Unlimited Video Editing Subscription: Irisbits Review 2024

Building a strong brand presence and fostering engagement with your audience are vital components for achieving success in today’s competitive market.

And if there’s one thing that can elevate your brand and increase engagement among your preferred audience, that’s video content. It comes as no shock that video content is the most sought-after form of content there is. 

Statistics also prove that when viewers watch a video, they retain 95% of the message, in contrast to only 10% retention when reading the same content in text format. So you just can’t pass up on using videos in your marketing. 

But as marketers and entrepreneurs, editing videos typically ranks at the bottom of the workload priority list. There’s just too much going on and you probably don’t have spare time to free your mind and churn out quality edits. 

But fret not! We’re here yet again with another unlimited video editing subscription review. In this blog, we will be looking into Irisbits, another video editing and graphic design company. 

As we go through this Irisbits review you will come to learn more about who they are and what they have to offer you. 

So without any delay, let’s jump right in!

Irisbits Review: About Irisbits

Irisbits is a video and graphic design company based in Bristol, United Kingdom. While there isn’t sufficient information to learn who its founder/founders are we can discover from their LinkedIn profile that they run a very small operation. 

They have roughly around 10 employees working in the company. We’ve also gathered from their LinkedIn profile that the majority of their designers are from Romania and Argentina. 

Their brand identity is quite simple. There are no fancy artworks and logos to pull you in. 

They keep things clean and tidy with their web pages as well. 

Their main attraction lies in their productized service model and one-subscription-allure. That’s right. They only have one monthly subscription. 

Let’s check out what services they offer within this subscription.

Irisbits Review: Scope Of Service

Irisbits positions itself as an optimal solution for content creators as well as businesses.

Their service offerings particularly for video editing work are what made us think they could be a potential service for you to check out. 

Let’s break down their scope, plans, and other details surrounding those. 

Video Services Scope

Here are some video work they do not do:

Video Services Not Offered

Let’s take a look at their pricing now. 

Plans And Pricing

As we mentioned before, Irisbits only has one plan. They don’t offer tiers of services. Instead, both video and graphics come in one single plan. Some examples of unlimited design services that offer tiered services include Design Pickle, Penji, and No Limit Creatives

Nevertheless, Irisbits do cater to custom plans.

The Irisbits design subscription is currently priced at $395/month. It includes the following:

One very important feature to note here is the unlimited exports. Some unlimited video editing services limit the number of exports per plan. 

And to have 4k footage support is also a plus point as some services only allow it in the highest plans. 

On top of the video scope we looked into previously, this plan also includes the following graphic design work:

Graphic Design Scope

When comparing pricing to the scope of services, Irisbits appears to offer the best value for the amount you pay from all the unlimited design services we’ve looked into so far. 

But there is a slight catch: They only work on 1 task at a time. 

While Irisbits’ pricing and scope appear attractive, the turnaround time for receiving videos and graphic design work may be slower, especially if you’re in a hurry. However, additional subscriptions can expedite delivery times, making them comparable to other similar services in terms of pricing.

Irisbits Review: Getting Started And Other Subscription Details

Irisbits does not offer a trial or a money-back guarantee. 

Nonetheless, much like other subscription-based design companies, the process of getting started is as easy as it can get. 

Just simply create your account by hitting that Get Started CTA. It’ll then direct you to complete details about your account name etc. Once that’s complete they will send a link to confirm your account and activate it. 

After successful activation, you can make the payment of $395 and you will have access to the dashboard on their website. 

There you can immediately start adding your work. Simply send links to your video content that needs editing along with your brand assets. 

Once everything is in order they will start working on your requests.

All communication regarding requests happens inside this project management dashboard on their website. You can also expect to receive updates along the design process. 

The average turnaround time they promise is 1-2 business days. But as it is with any other unlimited design service, complex tasks with complex briefs will slightly go over this time frame. Plus the number of revisions needed and how you give feedback can also push the turnaround for the final design. 

In any case, once you receive your design and review it, they revise it as much as you want till you are happy or if it’s to your liking just go ahead and download it right then and there. And once the task is marked as complete, they will move on to the next task. 

They don’t have a special annotation tool for making revisions. Also, they provide all source files for video requests except source files of 3rd party assets used within the video. 


You will have a dedicated video editor plus a dedicated graphic designer. Your Irisbits video editors and other designers will only work Monday-Friday. 

Pausing And Cancelling

Irisbits does not offer any pause features. However, they accommodate cancellations at any time as long as it’s communicated before the start of a new billing cycle. Once you cancel a subscription, as per usual, you will continue to have access to the dashboard till the end of that billing cycle. 

Other Information

One very important thing to note about Irisbits is they do not assure a quality check. Here’s an excerpt from their Terms and Conditions that will put this into perspective:

We do not warrant that the quality of any products, services, information, or other material purchased or obtained by you will meet your expectations, or that any errors in the Service will be corrected.

We the the Service Provider are not obliged to edit, check, or guarantee the correctness and quality of any content in any way whatsoever, and the end product shall be made at the entire risk of the Client. You (the Client) have full responsibility to check the quality and correctness of any content or final product.”

This might be an important fine print to read. There are unlimited design services that provide a quality check. Project managers, quality analysts, and account managers are usually present in those companies and they provide this quality check after a design is complete. But the subscription pricing is slightly a bit more than Irisbits. 

Irisbits lower-end pricing could be because they don’t offer these additional team members and quality assurances. 

This is something to think about if you’re looking into Irisbits’ services. 

With that let’s move ahead to look at some of the examples of their work. 

Irisbits Review: Video Samples

Here are videos edited by Irisbits:

Looks quite impressive. 

Let’s look at some reviews by happy clients.

Irisbits Review: Client Reviews

Here are some of the reviews featured on the Irisbits website:

All the reviews seem to indicate that Irisbits does a bang-up job of editing their videos. 

Irisbits Review: The Verdict

Securing an unlimited video editing subscription from Irisbits at their offered price is undeniably a remarkable deal. It’s worth re-emphasizing the impressive scope offered in relation to the pricing. But there are some considerations. There may arise concerns regarding the quality assurance process and the limitation of working on one task at a time. These could be drawbacks for some users. 

However, it’s important to note that Irisbits still presents itself as a compelling option for fulfilling your video editing needs. Nevertheless, for those seeking a more comprehensive solution, exploring alternatives such as KIMP, Design Pickle, and No Limit Creatives is highly recommended.

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