Video Editing Services: The 3 Best Sites for Hiring Video Editors in 2024

We’ve often talked about how video is one of the best assets of a marketing campaign. It’s because videos can capture people’s attention a lot more than mere texts and still images can. 

But the process of editing videos is quite tiresome and not many marketers and other business people have the time and resources for it. 

To tackle this, a lot of marketers deem hiring video editors as the optimal solution. It truly is. But therein lies another problem: the screening process for hiring video editors. It’s not easy going through many resumes and portfolios of potential candidates. There’s just not enough time. 

A potential approach to address this challenge is to check out freelance marketplaces. On these platforms, you’ll find a pre-vetted talent pool with diverse skills and experiences. Reaching out to them, comparing their rates, and communicating with them are all streamlined within the platform, thus saving you a lot of time. 

Today’s blog is about such freelance marketplaces, particularly the ones for hiring video editors. 

Without further ado, let’s get started. 

1. Viedit

Viedit emerged in 2013 as a fledgling startup in the Netherlands, serving as a marketplace connecting clients with video editors, content creators, and freelancers in the film industry. 

Initially, there were five founders, but Béla Zsigmond and Herbert Ten are the ones presently steering the operation. The inspiration for Viedit stemmed from the founders’ firsthand struggle to produce a compelling sports video, realizing the complexity beyond just filming with a GoPro. They encountered challenges in hiring video editors, prompting them to establish a platform to provide a solution to others within the same conundrum. 

Viedit aspires to facilitate seamless collaboration between clients and freelance video editors and filmmakers worldwide, ensuring equitable compensation and recognition for their contributions. 

They help with video editing, animation, camera work, and video production. 

Let’s take a look at how their process works.

Workflow At Viedit
Project Pick-Up And Payment Details
Highlight Of This Service

Viedit is great for hiring video editors for a variety of tasks across diverse video types because freelancers on the platform pick the project based on their expertise. 

To view some of their work please visit their website.

2. Backstage

The origin of Backstage traces back to its inception as a weekly trade newspaper, dating back to 1960. Founded by Zwerdling and Ira Eaker, with Zwerdling assuming the role of editor and Eaker as advertising director, Back Stage swiftly emerged as an invaluable resource for emerging actors. Over the years, it played a pivotal role in launching the careers of numerous A-list actors, including Al Pacino, Denzel Washington, Sandra Bullock, Scarlett Johansson, and Viola Davis.

In 2011, Backstage underwent a significant transformation, transitioning into a digital career platform. Today, this digital career platform has evolved into a comprehensive hub catering not only to actors but also to those hiring video editors and various other professionals in the video production world Clients now have the privilege of selecting top-tier video editors from a diverse pool of talent available on the platform.

Let’s take a look at their processes. 

Workflow At Backstage
Project Pick-Up And Payment Details
Highlight Of This Service

All communication, selections, payments, and other features are within one platform significantly streamlining the process.

Backstage is mostly for TV and film production, so it would be best suited for similar large video editing projects than small projects. 

To view work done by the freelancers on this site, we recommend visiting individual profiles. 

3. ProductionHub

Similar to Backstage, ProductionHub functions as a worldwide network connecting professionals within the video production industry. Today, it’s also one of the best platforms for hiring video editors.

The genesis of ProductionHub dates back to its founder, John Pokorny, who conceived the platform to address two pressing issues encountered by his production company. Firstly, the challenge of sourcing dependable and skilled crew members consumed valuable time. Secondly, the steep costs associated with local advertising posed a significant barrier to expanding into new markets.

Since its establishment in 1999, ProductionHub has become an indispensable resource, facilitating connections between TV networks, production companies, and proficient production crews.

Let’s take a look at the steps involved in hiring video editors on ProductionHub.

Workflow At ProductionHub
Project Pick-Up and Payment Details
Highlight Of This Service

While this service is great for hiring video editors, keep in mind that it’s best suited for local use in the US and Canada. 

To view work done by the freelancers on this site, we recommend visiting individual profiles. 

Wrap Up

Statistics show that 54% of consumers want to see marketers creating video content. A good video can make the difference between capturing the audience’s attention and leaving a lasting impression or being overlooked and forgotten.

And to make a good video you need a good video editor. 

Across all the three video editing services we looked at, the featured freelancers are predominantly professionals. They are actively engaged in video production and editing, boasting expertise gained from substantial experience in large-scale video productions. And such experience can ensure top-quality video edits. 

That’s one of the top reasons we recommend hiring video editors from these sites. 

However, if you want to skip the hiring process altogether, simply entrust your video editing projects to unlimited design services like Design Pickle, KIMP, No Limit Creatives, and other similar video editing services. There are great benefits to using unlimited design services instead of freelancers. We recommend you weigh both options before proceeding. 

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