The Top 14 Royalty Free Illustrations & Royalty Free Icons From ManyPixels!

In the electrifying realm of graphic design and marketing, where creativity knows no bounds, illustrations, and icons are the unsung heroes. They add zest, pizzazz, and sheer magic to our visual experiences. 

Icons are easily recognized, bold yet simple symbols while illustrations are a bit more complex and detailed images in comparisons. Regardless both these marvels, hold the power to communicate in a concise and quick way. They are the vibrant elements in your designs that make your brand unforgettable. 

That’s why we’re going to introduce you to ManyPixels’ free illustrations and free icons available royalty-free for anyone to use. That’s right! They’re royalty-free! Plus, they can be downloaded and customized as required because ManyPixels gives you access to the SVG file for the particular illustration or symbol. 

So allow us to break down 14 free illustrations and icons from their collection that you can use in your own work. We will cover design insights and use cases for these visual gems. 

7 Royalty Free Illustrations from ManyPixels

In this section we’re going to look at 7 free illustrations from ManyPixels. There are actually 20 categories, 5 styles and a host of colors to choose from. In the words of ManyPixels themselves there are over “2,500+ royalty-free illustrations to power up your designs” and this is just us scratching the surface. 

Let’s begin.

1. Click Here Illustration

This is a “Click here” illustration. While it’s a pretty simple one its uses are plenty. “Click here” illustrations serve as interactive cues in web design and digital content, guiding users to click on specific links, buttons, or elements. They enhance the user experience by providing clear navigation and calls to action. They help users explore further, access information, or engage with content, ultimately driving engagement and interaction.

The design itself is quite animated looking for a simple illustration. The depth given to the button with the shadow makes it look less flat. Even the strokes around the cursor help make it look dynamic. Since you can customize the colors as you please, you can upscale it even more to suit your brand

As far as free illustrations go, this is definitely one you can add to your library as it will work well on static images, GIFs, and even videos.

2. Order Confirmed Illustration

The above is an “Order confirmed” illustration. These are best suited for e-commerce platforms. They provide visual feedback to customers, assuring them that their purchase has been successfully processed and their order is confirmed. These illustrations instill trust, reduce anxiety, and enhance the user’s overall shopping experience by conveying a sense of completion and satisfaction.

Let’s talk about the design. This simple illustration utilizes shapes strategically to create the likes of a box and order form. The form’s green tick is what universally symbolizes that something is complete. While the colors can be adjusted to your preferences, this illustration is perfect to be used as is. 

You can use them on exit pages on websites, order confirmation email templates, or any other confirmation material you use to communicate with your customers. 

Because these are royalty-free illustrations you have the flexibility to use them anywhere. 

3.  Paypal Illustration

This illustration above features a decoy PayPal logo along with similar branding, signifying the availability of this secure payment option during online transactions. This helps visually reassure users about the trustworthiness of their platform because of their integration with PayPal. Thus streamlining the payment process and enhancing user confidence in online financial transactions.

The rest of the illustration works as a supporting background for this decoy logo. Regardless, the background also has plenty of details that keep it from looking too simple. 

While these free illustrations can be customized as you wish we recommend sticking to the original with this particular illustration. Since the colors are pretty much the same as the PayPal logo it would be best to retain them for better recognition. But you can always edit the background to suit your needs. 

4. Online Team Meeting Illustration

The illustration above is an “online team meeting” illustration. Within a company, “online team meeting” illustrations serve as a non-verbal communication tool. They convey the idea of virtual collaboration and meetings without the need for words. 

In terms of design, this illustration is done with the most minimal details. The split screen with the characters is shown perfectly. And from the shape of the computer to the choice of clothing, this illustration shows that the designer has a modern outtake on the design. And since it can be customized there are so many ways you can change it to suit your company. 

By incorporating these illustrations in internal communications, such as emails, presentations, or the company’s website, you can visually signify upcoming meetings and the importance of virtual meetings. These kinds of free illustrations help save time and ensure clarity in conveying information about remote teamwork and collaboration.

5. Online Shopping Illustration

Visual processing statistics show that the human brain processes visuals much faster than text. That’s why illustrations like the one above are so important. 

This illustration is an “online shopping” illustration.

The illustration is drawn encapsulating the entire idea of online shopping. The use of a mobile phone as the main feature and adding a sort of entryway canopy gives the idea of entering a virtual shop. The shopping bag and the “BUY” CTA further drive engagement. If you want to take it a step further you can animate the CTA to make the illustration more dynamic. 

This illustration can be strategically integrated into a company’s website, marketing materials, or social media posts to convey the convenience, variety, and accessibility of online shopping. By doing so, businesses can capture the attention of potential customers. These kinds of free illustrations are just what you need to simplify the decision-making process and highlight your online retail offerings.

6. Settings Illustration

The illustration by ManyPixels above is an all-important one in UI design. “Settings illustrations” play a crucial role in simplifying user experiences. The use of this illustration eliminates the need for users to search for the settings option hectically. 

The illustration uses the universal shapes for the settings option which are 2 cogwheels. The cogwheels are then set in front of a webpage to be specific about which settings are being referred to. For free illustrations, even the colors employed are a good match but you can change them up as required. 

By visually representing such an illustration users can quickly get to configure options and preferences within software applications or devices. With such quick access, it can ultimately improve overall usability and satisfaction with the product or platform.

7. QR Code Illustration

QR codes are an important part of businesses now. Letting people know that you have a QR system that lets them browse catalogs or make purchases is vital. The above QR code illustration holds significant importance in graphic design. It’s a visually engaging way to incorporate QR codes into various materials.

Placing QR codes with creative design elements makes them more appealing to the audience. These illustrations not only encourage users to scan QR codes but also enhance branding and aesthetics. You can either use this illustration to show that you have QR code facilities or simply include your own QR code on top of the one here.

Integrating QR code illustrations into marketing materials, packaging, or signage, businesses can bridge the physical and digital worlds, drive engagement, and provide quick access to information, promotions, or interactive content.

Now that we looked at some free illustrations from ManyPixels, let’s move ahead to look at 7 free icons from them that you can add to your library. 

7 Free Icons from ManyPixels

ManyPixels has yet another large collection of royalty-free icons. These can be selected from 21 categories and 3 different types of styles. What we cover here is just a handful in comparison. 

1. Fingerprint Scan Icon

This icon is an important one in this list of free icons from ManyPixels, for many reasons. Fingerprint scan icons serve as unmistakable symbols, directing users to biometric authentication.

The icon is also designed in a simple fashion to keep it recognizable. It’s a hybrid between a filled outline icon and a flat icon.

More than mere visuals, these kinds of icons symbolize trust and cutting-edge security, signaling to users that their personal data remains safeguarded. In the meantime, it also shows users that they can access their digital spaces with unparalleled simplicity and peace of mind. 

2. Credit Card Icon

The above credit card icon is a great way to let people know that you accept this form of payment method. Instead of just saying it extensively with words it’s much easier to communicate using icons. 

Using simple shapes and colors this icon is created in a concise way that efficiently communicates its purpose. The padlock on the right side corner also helps instill trust into buyers. Because it can signal that the payment method is secure. 

3. Cookies Icon

Websites use cookies to help them remember information about you. Cookies aid in a smoother user experience each time you visit that particular site. And most sites have text explaining this with small icons of “cookies”- the food. Likewise, the above icon by ManyPixels is a great option for you to use on your own websites. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of getting it custom-made, this is ideal for you. 

The straightforward icon from this collection of free icons from ManyPixels is a good option in terms of design as well. There’s a bit more to it than just an icon with a cookie in it. There’s a backdrop to it along with a smaller icon of a padlock. 

4. 404 Error Icon

In all your years of browsing through the internet, we assume that you’ve come across this at least a few times. This error code primarily finds its home on website error pages, guiding users encountering broken or non-existent content. These icons are also used in navigation menus to signal links that might lead to error pages or sections under construction.

One very convenient way for you to incorporate the same into your website is to use the above icon by ManyPixels. Design wise the icon captures the gist of what it means to let people know that there is a 404 error.

5. Creative Idea Icon

Creative idea icons help boost content engagement in several ways. That’s why it’s one of the most versatile icons on this list of free icons from ManyPixels. They can be used almost anywhere you want to signal innovation and originality. 

The specialty of this particular icon is the way it’s designed. The lightbulb is a universal symbol that shows that you have an idea. However, the integration of a pencil into the icon elevates the icon for usage in more design-related creative settings.  

6. Search Icon

Search icons are fundamental elements utilized across digital interfaces to enhance user experience. They prominently appear in website and app search bars, guiding users to easily locate specific content or information. These icons streamline navigation, making it intuitive for users to initiate searches. 

The magnifying glass element is a universally recognized icon. This particular icon by ManyPixels incorporates a light bulb into it to signify the concept that you’re looking for ideas. You can use this icon in such instances where you want to showcase this concept. 

7. Language Icon

This is one of the most widely used icons on this list of free icons by ManyPixels. This is a language icon. We don’t need to stress too much about how this comes in handy. The whole purpose you need to include this is to let users know that the language setting can be configured to their preference. Using text defeats the purpose for obvious reasons making this icon a must-have for your library. It helps users engage with your website for example, in their preferred language. 

This icon is designed quite nicely. Even though it’s a flat icon, the various grid-system lines on the globe have changed the perspective to make it look a bit 3D. The addition of the shine on the top elevates this effect much more. 

Let’s Wrap Up

There you have it. 14 top free illustrations and icons from ManyPixels. We highly encourage you to use some of these in your designs to streamline your work process. You’d then have time to invest in other important matters as well. 

Using these free illustrations and free icons can save so much time and energy spent on creating these ideas from scratch. It can even save you money from having to purchase them from stock sites. 

These 14 royalty-free illustrations and royalty-free icons are just the tip of the iceberg. As we said, there are 2500+ free assets from each category that you can get from ManyPixels, all available on their website for you to use. 

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