Best Google Fonts: The Key to Scroll-Stopping Marketing Designs

Good typography is responsible for making or breaking your marketing designs. Fonts help convey things like the tone and personality of a brand and aid in enhancing readability. There isn’t a single font that universally fits everyone’s preferences or needs. That’s why new fonts keep popping up to fulfill different marketing needs. However, navigating licensing issues and paid fonts can be daunting for designers and marketers. 

In such instances, Google Fonts emerges as a valuable resource. Its accessibility and diverse selection make it a go-to destination for designers seeking quality typography solutions without breaking the bank. 

Our goal is to present to our readers, the best Google Fonts to use in your marketing designs. And there are so many options for a scroll-stopping design experience. 

But first, let’s explore more on what Google Fonts are. 

Best Google Fonts: What are Google Fonts?

Google Fonts is an interactive font directory with fonts that are free and open source. This is one of the major reasons to choose Google Fonts. You can use them without worrying about licensing fees.  

It may occur to you that other websites offer similar free fonts with even better and more decorative fonts than the Google Fonts directory. But at what cost? Most of those websites could be dodgy and you wouldn’t know what type of malware you’re downloading along with those fonts. 

The Google Fonts directory beats them by a far lead in terms of security, quality, and worldwide recognition. 

Google fonts can be used in logos, websites, and any printed material for all sorts of commercial use with no licensing issue. The SIL Open Font License is the most common and it specifies the usage and the redistribution conditions. For more details visit this FAQ page.

At the time of writing this blog, Google Fonts records 1595 font families. A font family is a collection of fonts that have similar characteristics or design elements. 

Having such a vast collection of free and ready-to-use font collections is one of the top reasons that Google fonts are used by almost everyone in all types of industries. It’s also the reason that this blog is important. 

Finding the perfect font could be like finding a needle in a haystack. So sit back and let us unravel some of the best Google fonts that you can use in your marketing design. 

For ease of perusing, we will categorize the fonts into the familiar classifications of Sans, Sans-Serif, Display, Handwriting, and Monospace.  

Let’s begin with the best Google Fonts in the Serifs group. 

Best Google Fonts: Serifs

Sans Serif fonts are fonts that have small strokes or “serifs” at the end of each letter. These fonts are used in traditional settings owing to their classy appearance. They are highly favored by newspapers, books, and magazines because they are easily read in smaller sizes. After all, the serifs in these letters act as a line that the eye can follow. 

Let’s take a look at the best Google Fonts in this category.

1. Roboto Slab

The Roboto Slab is a font created by Christian Robertson. It has a geometrical font form complemented with friendly open curves. This facilitates a smooth read regardless of the point size. It’s one of those Serif fonts that pairs well with several sans-serif fonts. 


Roboto Slab is a favorable font to be used in websites as Google Fonts metrics record 7,400,000 use cases with the highest use being recorded in the United States. 

Here’s a look at the Roboto Slab used in a title in a heavier style:

Using Roboto Slab for titles can help with the visual hierarchy as it has a way of commanding attention. Not only so but with weight changes, the Roboto Slab font can have a diverse array of uses and thus it’s easily one of the best Google fonts to use in your marketing designs

2. Merriweather

Merriweather is the optimal Serif font to read on screens as it’s set to give a pleasant experience by the designers at Sorkin Type. Its open form and the mild diagonal stress make it a unique choice among Serif fonts. It pairs well with its sans-serif counterpart – Merriweather Sans. 


Owing to its traditional look it works well on literary publications. It has also been featured on websites in various capacities more than 3,100,000 times with the highest usage seen from the USA. It’s no secret that this would fall under the umbrella of one of the best Google Fonts. 

Here’s what it looks like on a design as both the heading and text body:

The title uses the Merriweather font in an italicized style. One of the striking things about using this font in this style is the shift of some letters. The letter “f” changes to a curved ending and the letter “a” transforms from a double-storey to a single-storey. It’s quite a unique transformation marking the Merriweather font as a versatile font and one of the best Google Fonts in the depository. 

3. Playfair Display

The Playfair Display font is a creation of designer Claus Eggers Sørensen. This font is a perfect example of the results of the transition that took place in the late 18th century from heavy quill nobs to more refined pointed steel pens. With the dawn of printing technologies, printing letters that varied in hairline sizes became fashionable. This font demonstrates this practice perfectly. 


This is why this font is suitable for literary publication settings and headlines. The large lettering can command attention on any busy page. 

Google Fonts metrics report this font being featured in over 5,600,000 websites overall. 

Playfair Display can be one the best Google fonts to use in logos as exemplified below:

This font gives the logo a very serious traditional look. And since it’s a veterinary service, the font imparts a sense of reliability and trust one of the characteristics of this font that makes it one of the best Google Fonts. 

Best Google Fonts: Sans Serifs

Moving on to Sans Serif fonts, these are named as such owing to the lack of “serifs” like we previously looked at in the Serifs section. The Google Fonts in this category are best to use in digital spaces as they translate well into that setting and are easy on the eye. 

Let’s look at the best Google Fonts in this group.

1. Roboto

The Roboto font is characterized by its geometric structure complemented by gentle, open curves, the font strikes a balance between approachability and professionalism, making it suitable for various applications, including business websites.


The Google Fonts metrics show Roboto utilized on over 570 million websites worldwide making it the most-used font in the world from this list of the best Google Fonts.

Here’s a logo done using the Roboto font:

As seen above, the font is clear and precisely communicates a sense of professionalism that some brands long to display in their logos

2. Lato

Originating in the summer of 2010 by designer Łukasz Dziedzic from Warsaw, Lato is a sans-serif typeface family. Its name, “Lato,” translates to “Summer” in Polish. Lato’s letterforms feature semi-rounded details, evoking a sense of warmth while maintaining a sturdy and serious structure. 


Although the typeface adheres to classical proportions, it’s perfectly suitable and versatile to work in digital and print work both. 

According to Google Fonts metrics, Lato is present on over 19 million websites, with its primary usage concentrated in the United States.

Here’s an example of the Lato font used in a website:

The clear-cut appearance of the Lato font makes it a good choice for websites as seen above. The right style adjustments and font size, help direct the visual hierarchy of the website. Thus this is one of the best Google Fonts to add to your list. 

3. Montserrat

Renowned graphic designer, Julieta Ulanovsky crafted Montserrat by drawing inspiration from the vintage posters and signage found in Buenos Aires, capturing the essence of urban typography. Despite this inspiration, the font has been refined to a lighter weight, rendering it suitable for extended passages of text. 


Montserrat has been utilized on over 18 million websites globally according to the Google Fonts database. It’s a great choice to use in different types of designs from logos to headlines and even websites like the example featured below.

The entire website uses the Montserrat font in a bold style and there’s absolute clarity in the words owing to the font and its unique geometric features that are easy on the eye. It’s no surprise that it favors as one of the best Google Fonts there is. 

Best Google Fonts: Script

Script fonts, also known as Handwriting fonts, mimic the appearance of handwritten text. They replicate the natural variations and irregularities found in handwriting, adding a personal and organic touch to designs. Script fonts are often used for informal or creative projects where a more casual or personalized feel is desired.

And we’re about to look at the best Google Fonts that are found in this category.

1. Pacifico

Pacifico, a lively brush script font created by Vernon Adams in 2011, draws inspiration from the vibrant American surf culture of the 1950s. Unlike slanted forms, Pacifico maintains an upright stance with a flowing cursive style. It is only available in a single regular style with an inherent boldness.


It’s particularly well-suited for headings and related typographical elements. However, owing to its bold nature it should be noted that this particular font doesn’t work well for large bodies of text.

The Pacifico font is featured on over 610,000 websites making it clear why it’s one of the best Google Fonts within its category. 

Here’s a look at how it looks like in use:

The casual flowy style of this font makes it suitable for quotes like this.And because the strokes are legible there are no readability issues too. 

Moving on to the next one on our list of the best Google Fonts. 

2. Dancing Script

Named aptly, Dancing Script is a dynamic typeface characterized by lively letters that appear to bounce. Featuring large caps that extend below the baseline, it exudes a friendly and spontaneous aura. 


 The beauty is the natural flow of the letters that mimic real handwriting from love letters of yore.

Making it perfectly suited for feminine, floral brands, and brands that like to exude romance. It also pairs harmoniously with Sans Serif Fonts like Roboto.

This font is prominently featured on over 630,000 websites worldwide.

Although the United States accounts for the highest usage, there is also significant utilization from individuals in Vietnam and Malaysia.

Here’s an instance of this font in use in a Canva wedding invitation Template:

It’s like we mentioned before, this font is one of the best Google Fonts in the handwriting font category owing to its playful and romantic allure which is seen in the above invitation design. 

3. Indie Flower

Exuding a carefree and open vibe, Indie Flower boasts a bubbly character. It possesses a slightly bolder and rounder appearance compared to other handwriting fonts, with ample spacing between letters to enhance clarity for readers.


Indie Flower is perfect for posters and flyers. This font mimics free-flowing handwriting which is why it’s a perfect choice to use in casual settings. 

Indie Flower is showcased on over 460,000 websites globally.

Here’s what it looks like on designs:

The font is appropriate for this design as it adds a personal touch making it one of the best Google Fonts in this category. 

Best Google Fonts: Display

Display fonts are typefaces designed for larger sizes, typically for headings, titles, or other prominent text elements in designs. They often feature unique, decorative, or stylized characteristics that grab attention and convey a specific mood or aesthetic. 

Unlike fonts for text bodies, which prioritize readability at smaller sizes, display fonts prioritize visual impact and artistic expression. They play a crucial role in branding, advertising, and graphic design projects as this group of fonts includes fonts from all three classifications: Serifs, Sans Serifs, and Handwriting. 

Let’s check out some of the best Google Fonts found within this group.

1. Lobster

The Lobster font stands out for its distinctive characteristic: it offers multiple versions of each letter, creating a handwriting-style display that adjusts the connections between characters (ligatures) based on the specific pairing of letters. This unique feature contributes to a naturally flowing relaxed font. 


The Lobster font has a very bold characteristic with a retro vibe. Even though it’s a script typeface, the bold and large features make it a Display font ideal for headlines and one-liners. 

This charming font graces the pages of over 550,000 websites, according to Google metrics making it a prevalent choice across the web.

Here is a design using the Lobster Google Font:

You can see why this font is good with one-liners. It can aptly grab your attention thus making it one of the best Google Fonts in this category. 

2. Cinzel

This first-century Roman inscription-inspired font embraces classical proportions as its foundation. Yet being far from a revival of an existing font, it seamlessly intertwines the rich history of the Latin alphabet with a modern twist, infusing it with a contemporary essence. That’s why we consider it one of the best Google Fonts. 


The all-caps lettering is perfect for titles owing to its thin lines and classical proportions. 

This sophisticated typeface has firmly established its place in the digital realm. According to Google Fonts metrics, the Cinzel font appears on more than 280,000 websites. 

Here’s an example of it in use:

The Cinzel font is used along with the Cinzel Decorative font, another style in the Cinzel family. As is evident, it can be used in industries that can carry the mystical allure in this font. For those industries, this can be one of the best Google fonts to use in their designs. 

3. Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue, crafted by Ryoichi Tsunekawa, stands out as one of the best Google Fonts for big bold texts. Its design boasts sleek narrow lines and refined shapes, with a touch of boldness that effortlessly grabs attention amidst intricate designs. 


This font is great for all-caps headlines, captions, and packaging. Moreover, its versatility shines through as it complements both serif and sans-serif fonts seamlessly when used within the same composition. 

According to Google Fonts metrics, this font is present on over 190,000 websites. This font has surely made a significant mark across the web.

This website uses the Bebas Neue font in various places across the site:

The goal to grab the visitor’s attention is accomplished here with the use of this big and bold all-caps font. If a font for a title is what you’re looking for Bebas Neue can be one the best Google Fonts to try out. 

Best Google Fonts: Monospace

Monospaced fonts, also known as fixed-width or non-proportional fonts, allocate the same amount of horizontal space for each character. In simpler terms, this means that every letter, number, and symbol occupies the same width on the screen or page, regardless of its inherent width. 

These fonts were originally developed for typewriters. Monospaced fonts are commonly used in coding but they can also give a certain retro old-timey vibe if that’s what you’re looking for. 

 Let’s look at some of the best Google Fonts in this category to see how creative you can get with these. 

1. Courier Prime

While the classic Courier font holds its place as an icon, its readability might not be optimal. Enter Courier Prime, a refined version that addresses key readability concerns. 


If you’re seeking a typewriter-style font for your design, Courier Prime is the perfect choice as it gives out an old-fashioned vibe. 

We say this is one of the best Google Fonts available in this category because the Google Fonts metrics speak for themselves. This versatile new and improved font can be found enhancing the design of over 27,000 websites across the digital space.

Here’s the Courier Prime font in use in a brand guide on Behance:

The muted colors and the mystical look of the brand are maintained using the Courier Prime font showcasing that it’s not just an option for coding but also for designs.

2. Roboto Mono

The Roboto Mono font unlike the Courier Prime font doesn’t have serifs on the ends except in the letters “i” and “l”. And much like all the other Roboto fonts the Roboto Mono font is also optimized for reading on screens. 


The Roboto font can be a coder’s dream font owing to its modifications that accommodate coding protocols and requirements. But it’s also one of the best Google fonts to be used instead of Courier fonts in design that require a vintage feel.

Google Fonts data shows that this adaptable typeface is featured in over 390,000 websites, solidifying its presence across the digital world. 

Here’s a look at Roboto Mono used in an identity design as a secondary font:

In this specific identity design, the Roboto Mono font helps maintain the retro vibe.

3. Space Mono

Crafted with editorial applications in mind, Space Mono embodies a blend of geometric principles and Grotesque intricacies within its letterforms making it one of the best Google Fonts in this classification. Drawing inspiration from headline typefaces prevalent in the 1960s, it showcases distinctive features like flattened descenders, giving characters a unique visual flair.


The Space Mono font has a unique style of its own even though it’s a monospace font. It can be creatively used in retro-style designs and modern sophisticated designs as well. 

This versatile typeface can be found featured on over 150,000 websites across various digital platforms according to Google Fonts metrics

Here’s a look at how it can be used in designs:

This is by far one of the best Google Fonts in the category of Monospace fonts. The goal is to use the font as per the suitability to your brand as the above example shows. 

This font complements the brand well, as it aligns with the brand’s focus on monitoring online discourse during EU elections. They play a crucial role in facilitating reliable and secure elections in the digital age. The digital forward component in their brand thus pairs well with a monospace font like this that also has a better form. 

Did You Find Your Favorite Google Fonts Here?

We believe this list contains the best Google fonts fit for different industries and that they are legitimately good for your marketing designs. 

According to font statistics, Google Fonts are utilized across more than 50 million websites. The statistics speak for themselves and tell you how prevalently Google Fonts are used. And these are the best Google Fonts around. So we urge you to take some of these fonts for a spin and see how they can help you elevate your marketing designs to stop a scrolling thumb.

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