8 Eye-Catching Logo Design Ideas From The Top Unlimited Graphic Design Services

Your logo isn’t just a symbol – it’s the visual embodiment of your brand’s identity, leaving an indelible mark on people’s minds. It’s often the first thing that springs to memory when mentioning your brand. A well-crafted logo isn’t just visually appealing; it’s a storyteller, conveying your essence, values, and mission in a single glance.

In our quest to dive deeper into this logo magic, we’re excited to showcase 8 remarkable logo design ideas crafted by various unlimited graphic design services. Each logo is a testament to the artistry, creativity, and strategic thinking that goes into logo design.

But first, we will explore the types of logos out there and what factors contribute to constituting a good logo. 

Since we’ve already covered the types of logos in detail in a previous blog, let’s only take an eagle’s eye view of them.

Types of Logos

1. Monogram logos – Monogram logos are stylized designs that combine two or more letters, often initials, into a single, unique symbol.

2. Wordmark logos – Wordmark logos are text-based logos that use a distinctive font or typography to represent a brand’s name or identity.

3. Pictorial mark logos – Pictorial mark logos are simple, graphic symbols or icons that represent a brand or company without the use of text.

4. Abstract mark logos – Abstract mark logos are unique and non-representational symbols that convey a brand’s identity in a distinctive, artistic way, often without clear associations to specific objects or concepts.

5. Mascot logos – Mascot logos feature a character or figure, often anthropomorphic, that serves as the brand’s representative and symbol.

6. Combination mark logos – Combination mark logos incorporate both text and a symbol or icon to create a unified brand representation.

7. Emblem Logos – Emblem logos are intricate designs where text is usually enclosed within a symbol or shape, creating a unified, traditional look.

Next, we’ll take a look at the factors that you need to consider when coming up with logo design ideas according to any of these logo types. 

Factors to Consider when Designing a Logo

1. Simplicity

 Keep it simple to make it easily recognizable and memorable.

 2. Relevance

Ensure the logo aligns with the brand’s identity and industry.

 3. Memorability

Make it distinctive so that it sticks in people’s minds.

 4. Versatility

Ensure it works well in various sizes and on different mediums.

 5. Timelessness

Design with a long-term perspective, avoiding trends that may quickly become outdated.

 6. Appropriateness

Reflect on the brand’s values, mission, and target audience.

 7. Uniqueness

Stand out from competitors and avoid generic designs.

 8. Balance

Maintain a harmonious visual balance between elements.

 9. Scalability

Ensure the logo looks good whether it’s small on a business card or large on a billboard.

As you can see there are many factors that help formulate a logo. And the logo you create will have long-term effects on your brand. That’s why considering these factors and then choosing the type of logo you want is such a crucial step. 

Now it’s time to look at those breathtaking logo design ideas we promised, from the top unlimited graphic design services in the industry. These logo design ideas will give you much inspiration and help you decide on what suits your brand the best. 

8 Logo Design Ideas from Unlimited Graphic Design Services

1. Penji

This logo by Penji is a wordmark logo. The logo is for a printing company as seen by the wording on the latter part of the logo. 

This logo also uses a font size variation to emphasize important parts of the company name.

The colors of the embellishments on the letter “O” also strengthen the implication that this logo is for a printing company because those colors relate to the CMYK color scheme in print productions. It’s quite simple yet genius. 

Also, the emphasis on the letter “O” can help them later turn the logo into a Pictorial mark logo after having established their name. On the whole, the logo is unique and easy to recall.

Tips to take away

Quick fact: Did you know that 33% of top brands incorporate blue in their logo designs? 

2. Kimp

One of the most detailed logo design ideas out of this lot is this one by Kimp. It can be considered a combination logo owing to its mixture of text and an imposing image. 

The illustration of a goat with different embellishments pertaining to a barber shop makes this logo unique and memorable. Going for custom illustrations instead of stock images can give a pleasant twist to a commonplace element like a goat. Not only so but the fine line work of the illustration make for a sophisticated logo. 

Then the use of the font for the text part also pairs well with the illustration. This kind of wholesome work helps exude the quality of the establishment and its services. 

Tips to take away

Quick fact: Did you know that 28% of the top brand use black or greyscale colors in their logos?

3. No Limit Creatives

Here’s a monogram logo by No Limit Creatives. Since this is a brand that’s not famous, it’s common for the full name to accompany it. 

This logo uses a dual color scheme which is also an integral part that makes this logo unique. The colors are strategically manipulated to bring out the shapes of the letters. The chosen font is a big and bold font suiting the industry this brand seemingly belongs to. 

Tips to take away

Quick fact: Did you know that 29% of the top brand use the color red in their logos?

4. Duck Design

This logo by Duck Design is a combination mark logo. It has both a pictorial mark as well as a word mark.

The wordmark is used as the inspiration for coming up with the pictorial element as you can see. They’ve also incorporated a color scheme that goes well with the Crypto Currency industry. And if you’re looking for simplistic and versatile logo design ideas this is a great example. Also, this logo can work on any medium or platform.

Tips to take away

Quick fact: Did you know that the most popular type of logo is the combination mark logo? 

5. Delesign

This logo design is by Delesign. It’s an abstract mark logo as seen by the picture element. 

The unique picture element is not fully clear on what it means. That’s why this qualifies as an abstract mark logo. But since it’s a logo for a Yoga business, we can assign meaning to the different components. There’s a component that looks like an eye and the middle elements could symbolize a body and the circle around it could mean “whole”. Like how Yoga is perceived to engage the mind and body. 

But it’s not obvious so it’s open to interpretation. That’s the key aspect of abstract logo design ideas. So Delesign has done well on that front. The color green is also a perfect color for this logo design. 

Tips to take away

Quick fact: Did you know that 78% of people believe that logos are a work of art? 

6. Flocksy

Here is a great logo design by Flocksy. It’s an Emblem logo because the name of the brand is set inside a distinct shape. 

The beauty of this logo is that the shape is strategically designed to depict exactly what the brand name means. And the colors used are perfect for the setting. The font that they have used further accentuates the feel of the logo design. This makes this one of the top logo design ideas for you to try out. 

Tips to take away

Quick fact: Did you know that research suggests that 47% of all logos use all caps?

7. Many Pixels

Here is a logo design idea by Many Pixels. It’s a Pictorial mark logo as it doesn’t accompany any text. 

Also, because it’s a pictorial mark logo you can see that they’ve given much attention to it in terms of detail so that anyone who looks at it can come to a conclusion about what this brand could potentially be. 

Even though there’s no brand name displayed, we can guess that this brand has something to do with houses. Additionally, the Greek letter Omega could perhaps be a hint of the brand name. Isn’t that a brilliant way to use negative space to tell a story without words? 

If you’re an already established brand these types of logo design ideas will work great. If not it’s best to have it accompanied along with the wordmark.  

Tips to take away

Quick fact: Did you know that 95% of the world’s most recognizable brands have simple logo designs?

8. DotYeti

This is a combination mark logo design by DotYeti. It combines a wordmark and a picture to showcase its brand name. 

The specialty of this logo is the simplicity it exudes. It looks very sophisticated. The monochromatic color palette further accentuates this sophistication. Even though they’ve gone all caps for the brand name font, it doesn’t look overpowering because of the sans-serif font used. All of this makes this one of the most appealing logo design ideas to try out.

Tips to takeaway

Quick fact: Did you know that 95% of the world’s leading brands use one or two colors in their logo designs?

Let’s Wrap Up

With all that we just covered it’s safe to say that logo design is utterly important for a brand. Since it’s the face of your company, you need to have an attractive logo that adheres to your brand’s values and message. So we hope that you were inspired by these logo design ideas by the top unlimited graphic design services out there and we also hope that you will put into practice the factors we urged you to consider and the various tips we provided. 

Follow them and we can guarantee that you will come up with a great logo design. If you can’t do it alone then one of these unlimited graphic design services will be able to. There are many benefits of using an unlimited graphic design service to get your logo design done. So take your logo design ideas and collaborate with one of these masters of the trade to get yourself a stop-in-your-tracks kind of logo. 

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