Graphic Design Inspiration: Where to Get Ideas for Your Marketing

Graphic design is absolutely crucial in marketing because designs play a major role in grabbing attention and effectively conveying brand messages. But juggling between staying current on the latest trends and adhering to timeless design standards can be a daunting task if you’re a busy marketer.

So, recognizing this challenge faced by marketers in navigating the speedily evolving subject of graphic design, we’ve taken the initiative to provide a solution. In this blog, our mission is to serve you a curated collection of graphic design inspiration sourced directly from industry experts and top-notch brands. 

By showcasing examples from individuals and companies who excel in the field of marketing design, we aim to offer a comprehensive guide. The benefit of this venture is that most of these accounts offer design inspiration by providing tips, tricks, and insights in the content they share with the designs themselves also inspiring graphic design ideas. So it’s a double deal that you just can’t say no to!

So, buckle up as we dive into these inspiring social media profiles and equip you with resources to craft remarkable marketing materials.

Let’s begin with the first one. 

1. Chris Do

Chris Do, an Emmy award-winning designer, director, CEO, and Chief Strategist of Blind, is also the visionary founder of The Futur – an online education platform dedicated to teaching nearly one billion people how to turn their passion into a livelihood. 

His social media channels especially Instagram serve as an inspirational hub for those seeking marketing ad insights, coupled with practical tips on social media content creation. Exploring some of his posts offers a glimpse into how he engages and captivates his audience. 

Graphic Design Inspiration by Chris

Here’s a Carousel post on his Instagram feed that caught our eye. 

It’s strategically crafted to offer fundamental tips on social media content creation. What sets this design apart is Chris’s insight into captivating the audience’s attention to encourage them to explore the entire carousel.

The significance of the cover design is evident in his approach. The commanding headline complemented by a vibrant checkered and mosaic appearance set on a black background makes it hard to miss. 

This keen understanding of user engagement makes the post not only informative but visually compelling, highlighting the importance of thoughtful design in attracting viewers and prompting them to delve into the valuable content within the carousel.

Here’s another thing that we noticed and couldn’t help but include here:

We’re sure you might already realize what we’re about to say. The consistent yet unique designs of the various posts are truly inspiring. You can see how he has used a grunge effect for the text and laid everything on a dark background. He has not only stuck to white for the fonts but has used colors as and when needed still keeping things consistent. 

This is why we believe that this is a great account for you to follow for graphic design inspiration. Not only can you learn tips from his content but his designs by themselves also inspire. 

You can follow him on:

Instagram – @thechrisdo

Facebook – Chris Do

YouTube – @thefutur

Let’s move on to the next one. 

2. MailChimp

Mailchimp stands out as a premier all-in-one marketing platform, offering robust tools tailored for both small and large businesses to engage effectively with their customers, particularly via mail. 

Email marketing emerges as a standout avenue for businesses to share narratives, showcase products, and build connections with their audience. With Mailchimp, crafting visually appealing and impactful email campaigns becomes a seamless process, adaptable to any business requirement. 

A closer look at their social channels, particularly Instagram, unveils the creative prowess that defines Mailchimp. These insights not only showcase their ingenuity but also serve as a well of graphic design inspiration for your own creatives. 

Observing how they meticulously design their content provides valuable ideas on delivering messages precisely to your target audience with a touch of creativity.

Graphic Design Inspiration by MailChimp

Here’s one we loved and is a great graphic design inspiration to fellow marketers:

This carousel post introduces an interactive guessing game, challenging viewers to distinguish between a marketing and a family email. 

The graphic design chosen for this content immediately conveys a sense of playfulness, ensuring that the game feels light-hearted rather than an intense brain teaser. The intentional design elements create an inviting atmosphere, encouraging viewers to participate with a sense of fun rather than intensity.

And we’re not going to share the answers so that you can go and take part in the game and enjoy it. 

Finally, you know your marketing is successful when fellow marketers want to copy you. 

Take a look at the comments!

If you take a look at the rest of their posts everything is quite light-hearted and there’s much to be inspired by. 

Here’s another graphic design inspiration that engages people:

The reason we consider this graphic design effective lies in its thoughtful typography. The crucial message to convey in this post revolves around the number of emails sent by MailChimp customers during specific holidays.

Therefore, the legibility of the text is paramount and is achieved by placing it on backgrounds that enhance visibility. Additionally, the use of text box elements serves to distinguish and organize the information, contributing to a clear and coherent presentation of the data.

We see this practice throughout their posts which is why we think that this profile is a great place for marketing and graphic design inspiration.

You can follow more MailChimp content on:

Instagram: @mailchimp

Facebook: Intuit MailChimp

YouTube: @mailchimp

Next on our list is Canva.

3. Canva

Canva, a cloud-based graphic design tool, has become an indispensable resource for companies of all sizes, enabling the creation of on-brand marketing content, sales presentations, training videos, and more. Boasting features like drag-and-drop design and photo editing, it provides access to custom fonts, frames, shapes, grids, and icons. 

Canva leverages various social media channels to creatively showcase its products and features. 

These imaginative posts serve as a rich source of inspiration for your marketing designs, illustrating how to craft impactful content. Exploring Canva’s Instagram for example, will help you gain insights into designing posts that pack a punch and stay on-trend, offering valuable guidance for elevating your creative endeavors. 

Graphic Design Inspiration by Canva

Let’s check Canva’s inspiring graphic design collection on Instagram.

This post not only serves as graphic design inspiration but also offers a color palette idea. It provides a sort of tutorial on how to design a similar post to showcase a suggested color palette. Thus, it successfully achieves both objectives. 

By prioritizing the color palette as the highlight, this design idea simplifies the focus on typography. Showcasing the color palette in action in the background image adds further value, making the post even more impactful and worthwhile.

Here’s another series of posts that Canva ran as a sort of promotion of the features of their AI suite, CanvaMagic Studio:

These graphics, released gradually over time, present a fantastic approach to unveiling various features. Opting for a consistent gradient theme, accompanied by their brand font as seen applied across all their content, demonstrates a commitment to their visual identity. Thus it not only serves as an effective marketing strategy but also provides a wellspring of graphic design inspiration on how you can get creative and diverse yet stick to your branding. 

Let the creativity of Canva’s posts on Instagram and other social media feeds fuel your inspiration and enhance the visual appeal of your marketing materials.

We urge you to follow them on:

Instagram: @canva

Facebook: Canva

YouTube: @canva

4. Design Seeds

Launched in May 2009, the Design Seeds site catered to color enthusiasts worldwide. Conceived by Jessica Colaluca, the platform is a digital manifestation of her color journals from her time as a designer at Ford, Reebok, and Timberland. While she discontinued the website, her collection of vibrant color palettes now thrives on Instagram. If you seek inspiring color combinations for marketing designs, her posts offer a plethora of meticulously curated palettes. 

Graphic Design Inspiration by Design Seeds

Here are a few of the color palettes available on her Instagram page:

When struggling to match colors or feeling uncertain about pairings, these color palettes offer valuable graphic design inspiration. A quick scroll through them provides a clear sense of color direction.

You can follow Design Seeds on:

Instagram: @designseeds

5. Behance

Established in 2005, Behance is a veteran in social media terms. Owned by Adobe, Behance plays a crucial role in helping creators showcase their work and stand out in their respective fields. It operates somewhat like LinkedIn, allowing users to present their professional portfolios and connect with others.

While creators across various domains benefit from Behance, it proves especially valuable for visual artists, including designers, photographers, and videographers. 

For those seeking inspiration without navigating the site directly, Behance maintains active social media channels, with Instagram being a standout choice. As a visuals-first platform, Instagram provides a streamlined experience, allowing you to focus on the visual brilliance showcased by creators on Behance. Let’s check it out.

Graphic Design Inspiration by Behance Users

Here is a look at some of the graphic design inspiration you can find there:

This is a font introduction that suits a specific occasion and for those seeking inspiration in that department, it can be a great starting point. It also showcases how you can advertise font displays. 

Here’s another way how it can be displayed:

The following is also an inspiring graphic design idea that would be a great marketing move:

Thematic playing cards can be a highly sought item and tailoring it to your unique requirements and goals can be a long-lasting marketing design. Experimenting with the mosaic and unique designs, the patterns, and the layouts can be an exciting project. 

Likewise, their feed is filled with graphic design inspiration from all over the world allowing you to tap into an international pool of ideas. 

So, explore these posts on Instagram for a surge of inspiration that can fuel your journey to create exceptional designs.

You can follow Behance on:

Instagram: @behance

Facebook: Behance

6. VistaPrint

Vistaprint is a worldwide e-commerce entity that specializes in creating physical and digital marketing materials. Pioneering the integration of desktop publishing capabilities with online accessibility, Vistaprint revolutionized the industry upon its inception in 1999. And since then they have been helping businesses of all sizes especially small businesses with their designs and printing. 

With the dawn of the age of social media, they have expanded their influence on marketers and designers by being a go-to choice for graphic design inspiration as they cater to wide industries. 

The examples listed on their social media feeds can be of much value to help your graphic design efforts be fresh and vitalized. 

Graphic Design Inspiration by VistaPrint

Let’s check out some examples below.

Here’s an inspiring idea of how they engage small business owners with a graphic design in the form of a Spotify playlist. The playlists are the ideal lists that small business owners would relate to.

The specialty behind this design is the consistent use of graphics paired with an identical product shot-type setting where users are immediately able to make the connection and relate to it personally as evident from the comment section.

Here’s another reason why they’re great for graphic design inspiration:

They have an entire playlist on YouTube for branding and inspiration. These videos cover the most important parts of graphics design and that can be very useful for those of you starting. Plus, the videos themselves are meticulously crafted. If you’re looking for video ideas to market your brand then this is a hidden gem for you. 

They also post their printed work, especially for packaging and other similar work on their Instagram feed and there are some inspiring graphic design ideas there. They also update viewers with the latest trends in the graphic design world as you can see below.

VistaPrint and their social feeds surely offer amazing graphic design inspiration and that’s why we think you follow them for more inspiring ideas.

Instagram: @vistaprint

Facebook: VistaPrint

YouTube: @vistaprint

Let’s check the last one on the list next. 

7. Dribbble

Dribbble stands as a hub for digital designers worldwide, offering a platform for self-promotion and social networking. It functions as a comprehensive design portfolio platform, job board, and recruitment site, making it one of the largest online spaces for designers to showcase their work. With a diverse global talent pool contributing to the platform, the well of inspiration is inexhaustible. 

The variety of perspectives stemming from different cultures, races, upbringings, and backgrounds enriches the creative landscape at Dribbble. 

For those seeking graphic design inspiration but preferring to bypass the website’s manual portfolio checks, Dribbble’s social media accounts provide a convenient alternative.

Graphic Design Inspiration by Dribbble

Let’s see what sorts of graphic design inspiration you can find on Dribbble’s Instagram feed. 

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Dribbble (@dribbble)

Here’s a look at a typography animation featured on their Instagram page. It’s a mesmerizing collection of shapes morphing and transitioning from one frame to the other revealing the text and showcasing the concept of “doing something epic” in action. 

It’s an inspiring idea for fellow marketers to try out. 

Here’s another inspiring idea like the one we saw from Behance – playing cards design. And this time it’s a deck of playing cards for the movie Wonka officially licensed by Warner Bros. 

Here’s another inspiring movie poster idea by Dribbble on Facebook. It’s from the movie Everything, Everywhere All At Once

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Their Instagram page and Facebook page are filled with graphic design inspiration. 

You can connect with them on the following handles:

Instagram: @dribbble

Facebook: Dribbble

Let’s Bring It To A Close

Statistics reveal that an overwhelming 81% of businesses consider graphic design an integral part of their strategic approach. The primary applications for graphic design in these businesses include social media, presentation designs, videos, brochures, and posters. This underscores the importance of understanding and learning about graphic design, even if you’re not directly involved in the design process. 

Staying informed about trends is crucial, allowing you to adopt on-trend elements before your competitors. The profiles we’ve highlighted above are among the industry’s best, providing unmatched graphic design inspiration to keep you informed and creatively inspired.

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