates for inspiration. 

Here’s an excerpt from their webpage that explains more of the benefits of using this logo maker. 

When we compare this with the logo design services of Fiverr, is far better for solopreneurs and small businesses who are on a tight budget as it’s free and you can generate multiple options.’s logo maker also allows you to customize it on your own before downloading so there’s that advantage too. 

These examples will help you gauge’s logo maker’s capabilities. 

3. 99designs

99designs is completely dedicated to providing graphic design work, unlike Fiverr which offers a variety of work. While both services offer freelance work the operation model for 99designs has slight differences. 

There are 2 ways that you can use 99designs. The first way is to use it as you would any usual freelance transactional platform where you hire a suitable designer, explain your brief, negotiate the rate, and then get your work done. But 99designs themselves recommend the second option if you want to get a logo design done. 

And so, the second option is to hold design contests. Design contests allow you to tap into a wide range of talent. And there are several contest packages to suit different budgets. Once you select the contest package and post a brief you will receive different concepts based on your brief. So the more you spend the more concepts you can receive. 

Here are the logo design contest packages that are available, along with their pricing and offerings:

For more information please visit their pricing page.

As is evident, if you’re particularly looking for logo design and you need multiple options, 99designs’s logo design contest options are far better than hiring a freelance designer from Fiverr that you’re not quite sure about. The steeper price can be compensated by the fact that you will receive more than 30 options just in the lowest package available.  

Here are some logo examples from 99designs logo design contest winners.

4. Reel Unlimited

This next one on the list of Fiverr alternatives is a bit different than the ones that we looked at so far. Reel Unlimited as the name goes is an unlimited graphic design subscription service. 

With the kind of services offered by Reel Unlimited, you can get unlimited logo designs and unlimited revisions all for a flat monthly fee. Not to mention you get other brand identity work plus more for the price you pay with Reel Unlimited. There’s also the possibility to get your logo animated by this service for the flat fee you pay. 

You would just need to provide the brief for the logo design and your project manager from Reel Unlimited will make sure the designers get your work done. Once you receive the design you can keep revising it till you’re satisfied or request a completely new logo design. 

Here’s their pricing for the various design packages they offer:

Reel Unlimited’s subscription model provides better value for money compared to Fiverr’s pay-per-project approach. With Reel Unlimited, you get access to a wide range of design services and unlimited logos and revisions, making it a more cost-effective choice for ongoing design needs.

Let’s look at some of the logo designs by them which will reinforce these points. 

5. Design Pickle

Design Pickle is one of the top Fiverr alternatives for logo designs. This service also operates under the subscription model for a flat fee. This means that you can get a number of logo designs and other graphic designs and multiple revisions all for a flat monthly fee. 

All you have to do is subscribe to their service after choosing the package that works for you. You then get access to their platform and all you have to do is give them the brief for the logo design. A designer will be assigned to you, as opposed to spending hours if not days looking for one on Fiverr. As you well know, the most tedious thing is looking for a designer but Design Pickle covers that for you.

Here’s a look at the pricing for the different plans they offer:

Again, Design Pickle’s subscription model offers enhanced value for money compared to Fiverr’s single-project payments. While Design Pickle’s cost might be higher, it provides continuous design support, resulting in a better return on investment.

Let’s take a look at some examples of logo designs done by Design Pickle.

Read more about Design Pickle here.

6. ManyPixels

ManyPixels is also one of the Fiverr alternatives that we will explore in this blog. This service is also a good alternative to Fiverr because it uses the subscription model as well. 

ManyPixels offers 1-2 day delivery, with 1 daily output on their most basic plan. Even for logo designs, these delivery and service scope offerings are applicable. This is very impressive in comparison to a one-off logo project on Fiverr with an unpredictable timeline where it could take a few days to complete.

Take a look at their pricing for the different plans. 

So you see, for a price of $549/mo you’re able to get more work done within just 1 week than if you hired a freelancer on Fiverr for just one project. You can possibly get all your marketing designs done within the month with just their basic plan. 

Having a look at these logos will also help you see the worth of this service. 


In this list of Fiverr alternatives, KIMP is also a top choice. Mainly because it functions under the subscription model and provides not only logo designs but other services as well. 

To get logo designs done by KIMP, you just need to subscribe to the service and use their KIMP360 platform to update your brief. A dedicated team will then take care of the designing part and keep revising the logo design till it’s what you’re looking for. 

With a KIMP Graphics+Video subscription, you can even have your logo animated which is something you would have to pay extra on Fiverr. And on Fiverr, you will have to seek different designers who excel in different style categories. But with KIMP you can request your logo design in various design styles and even in custom illustrations from the same team. 

Check out the plans and pricing for the various KIMP plans. 

KIMP’s fixed monthly fee is notably more attractive than Fiverr’s unpredictable one-off charges for logo design. With Fiverr, you might end up paying a similar amount like $500 for a single logo, while with KIMP you can possibly get at least 5-10 finalized logos done within a month for that price.

Taking a look at these logo design examples will help affirm that this is definitely one of the top Fiverr alternatives.

The Bottom Line

Fiverr certainly serves its purpose as a freelance marketplace, but the landscape of logo design and creative services has evolved over time. And as you can see there are now superior alternatives that bring innovation and value to the table. From logo makers that empower DIY design to subscription-based platforms offering unlimited graphic design services, the options are diverse.

These Fiverr alternatives not only offer cost-effective solutions but also provide a broader spectrum of creative support, making it easier than ever to bring your logo design visions to life. In today’s fast-paced marketing and business world, exploring these innovative alternatives can be the key to unlocking outstanding design solutions for your brand.

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