5 Reasons You Need Infographics In Your Content Marketing


Infographics are a marketer’s secret tool for cutting short the effort spent on pages of content. The word itself is self-explanatory. It’s a combination of the two words information and graphics. Basically, it means information that’s presented in graphics. 

Infographics are pages of information condensed down to graphics like charts and graphs that help communicate the core message better. In short, an infographic can convey complex information in the simplest format anyone can understand.  It can include any kind of image that supports cognition.

Visuals are known to amplify cognition. Can you believe that we remember 80% of what we see and only 20% of what we read? Yes, that’s right. Let us amaze you further. Did you also know that the brain has the capacity to process visuals 60,000 times faster than texts? Can you even imagine what this means for you marketers? There’s a higher probability of your audience engaging with an infographic than they would with textual content. 

So if you’re looking to make your brand known among consumers or you want to pitch your product to them then infographics are your answer. 

5 reasons why you need to incorporate Infographics in your content marketing 

1. Easy to Digest Information                                                       

There’s so much information out there that consumers come across in a day. You kind of feel sorry for them because they have to read all this information that marketers keep pouring on them. It’s also hard to imagine how they can retain all of this.

This is why you should assist your audience with remembering your marketing by presenting your brand in a more digestible way. 

Tips for presenting information effectively through infographics

2. Improved Audience Engagement

Infographics are known to increase audience engagement because of their readability. People love stories and infographics have the tendency to give them stories. It then becomes an intriguing thing to look at. This helps improve their engagement with the content. As opposed to pages of boring data, this is much more interesting. 

Tips for increasing engagement through visually appealing infographics

3 Increased Social Media Visibility

Infographics work well on social media. And social media is swarming with potential leads. It’s your job to help convert some of those leads into paying customers. And one of the best ways in which you can do that is by introducing your brand and the services you offer in the form of infographics. 

According to Hubspot records infographics are liked and shared 3 times more than other content types that are shared on social media. This then is a perfect option for making yourself known on social media.

Tips for using infographics to increase social media visibility

4. Enhanced Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is what helps direct potential consumers your way. While there are many ways to introduce your brand to people, infographics are the one-stop shop that can provide it all. 

Normally for a consumer to be aware of a brand they’d have to visit a website, learn about their services, and read so many social media posts to properly understand them. But with a carefully crafted infographic, you can say it all in one go in the most creative way. Your customers would be able to get a clear awareness of your brand within a very short span of time. 

Tips for building brand awareness through infographics

5. Increased Traffic and Backlinks

Your sole purpose as a content marketer is to compile content that helps direct traffic your way. Did you know that this can be done with infographics? If the content is relevant and the design is awesome there’s a high chance that your infographic can go viral. There will be an increase in shares which would ultimately lead a host of customers your way.

Tips for using infographics to increase website traffic and gain backlinks


Infographics are the ideal tool for content marketing. Large pieces of content material can be broken down into digestible information with the proper use of infographics. Since visuals are more engaging than text, it’s your best bet in conveying your message successfully. Don’t believe us? Have a look at the infographic below. Doesn’t it help you take in all of this information easily?


This infographic was created using a DIY tool. While it gets the job done it’s quite limited in comparison to what a professional designer can do. A professional can make it much more personal.

In any case, making sure your content is visually attractive and informative guarantees your way into the screens of consumers, increasing your chances of backlinks and traffic. This in turn will increase brand awareness. It’s a whole package of goodness. 

What’s more, infographics are evergreen pieces of marketing material. You can just swap out details and make relevant updates to the same and it will still be useful. 

If you’re in the middle of your marketing strategy, squeeze in an infographic and see how much you can benefit from it. Use these tips to help guide you. But if you’re struggling with the designing part of your infographic check out these unlimited graphic design subscriptions that can help you lighten the burden.  

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