Kimp Review 2023: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

kimp review

Businesses choose unlimited graphic design services because they are convenient and cost-effective. There are plenty of services offering unlimited design but only a few have clear and practical plans. And Kimp is one among them. What makes Kimp one of the most trusted names in the industry? What kinds of businesses benefit from the subscriptions offered by Kimp? Let’s find out all that and more from this Kimp review. 

Kimp  – an overview

The Kimp team started out in 2003 offering graphic design services. After venturing into multiple industries and expanding their clientele, the team then pivoted to the subscription model in graphic design services in the year 2019. Initially, there was just one subscription for graphic design and now the team also excels in motion graphics. 

Kimp has a global team of illustrators, designers and motion graphics artists to support clients across time zones. Having worked with thousands of clients from around the world Kimp is now one of the top-rated unlimited graphic design services known for its quality of work, consistent design output volume, and several other strengths. 

So, will Kimp subscriptions be able to give your marketing and branding designs a facelift? 

Kimp review – plans & pricing

Who is Kimp for

Kimp Review – what does your subscription cover?

One of the biggest perks of working with Kimp is that the plans are very clear. You just have to ask yourself one question – do you need graphic design for your business or video design or both? Because the Graphics plan covers all graphic design types, the Video plan covers a wide range of motion graphics designs and the Graphics + Video plan includes both. 

When it comes to graphic design, the Kimp team can create a variety of design types like: 

As you can see, the scope is pretty expensive. The Kimp team also supports Whitelabel content. So if you are looking for designs that can be resold, the team can create them for you. And they also create NFT designs that help you venture into the world of digital collectibles. 

In the motion graphics design category, the Kimp team can take care of most short-form videos for social media and marketing. A few video types the team can create include: 

In addition to this the Video plan also includes video editing. So, if you have raw footage to be used on social media, the team can help you give these videos professional touch-ups and your brand’s flair. 

How does Kimp work?

Service demonstration 

Like most unlimited graphic design services, Kimp lets you book a free one-on-one demo call. With a few basic contact details and the details of the guests who will be part of the demo, you can quickly set up the call in a time slot convenient to you. 

This 30-minute call will give you a walkthrough of the plans and how you manage your account through Trello. 


Kimp has a risk-free free trial option for new clients. Once you know which plan to go with, you can start with a free trial. So, you get to explore the process and design quality without making any payment upfront. Your monthly payment is debited only after the 7-day trial period ends. 

During the trial period, you can access your dashboard and start placing design requests. The number of designs you can request during the trial period depends on the plan you choose. If you are happy with the design and decide to go with Kimp your subscription begins as soon as your trial period ends. 

Trello for project management 

Kimp uses Trello for project management. And so once your account is created you will be accessing your dashboard on Trello. From managing all your brand profiles to creating and tracking requests and accessing finished design files, everything is on Trello. 

Kimp supports 2 active tasks for the Graphics and Video plans and a total of 4 active requests (2 graphic designs + 2 video designs) for the Graphics + Video plan. So, when you add your requests, ensure that the cards are placed in the order of priority. This helps your dedicated design team to pick up and work on priority tasks first. 

You can access the completed designs from your Trello board and request revisions or download source files. 

The fact that Kimp uses Trello for project management comes as a plus for some businesses. Most unlimited graphic design services have their custom platform where clients can place requests and track progress. Kimp has also been talking about the launch of its new custom platform which is most likely to replace Trello in the near future. 

Kimp recently shared a preview of the dashboard on the new Kimp360 platform and it looks pretty sleek. 

Until the Kimp360 platform is rolled out for all clients project management will be through the Trello board. 

Kimp review – weighing the pros and cons


Designated design team 

Working with a dedicated designer makes the collaboration simpler. To make this even more convenient and to support 2 active tasks Kimp assigns a team of 3 designers and a Project Manager to your account. 

These will be the designers you get to work with on an ongoing basis. So, with every design request and with every feedback you know that your designer starts understanding your brand and your requirements better. 

Clear tier-free pricing 

One of the first things you might notice with Kimp is its straightforward tier-free pricing. With some unlimited design services, you might be paying extra just to add a couple of design types like say illustration design or presentation design. And with others, you might be paying extra to have a designated designer onboard. Kimp offers all of these features with all of its plans. 

In addition to all these, the fact that there can be 2 active tasks combined with the quick turnaround that Kimp has ensures a large design output volume for your business. So, even though the plans are priced more or less similar to that of most unlimited design services, these are great value plans. 

Designer availability in multiple time zones 

One of the main reasons to go with Kimp will be its global design team. Unlike most unlimited design services that only support in a limited time zone, Kimp supports clients in different time zones. 

Based on your location, a suitable design team that has the maximum overlap with your time zone is assigned to your account. So, communicating with your design is much more convenient and the responses are prompt. Kimp also lets you communicate with your team through Trello and via email as well. 

Limited designs supported during free trial 

The 7-day free trial option definitely simplifies the process. But during this period, you can only place 3 design requests for the Graphics plan or 1 design request for the video plan. And several design types like logos, landing pages, presentations, and brand mascots are not covered during the trial period. 

So, you can only use the trial period to get an overview of the process and the responsiveness of the team as well as the quality of designs delivered. 

Kimp review – customers’ perspectives

“I decided to try Kimp to offload the design burden I’ve had to handle myself. I’ve been impressed with their EXTREMELY quick turnaround times. It’s great that their designers work on x2 active requests at once, and they don’t have to wait for you to ‘approve’ a design before starting on the next. I highly doubt other companies offer this. I’d definitely recommend their service if you want quality designs at an affordable price.”

-Megan Han

Source: Trustpilot 

“The work gets done fast and correctly, the team is friendly, and the workflow they have set up is user friendly! We love using them for graphics and photography edits.”

-Sarah Boone

Source: Google Reviews 

Designs by Kimp

Custom illustration 

Logo design 

Characters & Mascots 

Motion graphics 

Kimp review – final verdict

Kimp’s plans are competitively priced as per industry standards. Moreover, the Graphics + Video plan is one of the best deals you can get in case you are looking for both unlimited video design and unlimited graphic design. Because with most unlimited design services, plans that include both graphic design and motion graphics are more expensive than Kimp Graphics + Video or they do not include services like video editing but Kimp’s plan does. But yes, the motion graphic design service only includes short videos and not long-form videos. So, if you are looking to come up with a lot of marketing designs for your brand, or revamp your social media strategy with multiple short videos a month, Kimp is a great choice. 

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