GraphicsZoo Review 2023: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

graphicszoo review

Flat-fee graphic design has become a trend you cannot ignore. After all, when you compare paying hundreds of dollars for a single logo design and paying something similar to take care of all your marketing designs, which one would you choose? The latter right? And that’s exactly what businesses around the world are doing these days. And since we are talking about unlimited graphic design services that cater to the diverse design needs of businesses, here is a GraphicsZoo review you might like. 

GraphicsZoo – an overview 

A group of entrepreneurs was struggling to keep up with their growing design requirements. They were constantly on the lookout for ways to conveniently refresh their brand material or work on their designs without spending too much time or effort. In the quest for finding an idea that would help them get designs without having to spend thousands of dollars, GraphicsZoo was born. 

From the time it was established, the company has changed and evolved in so many ways expanding its scope and reaching new industries. Having worked with some high-profile clients and over 2000 businesses from various sectors, the company now stands as one of the most popular names listed among the best unlimited graphic design services out there. 

So, what makes GraphicsZoo a popular player in the industry and what are the ways in which it can simplify the design process for you? Find out from this GraphicsZoo review. 

GraphicsZoo review – plans & pricing 

Earlier, GraphicsZoo offered 3 convenient plans based on whether you need illustrations, presentations, and GIFs to be included. The plans started from $499/month and the highest-priced comprehensive plan cost $999/month. 

But GraphicsZoo has moved to a custom-pricing model. The process is still the same and the workflow is almost similar to what most other unlimited design services offer. The only difference is that the actual price you pay per month and the scope of design types covered depend entirely on your requirements. 

You will still be paying a flat monthly fee and there are no contracts. But the pricing is not straightforward. So, we are not going to compare the plans, inclusions, and features of the subscriptions based on pricing in this GraphicsZoo review. We’ll instead cover the basic aspects like the process of getting your designs and the ease of finding what you like. 

Who is GraphicsZoo for 

GraphicsZoo Review – what does your subscription cover? 

Since the plans are customized based on the requirements and the actual scope of each plan varies from one context to another, let’s talk about the general scope of services that GraphicsZoo provides. The design types that the service can handle and those that the team cannot handle. 

Here are a few design types included in your subscription:

GraphicsZoo caters to designs in the categories of branding, web design (graphics for websites), advertising, marketing, reports & presentations, merchandise graphics, artwork and so much more. 

The team does not currently provide motion graphics as a part of its plans but it’s highly likely to be introduced in the near future. On the other hand, your plans can include simple GIFs that you can add to your social media page or even animated GIFs that you can use in your emails. 

How does GraphicsZoo work?

Service demonstration 

There is a basic demo video to introduce you to GraphicsZoo. It tells you how you get a team that can deliver about 120 hours of design work every month. The video also explains a little about the applications and who the subscriptions are for. 

If the demo video convinces you to take the next step, you can schedule a 45-minute live demo call with the team. This call is meant for two things – one is to help you understand what the service covers and the other is for the team to understand your requirements and recommend the most suitable plan. 


Scheduling the demo call is easy and it takes only a couple of steps. Once you provide your contact details you are redirected to a brief video that tells you about the next steps for the demo call. 

CTP process 

From the demo call onward until the allocation of a design team, the GraphicsZoo team calls the workflow a CTP process – Creative Talent Placement. This involves understanding of the individual needs of a business and identifying the right plan and then allocating the right design team to your project based on your design requirements. 

There is also a dedicated Account Manager who handles the allocation and design requirement fulfillment for every request you place. 

GraphicsZoo review – weighing the pros and cons 


Access to a team of designers 

GraphicsZoo has a stringent vetting process for its designers meaning that you can expect some of the best talents in the team you are allotted. This saves all the time you would otherwise be spending trying to hire designers yourself or look for freelancers who can meet different design requirements. 

GraphicsZoo also has a diverse range of talents meaning that all kinds of design requirements including illustrations and print and digital designs can be fulfilled without a hassle. 

Dependable turnaround time 

One thing that sets GraphicsZoo apart from other services is its delivery of plans tailored to individual business needs. As a result, the team size and the types of designers all depend on the business. Since the process begins with a clear understanding of what both parties should expect, it’s easier for the team to stick with its turnaround times. And GraphicsZoo promises a consistent turnaround of 1-2 days for most kinds of design projects. 

This predictability means that you know exactly when your designs will be ready. Managing your content calendar becomes simpler due to this. 

Multiple ways to communicate with the team 

GraphicsZoo aims for simplifying the process for clients and one of them is providing multiple channels for communication. Slack integration is supported allowing you to stay in touch with your design team. This comes in handy to quickly check the progress or to clarify queries regarding your design requests. 


No straightforward pricing 

The custom-pricing model can be a double-edged sword. Some businesses might feel more confident knowing that they are only paying for the services they avail of. After all, every business has unique design needs. 

For some businesses, the custom pricing model means that they need to attend the 45-minute demo call to understand the process. And then wait for the team to send them a quote. 

The above process also makes it difficult to compare the plans offered by GraphicsZoo to the plans available with other unlimited design services. So, you might not really understand whether you are getting the best bang for your buck or if there are other services that offer similar pricing. 

Complicated refunds 

Lack of round-the-clock support 

The customer care team of GraphicsZoo is not available 24×7. While you are trying to understand the process and the service before scheduling a demo call this can make things difficult. Moreover, after subscribing, if you wish to chat with the support team, again real-time conversations are not possible most of the time. 

Complicated refund process 

Several unlimited graphic design services offer a free trial period to let clients try the services before making a payment. And some offer a money-back period during which clients can request a refund if they are not happy with the design quality or the process. 

In the case of GraphicsZoo, there is no free trial option. But there is a “risk-free stampede guarantee” which means that after subscribing to the service, you can try it for 30 days and within that period if you are not satisfied with how things go, you can request a refund. But here’s the catch. Most services have a risk-free no-strings-attached process for refunds. But GraphicsZoo has a few criteria to accept refund requests:

The refund here lies at the sole discretion of the GraphicsZoo team and that can be a huge risk for businesses to take. 

GraphicsZoo review – customers’ perspectives 

There are only a few reviews online for GraphicsZoo and clients are divided in their opinions about the services. Some complain about the complicated refund policies for the money-back promise. While others talk about the great experience and brilliant designs delivered. Check out the design samples from Graphics Zoo in the next section and watch their demo video to decide for yourself. 

“The best graphic design company to work with! Had an amazing experience during every step of my journey with Graphics Zoo.”

-Nick. S

Source: Trustpilot 

Designs by GraphicsZoo 

Social media graphics 




GraphicsZoo review – final verdict 

To summarize the GraphicsZoo review – this service makes a great choice for anyone worried that standard design subscriptions might not be able to meet their unique design requirements. If you need a lot of designs for your brand and if you need a talented team to create them, GraphicsZoo makes a great choice. But yes, you have to miss out on a few aspects like the lack of a responsive customer support team and the lack of straightforward pricing.

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