GreenPixel Review 2023: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

GreenPixel review

Outsourcing graphic design might seem like a huge step for some brands. But with comprehensive solutions like unlimited graphic design subscriptions, this has become much simpler. Today we are going to talk about one such unlimited design service, GreenPixel. Want to know what this service has to offer and how its monthly plans can transform your design process? Find out all that and more from this GreenPixel review.  

GreenPixel  – an overview 

A small and emerging team, GreenPixel has helped over 400 brands from various industries enhance their brands’ designs. The service is known for its unlimited graphic design plans but that’s not all. GreenPixel also takes care of other services like No Code Development and Webflow Full Care. 

For all of these services, GreenPixel offers flexible plans and competitive pricing. You get to decide a lot of variables including the support for designated designers or shared designers in your plant. In several ways, GreenPixel makes the process convenient for brands looking for long-term design collaboration. 

Want to know how GreenPixel compares to other unlimited graphic design services, let’s find out starting with the plans and their monthly fees. 

GreenPixel review – plans & pricing 

GreenPixel offers two main plans and within these plans, the price varies depending on the number of design hours you require and the need for a dedicated designer. 

Marketing Designs

Full-Stack Designs 

Other than these standard plans you can also choose to have more than 3 designers on your team if your design requirements are more. GreenPixel provides plans tailored to the individual needs of businesses for such large-volume design projects. 

Who is GreenPixel for 

GreenPixel Review – what does your subscription cover? 

Motion graphics design and video editing are not part of the services offered by GreenPixel. But the service includes a plethora of other design services. 

There are 80+ design types that GreenPixel currently handles. 

Social Media banners

Though video design is not part of the plans you can get basic animated GIFs that can be used in your emails and websites. 

In addition to graphic design, GreenPixel also specializes in No Code Website Development and has helped several brands build and launch their new websites. 

How does GreenPixel work?

Demo call 

The website itself does not give you a video demonstration of what you can do with GreenPixel and how the service works. So, to get an overview of the process and to understand how to make the most of GreenPixel, your only option is the 30-minute demo call with the team. This is a one-on-one consultation that’s absolutely free. 

In a few simple steps, with basic details like your name and email id, you can register your interest and schedule the call. This call is where a GreenPixel team member gives you a walkthrough of the platform where you manage your brands and designs and helps you understand what to expect in terms of the workflow. 

Collaborate and create your designs 

Irrespective of the plan you choose there is a dedicated manager assigned to your account. The dedicated manager then assigns a designer or a design team based on the plan you’ve subscribed to and the scope of the respective plan. The whole onboarding process is complete within 24 hours which means that a day from signing up you can easily start placing your design requests. 

With the design team in place, you can add your brand profiles and brand assets. And then start creating design requests. 

When you choose part-time design support, a suitable designer is assigned to work on your design requests based on their availability and the type of design requested. With dedicated designer, the chosen 1 or 2 designers or a design team (in the case of customized plans) continue to work on all your design requests. They help bring visual consistency to your designs and therefore establish your brand strongly both on digital and print platforms. 

Depending on the number of designers the number of active tasks in your account varies. For example, in case you have chosen 1 dedicated designer, the chosen designer will work on your design requests in the given order. Of course you can change priorities. And by default revisions are prioritized over the current queue items. 

You can point out revisions on the GreenPixel platform. And if you think your feedback is not being understood you can communicate with the dedicated manager assigned to your team and get a resolution. You can also request a change of designer if you are not happy with the work of the designer assigned to your account. 

GreenPixel review – weighing the pros and cons 


Variety in its scope of services 

Having both web design and marketing design in one place can be a huge plus. Because we often talk about the need for visual consistency and how it’s important in establishing a brand. Since a brand’s website is one of the foundational blocks of its identity, having the same team working on your web design and marketing graphics will be a plus. 

Though motion graphics is not part of the scope, most other design types that brands need on a daily basis are covered. This includes everything that a brand needs for its local advertisements as well as ads for reach, emails for communication and more. 

You get unlimited revisions with all of these design services meaning that perfecting your designs and sculpting your brand from scratch feels simpler with GreenPixel. 

Flexibility in choosing what your plan covers 

Depending on the budget you have and the specific design requirements of your business or your clients you can choose the many variables in a plan including the number of people working on your designs and the number of hours of effort they put in. 

The flexibility of adding resources or reducing them based on your ever-changing workload is another big advantage. For example, when your design workload is less and you do not need too many designs created on a monthly basis, you can choose the quarter-time support option. 

Or if there is a critical rebranding campaign coming up, you can instantly switch to add a dedicated designer to your team. You don’t just multiply the effort but also increase the design output volume tremendously. In addition to this, you know that the same designer is going to work on all your upcoming designs until you opt-out. So, you do not have to explain the campaign goals or design expectations with every design request you place. 


Support team responses can be delayed 

There are limited channels through which you can reach the customer support team and email is one of them. But the response to queries posted via email can be slightly delayed. To keep up with the fast-paced market several unlimited design services integrate live chat on their websites and have a support team assisting clients round-the-clock. This element is missing with GreenPixel. 

While comparing unlimited design services, customer support is one of the critical measures to evaluate because even though you have a dedicated manager assigned to your account, you might still be contacting customer support for payment-related queries or even account-related queries. Any delay in responses to these queries can affect the overall experience. 

Expensive plans 

Considering the variety of designs that GreenPixel can handle and the many conveniences added to each plan, they are of great value, no doubt. But the starting price itself and the price for a dedicated designer might be slightly high for a small business owner or content creator looking to outsource design. And given the fact that motion graphics design is not part of the scope even with the most expensive plan is another big turn-off considering how extensive the plans are otherwise. 

GreenPixel review – customers’ perspectives 

Most client reviews for GreenPixel highlight the design team’s responsiveness and their promptness in responding to feedback on designs. 

“By collaborating with GreenPixel, the in-house team had more freedom and time to work on the brand and other high-level productions. They led an effective workflow through weekly meetings and a Trello board for tasks. Overall, the partnership led to a fruitful collaboration.”

-Isabel Garcia Toivanen

Source: Clutch 

“Excellent service and delivered in timely fashion also, very satisfied with the work and level of professionalism put into it, this company is highly recommended.”

-Jeff Butcher

Source: Trustpilot 

Designs by GreenPixel 




Business card 

GreenPixel review – final verdict 

Businesses looking to scale will find the convenient designer selection offered by GreenPixel to be a practical choice to suit their needs. And startups who are looking to make a big launch might find it convenient to work with design services like GreenPixel that don’t just do marketing and branding designs but also web design. Considering that its pros outweigh the cons, GreenPixel is definitely a good option for anyone looking to try unlimited graphic design.  

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