Our Favorite Logo Design Projects by Popular Unlimited Graphic Design Companies

Logos are a brand’s visual handshake with the world, distilling complex identities into a simple, memorable mark. Beyond aesthetics, they’re ambassadors of a brand’s essence, conveying its personality, values, and mission at a glance. 

A well-crafted logo fosters instant recognition, building trust and loyalty. The interplay of colors, shapes, and symbols embeds a lasting imprint in the minds of consumers.

Logos sure are exciting, aren’t they? In this blog, we will be looking at some of our favorite logo design projects by popular unlimited graphic design companies. We will be looking at all the details that make these logos stand out to grab some logo design lessons from them as well. 

We previously covered a set of 8 eye-catching logo designs by some of these unlimited graphic design companies, but if you’re a logo enthusiast then stick around as we divulge into this ultimate list of 20 logo design projects by 20 different unlimited graphic design companies. 

Let’s begin! 

1. Design Pickle

Type of logo: Mascot logo

Design Pickle’s adept creation for a gaming brand embodies a deep understanding of the genre’s unique demands. The mascot logo, intricately detailed, exudes a compelling gaming vibe – from the character’s expressive features to its dynamic pose, it magnetically resonates with like-minded gaming enthusiasts. 

The deliberate color scheme, predominantly red and yellow, doesn’t just reflect brand colors but injects an energetic vibrancy. The strategic use of gold-like effects on the letters adds a regal touch, elevating the logo’s visual impact. 

Notably, the white outline serves as a unifying element, seamlessly melding the mascot, brand name, and surrounding elements into a cohesive whole. 

This logo design not only captures the essence of gaming but also stands as a testament to Design Pickle’s acumen in crafting compelling logo design projects and on-brand visuals.

2. Penji

Type of logo: Combination mark logo 

Penji’s adept logo design for a coffee brand showcases a mastery of minimalism with a nuanced touch – a skill highly required for logo design projects. The monochromatic scheme, mirroring the rich hues of coffee, forms a seamless connection to the brand and its offerings. It shows how important it is to pair color schemes with the core elements of your brand.  

Within the emblem, coffee beans gracefully adorn the closing end of an oval, symbolizing both elegance and the essence of the brand. 

The typography, a pivotal element, is meticulously crafted. The brand name, “NOIR,” is presented in sleek serif fonts with ideal spacing, which sets a kind of traditional and classy look. The smaller capitalized subtext at the logo’s base complements the brand name and balances out the visual as a whole. 

The strategic placement of two dots adds a vintage charm, contributing to the overall aesthetic. This logo is a testament to Penji’s thoughtful design process, capturing the very spirit of the coffee industry.

3. No Limit Creatives 

Type of logo: Mascot logo

This mascot logo, tailored for a cleaning service, masterfully communicates cleanliness through its design elements.

The muted blue shades and crisp white hues evoke the image of spotless surfaces, akin to clean glasses. Intricate shine effects further emphasize the theme of cleanliness. It goes without saying that it bodes well to draw inspiration from your very industry. 

The mascot, a friendly hippo, is illustrated in a very comical style which is appropriate for the casual everyday audience. From the brand name to the tagline, every aspect resonates with this central hippo theme. And sticking to a theme is a crucial requirement for logo design projects. 

Finally, the circle at the back harmoniously brings all the elements together for a more put-together look! 

No Limit Creatives’ logo designers should be commended for successfully executing this logo design to suit the industry while also adding a touch of whim.


Type of logo: Wordmark logo 

KIMP’s ingenuity shines in their logo design for a custom garment printing business, aptly named “INK IT UP.” What distinguishes this logo is its astute attention to both color and typography. 

The CMYK color scheme, a nod to print specifics, is executed with brilliance. The yellow, magenta, and cyan outlined in thick black not only reflect industry standards but also add a visually appealing vibrancy. 

The typography takes center stage as the designers skillfully manipulate letterforms, seamlessly merging the ‘IT’ into the ‘UP’ of the logo name and inverting the letter “K” for a better overall form. 

This typographical fusion not only showcases a mastery of design rules but also underscores the brand’s core message of transforming ideas into tangible prints. 

KIMP’s logo for INK IT UP stands as a testament to what happens when professional designers are involved in logo design projects. They are able to experiment with commonly available typefaces to turn out unique compositions. 

5. Reel Unlimited

Type of logo: Wordmark logo

Reel Unlimited’s podcast logo is a nostalgic masterpiece, embracing a commendable retro color scheme that instantly captivates.

The 3D treatment of the letters in “INSYNC” adds a dynamic visual dimension, while the shading and shadow effects beneath them evoke classic retro comic style, notably in the striking blue and black combination. The choice of a sans-serif font in bold capital letters aligns perfectly with the podcast theme, ensuring clarity and impact. 

This logo demonstrates Reel Unlimited’s design finesse when it comes to creating logo design projects. Not only so, but it also serves as a clear indicator of their attentiveness to the unique requirements and nuances of the podcasting industry, where visual appeal and thematic coherence are paramount.

6. ManyPixels

Type of logo: Pictorial mark logo

ManyPixels’ pictorial mark for gaming succinctly communicates its purpose with impressive clarity as it should when it comes to these types of logo design projects. 

The logo, designed for gaming enthusiasts, employs a minimal yet futuristic purple-and-white color scheme. The deep purple exudes a sense of modernity, aligning seamlessly with the gaming industry’s dynamic nature. The thick white line drawing of a joystick-grasping fist serves as a powerful symbol, unmistakably catering to hardcore gamers. 

The circular enclosure not only frames the central element but also contributes to a cohesive and balanced design. 

Despite its simplicity, this logo masterfully captures the essence of gaming, demonstrating ManyPixels’ ability to distill complex themes into a visually compelling and instantly recognizable mark for enthusiasts in the gaming world.

7. Kapa99

Type of logo: Monogram logo

Kapa99’s monogram logo for an art business adeptly intertwines creativity and brand recognition. 

While showcasing the striking initials, a departure from conventional monograms, the inclusion of the full brand name ensures clarity for a less established business. This strategic decision prevents ambiguity and aids in establishing brand identity. 

The clever alignment and kerning of letters form an artful unity, creating an invisible “V” that adds a subtle layer of intrigue to the design. It shows how you can bend and mold letter forms to your advantage if you think outside the box. 

Predominantly black, the logo’s adaptability to various surfaces demonstrates practical versatility which is something to highly consider while doing logo design projects. 

The encircling of the monogram by the full brand name not only reinforces the identity but also unifies the elements cohesively. 

Kapa99’s design prowess shines through in a logo that both captivates and effectively communicates the essence of the art business it represents.

8. Design Shifu

Type of logo: Combination mark logo

Design Shifu’s creation for BOTANIC Cosmetics is a visual masterpiece, seamlessly embodying the essence of natural beauty as seen in many of the logo design projects in this industry. 

The brilliant combination of teal and black exudes sophistication, a perfect match for a cosmetic company emphasizing natural ingredients.

The typography takes center stage with the word “BOTANIC” ingeniously broken into three parts, artfully stacked to create a harmonious visual rhythm. The reduction in font size for “Cosmetics” ensures a balanced layout. Sometimes the most creative of things can be achieved by breaking from traditional layouts while still adhering to the correct design principles. 

Next, subtle leafy elements, from the arrow-like motifs to the paint stroke backdrop, elevate the logo’s overall appeal, echoing the brand’s commitment to nature-inspired beauty. 

Design Shifu’s logo designers have delivered a logo that not only captures the essence of the brand but also stands as a testament to the artistry within the cosmetics industry.

9. Graphically

Type of logo: Combination mark logo

Graphically’s logo for a photography brand embodies simplicity with profound intent. 

Crafted for a brand named “CAPTURE,” the monochromatic palette evokes a timeless and elegant visual narrative, fitting seamlessly into the photography theme. 

The typography, characterized by increased tracking between bold capital letters, ensures clarity and a clean logo design. 

The brilliance, however, lies in the accompanying logo mark – an ingenious interpretation of the “focus” gesture made with hands. The square shape within could symbolize the parameters of focus, adding depth and meaning to the design. It signals how simple things surrounding an industry can be used in a creative manner. 

It stands as a testament to the power of simplicity and conceptual creativity in effective logo design projects.

10. Delesign

Type of logo: Wordmark logo

Delesign’s wordmark logo for a studio is a visual marvel, transcending the ordinary with its out-of-this-world design. 

The choice of a perfectly selected sans-serif font brings a uniform and intriguing quality to the brand name “UNION.” The repetition of the U and N, cleverly mirroring each other, creates a seamless and visually appealing symmetry. The subtle inversion of the U to form the N adds a layer of sophistication. 

The unique yellow is subtly applied as a gradient across the letters, contributing to a sense of depth, and making the logo truly stand out. 

The rest of the wordmark logo – the words “studio” are featured in an outline font but in a smaller size which perfectly makes sense as it doesn’t take away too much attention from the brand name. 

Delesign’s inventive use of design elements results in a wordmark logo that is both captivating and distinctive. This type of innovation is something that all good logo design projects demand. 

11.  Dweebi

Type of logo: Combination mark logo

Dweebi’s logo for Ozability Homes is a testament to thoughtful and impactful branding when it comes to effective logo design projects. 

Tailored for an organization providing homes for people with disabilities, the typographic emphasis on “ability” through bolding sends a positive and empowering message. 

The incorporation of a house element aligns seamlessly with the organization’s mission, visually conveying their commitment to providing homes. 

It’s also important to visualize how the logo will look in different settings. As you can see even on various backgrounds, the logo is versatile as the elements harmonize well, maintaining a strong brand identity which is an important part of creating logo design projects. 

Dweebi’s design aptly marries visual elements with the organization’s purpose, creating a logo that not only communicates effectively but also resonates with empathy, reflecting the core values of Ozability Homes.

12. Flocksy

Type of logo: Emblem logo

Flocksy’s Piestewa Games logo, dedicated to the Lori Piestewa National Native American Games, is a stunning tribute to Native American culture. The design intricately captures the essence of this cultural celebration through unique embellishments, culturally rooted shapes, and distinctive typography. 

The font for “PIESTEWA GAMES,” resembling dilapidated wood, exudes a rustic and ancient charm, adding depth to the design. 

The incorporation of elements from Native American culture showcases a thoughtful integration of tradition. For logo design projects like this, it helps enhance the logo’s visual appeal. 

The monochromatic color scheme further accentuates the logo’s timeless and dignified aesthetic. 

Flocksy’s design successfully weaves together cultural elements, typography, and color to create a logo that authentically honors the spirit of the event. 

13. Greenpixel

Type of logo: Combination mark

Greenpixel’s design for Watch Philosophy showcases masterful artistry and strategic brand thinking – very important things for logo design projects. Combining the brand name with a versatile monogram reflects a forward-thinking approach, providing the option for a standalone monogram logo in the future. 

The capitalized sans-serif font exudes a sophisticated and modern tone, aligning perfectly with the brand’s ethos. The monogram, skillfully crafted through the strategic arrangement of shapes, subtly mimics the initials W & P. 

The monochromatic color scheme adds a touch of timelessness, while the display of various brand color settings highlights its adaptability. 

This logo design stands as a testament to Greenpixel’s ability to seamlessly integrate design elements, strategy, and versatility into a visually compelling and cohesive brand representation. 

14. DesignTork

Type of logo: Combination mark logo

DesignTork’s logo for Puppy Love pet shop is a harmonious blend of creativity, brand alignment, and emotional depth, a crucial trio required for logo design projects like this one.  

The heart seamlessly integrated with a puppy’s face not only embodies the brand name but also radiates affection and warmth. 

The choice of a soft sans-serif font adds a touch of care and gentleness, aligning perfectly with the nature of the business. 

The color palette, beautifully combined, exudes a casual and calm vibe, creating a welcoming atmosphere for pet lovers. 

DesignTork’s thoughtful design captures the essence of Puppy Love, making the logo not just visually appealing but a genuine reflection of the care and affection offered to furry companions.

15. GraphicsZoo

Type of logo: Combination mark logo

GraphicsZoo’s logo design for an ice cream shop exemplifies the importance of drawing inspiration from the specific industry in logo design projects. 

Breaking away from the prevalent sans-serif trend, this logo embraces a serif font, rendering it unique and perfectly suited to the ice cream brand’s ambiance. Complementing this distinctive font is the secondary part of the logo, elegantly presented in a capitalized sans-serif style. 

The central element, a sizable ice cream cone adorned with various scoops, offers a delectable preview of the shop’s offerings. 

Overall, this logo composition masterfully embodies the brand’s vibe, showcasing GraphicsZoo’s prowess in delivering industry-specific and visually captivating logo design projects.

16. Draftss

Type of logo: Wordmark logo.

Draftss’ logo design for a reputation management brand stands out in its simplicity and effectiveness. 

The strategic application of design elements on the initial letter “R” not only serves as a distinctive wordmark but also doubles as a versatile monogram, as evident in the envelope design. 

The incorporation of an infinity symbol within the “R” adds a symbolic layer, emphasizing the need for an enduring good reputation. 

The choice of an all-caps serif font exudes a sense of professionalism and reliability, heightened by the cohesive white color scheme. 

The increased kerning between letters contributes to a balanced and wholesome visual appeal, showcasing how simplicity can elevate logo design projects.

17. Cueball Creatives

Type of logo: Wordmark logo

Cueball Creatives’ logo design for the clothing brand “Millesime” is a masterclass in aligning meaning with the essence of a brand. 

The French term “Millesime,” translating to the great vintage, finds a clever visual expression through the use of a typewriter font. The typewriter font not only adds a touch of vintage charm but also cleverly ties back to the brand’s essence, reminiscent of timeless craftsmanship. 

This skillful alignment of font style with the brand’s narrative showcases Cueball Creatives’ ability to infuse depth and meaning into logo design projects, creating a visual identity that resonates with the brand’s core identity.

18. Deer Designer

Type of logo: Combination logo

The “BABY KEYZ” toy shop logo by Deer Designer is an absolute delight, seamlessly blending a combination mark with a charming mascot. 

The choice of a clean, white sans-serif capitalized font maintains a minimal and pristine aesthetic. The strategic bolding of “BABY” adds a playful emphasis on the target audience, enhancing the overall visual impact. 

The adorable infant mascot, crafted from distinct shapes, brings the logo to life with its cartoon-like quality. The thoughtful use of a thick outline, rather than a thin line, accentuates the cute baby, contributing to the logo’s whimsical charm. 

The “BABY KEYZ” logo stands as a testament to the power of simplicity and character that needs to be seen in these types of logo design projects. 

19. Bee All Design 

Type of logo: Combination mark logo

Bee All Design’s logo for “Teach my Child” is a thoughtful masterpiece, reflecting a profound understanding of child education. 

The thin, tall, capitalized sans-serif font exudes playfulness and simplicity, while a small tagline adds a touch of informative charm. 

This visual metaphor, depicting a child as a growing plant with a light bulb face, conveys a powerful message of nurturing young minds and helping cerebral growth. 

The use of vibrant colors for the middle illustration, in contrast to monochromatic, unhappy flower pots on the sides, underscores the brand’s commitment to joyful learning.

 This logo exemplifies the depth and ingenuity involved in strategic logo design projects, delivering a visually appealing and conceptually rich brand identity.

20. Undullify

Type of logo: Combination mark logo

Undullify’s logo for the salon brand “Rave” is a nostalgic masterpiece, evoking the late ’90s and early 2000s aesthetic. 

The custom handwritten font exudes a vintage charm, capturing the essence of the era. The double stroke, with a vibrant red on top and a deeper color below, adds dimension and a touch of boldness to the typography. 

The star of the design is the scissor element, meticulously crafted with rhinestones, reminiscent of a bygone era’s glamour. 

The overall logo brilliantly communicates a brand with a deliberate old-fashioned allure, showcasing Undullify’s ability to infuse character and nostalgia into logo design projects.

Let’s Wrap Things!

Consumers are a brand’s top priority and 39% of them say that the logo reveals the brand’s quality. And we saw how these unlimited graphic design services have given so much thought to the logo design projects to help these brands achieve this. 

A logo has so much riding on it. So we hope that these favorites of ours inspired you for your own brand logo. 

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