DotYeti vs. ManyPixels: The Battle of the Free Illustration Libraries

Illustrations play a pivotal role in enhancing the visual appeal of graphic designs. They bring creativity and depth to your projects, making them more engaging and memorable. Now, when it comes to acquiring illustrations, there are ways to access free resources. Today, we’ll explore not one, but two unlimited graphic design services that provide access to free illustration libraries.

In one corner, we have Dot Yeti and in the other we have ManyPixels. In this battle of unlimited graphic design services, we’ll assess who emerges victorious in providing you with exceptional design resources. Let’s delve into their libraries and see which service reigns supreme in providing free illustrations, helping you level up your graphic design game.

Let’s start off by comparing the process for accessing the free illustration libraries on each site.

1. Process for Accessing the Illustrations – Dot Yeti vs. ManyPixels

Dot Yeti

To access Dot Yeti’s free illustration assets, you’ll initially need to furnish your full name, company name, and email address. Once these details are submitted, you’ll be redirected to a registration page where you’ll set up a password for your account. 

Following password setup, you’ll be prompted to verify your email address. 

Upon successful verification, you’ll gain entry to the dashboard, where you’ll find a treasure trove of free illustrations ready for your creative use.


When it comes to ManyPixels, the process is notably more efficient. You can instantly access the illustrations by simply clicking on “Free Illustrations” within the resources dropdown menu. 

It’s a seamless experience – just one click, and you’re there, ready to explore the free illustration library. 

2. Comparing the Two Free Illustration Libraries

Dot Yeti

Dot Yeti offers an impressive selection of 150+ illustrations, each available in four distinct styles: outline, base, flat, and gradient. What makes the platform even more user-friendly is its robust filtering system, featuring five categories and over 100 tags for you to choose from. 

Additionally, you have the flexibility to sort the illustrations in four different ways, making it a breeze to find the perfect visuals for your creative projects.

It also comes with a search bar to help you search directly. 

Downloading Process and File Formats

This is what the preview window looks like and at the bottom right you can see the downloading options. 

You have the convenience of directly downloading your chosen free illustration. The default format for these downloads is PNG. Additionally, you are given the choice to obtain the source file, which is provided in its default AI file format. This dual download option ensures flexibility and accessibility in acquiring the illustrations.


ManyPixels boasts an extensive library of over 7500 illustrations, showcasing a diverse range of eight distinct styles, including line, lineal-colored, flat, outline, flatline, two-color, isometric, and monochromatic. 

Beyond the standard search bar, you can select from over 100 categories to refine your search. 

Notably, certain illustrations also offer the flexibility to customize colors in predefined areas of the artwork, enhancing your creative control and adaptability.

Downloading Process and File Formats

The below image gives a snapshot of the download window for ManyPixels. Here the main features are dedicated to the downloading options. 

Within ManyPixels’ download interface, two distinct options are available. You can opt to download the illustration itself, provided in the PNG format. 

Alternatively, you have the choice to acquire the source file, conveniently available in SVG format. This dual offering ensures that you can obtain the content in your preferred file type from the free illustration library.

Examples of Free Illustrations From Both Libraries.

We will now present illustrations with similar keywords and categories to conduct a comparison and evaluate their respective levels of excellence.

Category – Sports and Activities

We’ve configured the parameters to ensure maximum parity for a line-drawn, flat illustration of a tennis player from both contenders. Here’s a comparison of what each service has to offer.

Dot Yeti  


Let’s now look at a comparison of 2 illustrated yoginis. 

Dot Yeti


Category – Objects and Elements

Now we’ve got for you a comparison of two mobile phones as illustrated by DotYeti and ManyPixels respectively.



Now let’s look at a mountain range illustration from both contenders. 

Dot Yeti


Category – Business and Technology

In the final category, we will look at 2 computer network illustrations by both services. 



Now we’ll look at some illustrations related to online shopping. 



Quality Comparison

In the showdown between these two free illustration libraries, the ultimate determining factors are quality and versatility. 

It’s worth noting that both DotYeti and ManyPixels provide exceptional repositories of artwork. These free illustration collections offer an extensive array of options, and their level of customization is noteworthy, particularly considering their cost-free nature. 

However, let’s delve into the quality aspect of these illustrations to distinguish their respective strengths.

Let’s now look at the different limitations of these free illustration libraries. 


  1. There are only 4 different styles to choose from.
  2. There is no option within the platform to change colors.
  3. It is limited in terms of the overall number of illustrations available.
  1. There is no access to different style versions of the same illustration.
  2. It leans toward generic images.
  3. No filtration system involving tags.

Let’s now take a look at other alternatives available to access free illustrations.

Alternative Sources to Get Free Illustrations

Two major sources come to mind when considering alternatives to DotYeti and ManyPixels free illustration libraries. 

  1. AI Tools
  2. Stock Sites

Both these are excellent alternatives to source free illustrations. We will briefly look at some noteworthy AI tools and stock sites which you can gather free resources from. 

AI Tools
  1. Gencraft

Gencraft is an AI image generator that offers a free trial with a generous 10 free prompts. These free prompts are good enough for you to get useful, workable illustrations if uniqueness and quality are an issue. 

Here are a few examples of some of the illustrations we generated along with the prompts we used.

While they don’t follow the style requested exactly, the quality is there and you can download these images in HD without a watermark. 

So, if you’re in need of serious illustrations and find that the free illustration libraries by DotYeti and ManyPixels just don’t make the cut then Gencraft can be a great resource. 

Check out these other offerings for paid members and the pricing. 

  1. Craiyon

Craiyon is also another text-to-image, AI image generator. But unlike Gencraft, it can be used free as long as you disable any ad blockers and allow ads. 

Once you input the prompt, it takes about a minute to generate the results. 

Here are some of the illustrations that we were able to generate. The prompt can be seen indexed in the search bar. 

Then there was an additional set of illustrations provided as inspiration.

One of the only concerns would be that a watermark of a crayon appears on the right-hand corner of the illustration image as you can see in all the images.

However, if the illustrations are to your liking you can always upgrade to a paid subscription. 

The pricing is provided below. 

Now let’s take a look at some stock sites that would come in handy to find free illustrations. 

Stock Sites
  1. Vecteezy

Vecteezy is a great free illustration library. While not all of the images that appear in Vecteezy come free, some can be used as alternatives to those by DotYeti and ManyPixesl. 

These examples will help you come to a better understanding. 

Also, when you download the file you get it along with the EPS file which is pretty convenient if you need to edit the colors etc. 

One thing that is required here when using these free illustrations is that you have to attribute them. As long as that’s done these can be used without a problem. There’s also the option to upgrade to a pro plan if the need arises. 

Here’s a look at the pricing for paid subscriptions. 

  1. Freepik

As the name itself denotes most of the images on Freepik are free. The only catch is that you need to attribute whichever image you use. But as far as free illustration libraries go this is one of the top alternatives to DotYeti’s and ManyPixels’ free illustration libraries. 

Freepik has an absolutely extensive library of free illustrations. 

Let’s look at some examples.

The options for each search are vast and each free illustration comes with an EPS file where you can make changes to color etc.  

The paid version’s pricing looks like this:

Which Sounds Most Appealing?

Visuals are an absolute necessity when it comes to marketing and design now because images are processed 60,000 times faster than text by the human brain. 

Choosing between these diverse services can be a challenging task. Both DotYeti and ManyPixels offer compelling free illustrations that can undoubtedly enhance your designs. 

However, the optimal choice among these two depends on your specific requirements. If you find yourself in need of more advanced illustrations and a wider array of options, some of the alternative solutions we’ve presented may better suit your needs. Your decision should be guided by several crucial factors:

1. Your industry – Consider the unique demands and visual aesthetics of your industry.

2. Brand style – Assess whether the free illustration aligns with your brand’s design style and visual identity.

3. Color preferences – Ensure the illustrations’ color palettes harmonize with your brand’s color scheme.

4. Brand message and tone – Evaluate whether the free illustration effectively conveys your brand’s message and tone.

5. Target audience – Choose illustrations that resonate with your specific audience and cater to their preferences.

6. Scope of business – Consider the scale of your business, whether it’s a small enterprise or a larger corporation, and choose a service that accommodates your needs accordingly.

By carefully weighing these factors, you can make an informed decision to find the perfect illustration resource for your design projects.

 If these factors are not fulfilled by the resources we provided above then we recommend custom illustrations as the way to go. And the best guys to do it are unlimited graphic design services. For those with heavy illustration needs these services can be the best solution.  

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