Flocksy Review 2023: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

flocksy review

Visuals help strengthen a brand’s marketing strategy. And one of the ways in which brands keep up with the ever-growing design workload is a design subscription or an unlimited design service. Flocksy is a flat-fee graphic design company that also offers a variety of other services like web development, copywriting, and more. So, is this service the right choice for your business? Find out from this Flocksy review. 

Flocksy  – an overview

Flocksy was launched as a beta version to 100 users in 2016. When it was finally available to the public in 2017 the company only dealt with graphic design and web development services. 

Over the past few years, the company has added a host of other services to its scope including voiceovers, motion graphics and so much more. In the short span since its launch, Flocksy has diversified its offerings and has become a go-to choice for businesses looking to boost their marketing content creation strategy. 

So, how does Flocksy compare to its competitors in the unlimited graphic design realm? Let’s talk about the plans offered, to begin with. 

Flocksy review – plans & pricing

Who is Flocksy for

Flocksy Review – what does your subscription cover?

Flocksy’s plans bring good value for the price you pay. Everything from graphic design to web development and motion graphics as well as copywriting can be covered in one monthly bill. 

A few graphic design types that Flocksy can create are: 

There are several more designs that Flocksy team covers. All of these help brands take care of their basic brand identity as well as everyday marketing and advertising requirements. In short, if you are looking for a long-term solution to your design problems, Flocksy has some brilliant plans for that. 

The Flocksy team also recently added motion graphics to its scope. Motion graphics design is included with the Gold Plan and Platinum Plan. 

Motion graphics design includes simple projects like:

In addition to this, the team also handles video editing tasks like:

So, everything from image posts to carousels and short-form videos for your social media can be taken care of with just one subscription with Flocksy. Next in this Flocksy review, we’ll talk about how the workflow is with Flocksy. After all, most small businesses need a simplified approach to design outsourcing, not one that complicates the process. 

How does Flocksy work?

Service demonstration 

Once you briefly understand the plans if you are ready to delve deeper into understanding Flocksy better, there is a live demo option. You can pick a time slot that’s convenient for you for a 30-minute live walkthrough of the process. 

Since this will be a one-to-one discussion where an expert from Flocksy will be with you over the call, you can use the session to clarify any unique queries regarding the service or share the requirements of your business to understand what customization options are available. 

Create an account 

Flocksy does not have a free trial option. Instead, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee. This means that you can create your account by making your first payment. As soon as you provide your contact details your account is ready and a project manager is assigned to your account. You can then choose the plan and make the payment for it or get in touch with the Flocksy team over the phone to clarify any queries you might have. 

Flocksy platform for design requests 

Flocksy lets you create design requests soon after you create your account. The moment you access your dashboard you can add your brands in what Flocksy calls “Brand Buckets”. These are individual profiles for each brand you will be managing. This is a handy feature for marketers and agencies that need designs created for many brands. Instead of adding the brand assets and the colors and other brand identity details every time you place a design request, you can add all the details into the respective brand bucket. 

You can then start placing design requests. The requests are worked in the order in which they appear on the dashboard. If you have the Silver plan, there’s one request being worked on at any given time. The design output doubles with Gold and triples with Platinum plans respectively. 

After you place a design request, your dedicated account manager helps find the right designers for your request. For your future requests your designer allocation will be based on past feedback for designers. And you also have the option to invite your favorite designers on board. 

Once the design is complete, if you need any changes to the design, you can communicate with your team. In most cases, the response is within the same day. And the team prioritizes revisions. Flocksy supports unlimited revisions. So you can make any number of changes to the design or reopen old designs when required. Finally, when you are happy with the design you can download the files in the requested formats along with the source files. 

Flocksy review – weighing the pros and cons


Wide range of services 

Subscription models especially in the world of graphic design are beneficial to brands looking for all-inclusive packages where they do not have to pay for individual designs. So, instead of paying separately for illustrations, print designs, and for branding designs, brands can pay a single flat monthly fee. 

Flocksy brings even more value to this concept by bundling graphic design and motion graphics design with copywriting and web development services. Yes, there are other unlimited design services that include such diverse services but some of them are to be added as separate subscriptions. 

But in the case of  Flocksy, the Platinum plan covers it all. And the price of the Platinum plan is also pretty competitive considering that a few similar unlimited design services quote this price for motion graphics and graphic design alone! 

Even with respect to illustration, the team handles most kinds of illustrations including mascot and character design which is not part of the scope for several unlimited design services. 

Quick turnaround even for motion graphics 

Flocksy has straightforward turnaround times for all its design types. For graphic design, copywriting, and voice-overs the turnaround time is 24 hours. And for the rest of the categories like illustration, motion graphics, and web development the turnaround time is 24-48 hours. So, you can be sure to get a good number of designs delivered to you month after month. 

And the consistency in delivering projects as per the turnaround times promised also makes it possible for clients to confidently plan their last-minute campaigns by collaborating with Flocksy. 


Lack of designated designers 

While Flocksy has different plans to choose from based on the types of designs you want for your brand, these plans do not come with a designated designer. Some unlimited design services assign a single dedicated designer to your project. And there are some that assign a whole design team. 

When there is a dedicated design team for your account, it feels like working with an in-house design team but without bearing the onboarding cost for this team. You keep communicating with the dedicated team of designers and so you start understanding their style better and they start grasping your ideas more comfortably. But Flocksy does not assign designated designers. 

For each request, based on your past feedback and based on the designers’ availability suitable resources are assigned to your project. This can be a turnoff for businesses looking to work with a single designated design team. 

Lack of round-the-clock customer support 

Flocksy’s customer support team is not available 24×7. Clients in many time zones might find very little overlap in their work hours and the availability of the customer support team of Flocksy. As a result, real-time chat with the team is not always possible. 

Also, if you are looking to get some answers from the support team before making a decision or before scheduling your demo call, or even after, expect some delays in their response. 

Flocksy review – customers’ perspectives

“The simplicity of requesting projects and the ability to share my thoughts and feedback with their Loom Video feature are my favorite features.”

-Milton C.

Source: G2

“As a lean marketing team, we made the decision to bring on Flocksy so that we could outsource as much content creation as possible and get more hours back into our week to focus on strategy. Flocksy has far exceeded our expectations. We’ve pretty much handed over all of our content creation which has been a life saver. They are fast, efficient and the output is high-quality. Our only regret is not using Flocky sooner!”


Source: Trustpilot 

Designs by Flocksy


Logo design 

Mascot design 

Web development 

Flocksy review – final verdict

Flocksy’s plans provide extensive coverage in terms of content creation. And this can be a huge benefit for businesses across various industries and businesses of all sizes as well. If the lack of a designated design team does not affect your workflow, Flocksy’s convenient plans and reliable delivery of quality designs make it a good option. 

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