7 Brilliant Font Ideas To Use On Your Website

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Are you planning to launch a business? Waiting to get the website up and running before you do the big announcement? It is probably a smart move, given how customers look up the business immediately when they encounter one online. And so if you want to leave them with a good first impression, then website design is the place, to begin with. 

When we talk about good website design practices, we usually speak of colors, alignment, loading speed, and so on. But an underrated but impactful design element to watch out for is the font you pick for your website. 

The right font can tie the whole design together and ensure that your customers see a friendly face that makes them want to stay and hear the whole story. 

Now you may be wondering, can something as small as a font choice have an impact on your visitors? Does font selection really hold the key to lead conversions and happy customers? 

This is a common concern and we are here to lay it to rest. 

Of all the design choices you will make for your website, font is an important one. As much as color and the design style you pick itself. 


Because of a much-proven concept called font psychology. So, let’s discuss some easy and useful font ideas. 

Font psychology: Why is font choice important 

Marketing is 90% understanding the complex and intriguing concepts of psychology. To successfully connect with your audience, you need to know what is going on in their mind. How do they react to different stimuli? What makes them happy and eventually what can make them like you enough to spend on your brand? 

There are many branches of psychology that have a direct implication on marketing such as consumer bias, color psychology, design psychology, confirmation bias, and so on. The past few decades have seen many studies on the relationship between font and consumer perception, so it is time to include font psychology in it. 

The concept of font psychology postulates that our brain perceives each font as exhibiting a specific personality trait, which then impacts our reaction to it. For example, decorative fonts with more loops and curves exhibit a friendlier and softer personality. In a consumer’s mind, this creates a favorable reaction. Thomas Z. Ramsøy, CEO of Neurons, agrees that softer font types bring a positive response while sharper and more conservative font types elicit negative responses. 

See where we are going with this? 

Your font choice actually has an impact on how the consumer perceives the message, the design, and your brand. That is why font choice is a significant decision in your website design project. 

So how do you choose the right font type? Analyze, experiment, and work with a designer for the best font ideas before you go live. And for now, here are some font ideas to get you started on your appreciation of font psychology. 

7 Font ideas to use in your website design

Researchers and expert marketers have already analyzed and understood how the general public feels about specific fonts. We have a treasure trove of information online and you can always work with a designer to break the font’s makeup to know more about it. 

And if you are looking for a quick reference guide, all you have to do is scroll down this blog for some excellent font ideas for your website. 

1. Open Sans

Let’s begin with the simplest one on our list of font ideas. Whenever you think of web-safe fonts, you think of Sans-serif, right? Open Sans is the most popular and aesthetic web-safe font in the Google Font library. It is extremely easy to read and works well across print mediums too. So if you pick this font, consistency won’t be an issue. 

The rounded fonts and the relaxed spacing gives an appearance of a friendly face in the font world, making it the best decision for your website. 

2. Helvetica

This is one of the font ideas you’ll probably come across when you are searching for fonts for branding. It is a font that you will see across most official websites and by the principle of association, Helvetica exudes professionalism and trustworthiness. And they are qualities you want customers to associate with your brand too. 

3. Moderne Sans 

Minimalism has been in vogue for many years now and it is here to stay when it comes to font trends. Clean and minimalist fonts are easy on the eyes, accessible across screen readers, legible on smaller mobile screens, and appear friendly to the audience. Want to adopt a front that embodies these characteristics? 

Look no further than Moderne Sans. A Sans-Serif typeface, it is the perfect combination of professionalism and friendliness. 

4. Literata 

Are you looking to attract a more sophisticated and discerning audience base? Do you have an online magazine in the works and are wondering how to replicate the same ambiance? As they say, it all begins with the right font ideas. And we have the perfect one for you here with Literata. 

It brings the yesteryear feel of a magazine alive and is the best choice for your blog and other text-heavy pages on your site. 

5. Forum

Some fonts take you back to the old days but still manage to keep it fresh. Forum is such a font. Its classic proportions make it ideal for websites as they look good across the title, body text, and so on.  This font is pleasing to the eye, optimized well for mobile usage, and can be used across a wide range of industries.

6. Poppins 

This happens to be a crowd favorite. As it should be since the font is easy on the eyes, clean, minimalist, friendly looking, and perfectly matched for new age brands. This font is especially a favorite among the Gen Z and Millennial audiences as it is extremely legible and works consistently for titles, headlines, and body text too. 

7. Sora 

If you want a new-age typeface for your new-age brand, look no further than Sora. Sora is developed by a Japanese company that is known for its work in the decentralized currency industry. The firm considers the environment in all its efforts and this reflects in Sora’s design as well. 

The font is easy to read in all sizes and styles making it an efficient and no-nonsense font that you can leverage across your website. Easy to load and user-friendly, what else do you need from a font, right? 

On a final note 

Well, those are just a few different font ideas to spark your creativity. You also cannot forget the mood these fonts create and how well it aligns with the emotional response you want for your brand. So, one more item to add to your font selection checklist will be to evaluate if the chosen font fits your brand personality. Once you have chosen the fonts for your website, let your graphic designer or design team know your choice. So they will be able to use the same font or a similar style across your marketing designs so that there is a visual connect between your website and your promotional graphics. 

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