Clash of the Logo Designers: The Best Unlimited Graphic Design Company Logos

We often focus on the awesome designs that our unlimited graphic design companies create for others. But let’s take a moment to look at something interesting – the logos of these different unlimited graphic design companies themselves.  

A logo serves as a visual ambassador, a succinct manifestation of a company’s identity.

So, in this unique analysis, we delve into the thoughtfully crafted logos of different unlimited graphic design providers. These logos, often overlooked in the grandeur of their extensive portfolios, play a pivotal role in setting the tone for the brand’s overall image.

In essence, this analysis transcends the ordinary, inviting readers to appreciate the nuance and intentionality behind the logos of unlimited graphic design services, showcasing that even in self-representation, these design virtuosos continue to push the boundaries of creativity and brand expression.

Let’s begin!

1. Design Pickle

Design Pickle’s logo is a smart combination mark logo. A circle encloses a minimalist line-drawn anthropomorphic pickle, reflecting their Pickle mascot. Design Pickle uses their Pickle mascot consistently in their branding and on their social media designs and ads as well.

The clear sans-serif uppercase font in their logo reinforces simplicity, and the monochrome palette adds further emphasis to this. 

This choice of bold, yet unembellished elements by the logo designers, mirrors the brand’s commitment to clear communication. 

If ever in a “design pickle,” the logo subtly suggests that Design Pickle has the savvy solution.

2. Penji

Penji’s wordmark logo defies simplicity with flair. The vibrant purple and pink palette infuses energy while maintaining a calm aura. 

The custom typography steals the show, with an eccentric ‘P’ and sharp peaks on ‘j’ and ‘i,’ showcasing the designers’ commitment to excitement and uniqueness. 

This mirrors Penji’s promise to infuse the same thrilling and distinctive elements into your designs. The logo designers at Penji have not just created a logo; but a preview of the creativity awaiting in their design services.

3. No Limit Creatives 

The logo designers at No Limit Creatives have refreshed their logo from their past version, now featuring “nolimit” in lowercase. The inclusion of an upward-pointing arrow at the top right corner transforms it into a sleek combination mark. 

The bold sans-serif font, aligned with the simplicity of lowercase, conveys a strong, straightforward vibe. The lone arrow introduces a dynamic touch, accentuating the theme of boundless possibilities in their services. 

Also avoiding the word break helps keep it innovative. 

This minimalist yet impactful design tweak reinforces the brand’s commitment to limitless creativity, with the arrow symbolizing an upward trajectory toward innovation.


KIMP’s logo, a captivating wordmark, employs an all-caps sans-serif font with meticulous customization, notably in the extended bottom stroke of the letter ‘K’ reaching but not merging into the ‘M.’ This playful touch underscores their dedication to creativity and innovation.

The logo designers have perfectly adjusted the kerning between the letters which shows their attention to detail.

Enhanced by a deep teal color, the logo not only exudes freshness but also serves as a distinctive marker in the competitive unlimited graphic design landscape. 

Overall, the customization is a visual testament to KIMP’s commitment to standing out and infusing inventive elements into their design services.

5. Reel Unlimited

Reel Unlimited’s logo, a savvy combination mark, adopts a monochromatic black palette, aptly complementing its deconstructed photo-reel element on the left. The clever reordering of these elements adds visual appeal. 

Custom typography elevates the logo, noticeable in the serifs on ‘i’ and ‘l,’ emphasizing a forward-thinking design ethos. The logo designers’ deliberate bolding of ‘reel’ speaks to a strategic emphasis, reflecting a brand that’s not just about creativity but also forward momentum. 

It’s a nuanced design that encapsulates Reel Unlimited’s innovative and thoughtful approach.

6. ManyPixels

ManyPixels’ logo, a captivating wordmark, stands out with its unique custom typography. In lowercase and adorned with a dark blue hue, the logo introduces an innovative twist with two lighter blue pixels cleverly forming the dot of ‘i’ and a portion of the stroke in  ‘x.’ 

The strategic pop of color in the standing element adds a vibrant touch. This creative ingenuity by their logo designers not only keeps the logo distinct but also serves as a testament to ManyPixels’ out-of-the-box thinking. 

These are all visual signs that echo their commitment to inventive and unique design solutions.

7. Kapa99

Kapa99’s combination mark logo is deeply personal, reflecting the founder’s connection by combining the first 2 letters of his (Ka) and his wife’s (Pa) names with the symbolic ’99’ denoting unlimited service. Hence the logo features this pivotal component in the brand identity!

The abstract ‘X’ icon within the logo adds a creative flair, enhanced by a well-balanced pop of color amidst muted black letters. The clever use of two shades of blue overlapping to form a third in the icon demonstrates artistic ingenuity. 

This personalized touch by the logo designers not only brings a fresh and cool sense to it but also establishes a friendly tone, making Kapa99’s logo a unique and inviting visual representation.

8. Design Shifu

Design Shifu’s mascot logo is a testament to creative prowess, featuring intricate details in both the mascot and typography. 

Depicting a shifu, a martial arts master in Chinese culture, the mascot wields a staff with a pen and brush, blending cultural depth with creative symbolism. A swift paint stroke encircles the name, adding dynamic flair. 

This mascot appears in various forms throughout their brand collateral. This helps maintain consistency in branding throughout. 

For the Design Shifu logo, the logo designers have opted to use typography rooted in Chinese culture, adding allure. The sophisticated color scheme, characterized by subdued purples and greys, enhances the logo’s appeal, presenting a harmonious blend of cultural significance and artistic finesse.

Purple is often associated with creativity according to color psychology. And for that reason, this color choice helps tie the rest of the logo together in perfect harmony. 

9. Graphically

Graphically’s combination mark logo seamlessly integrates an innovative mascot with unique typography, showcasing a dedication to distinctiveness. The mascot, resembling a futuristic AI or extraterrestrial entity, embodies the brand’s commitment to avant-garde designs. 

The same mascot is employed in full form in various other places across their website. This helps keep things on brand. 

The fully customized typography adds an extra layer of creativity, while the gradient color scheme enhances dimension.  

The synergy between the mascot and the gradient-laden wordmark creates a visually striking and harmonious logo. 

It’s evident that the logo designers poured creativity into every detail, resulting in a logo that not only stands out but also communicates Graphically’s cutting-edge and imaginative design ethos.

10. Delesign

Delesign’s logo, a sleek wordmark, stands out with its distinctive typography and sophisticated color palette. 

The customized sans-serif font showcases subtle yet effective design choices, evident in the tasteful curvature of otherwise sharp letter corners. 

The use of midnight blue, though a solid color, exudes a refined and appealing aesthetic, perfectly aligning with the brand’s overall identity. 

This thoughtful combination by their logo designers reflects Delesign’s commitment to simplicity and clarity in design. 

The logo serves as a visual embodiment of their clear-cut approach, where even nuanced details contribute to a cohesive and visually striking representation of the brand’s values and design philosophy.

11.  Dweebi

Dweebi’s logo, a minimalist wordmark, speaks volumes in simplicity. The choice of a thick lowercase sans-serif font by their logo designers not only aligns seamlessly with the brand’s tone but also radiates a casual and approachable vibe. 

The all-white color palette adds a timeless charm, enhancing the logo’s adaptability across various applications. This simplicity doesn’t just convey a friendly image; it makes the logo versatile and enduring. 

Dweebi’s design encapsulates the essence of their brand effortlessly, ensuring a lasting and universally appealing visual representation that resonates with their laid-back and friendly ethos.

12. Flocksy

Flocksy’s logo, a simple wordmark in sentence case, takes a straightforward approach.

The all-black sans serif design gains distinction by featuring a lone green period at the end, creating emphasis and a unique visual signature. This strategic touch not only sets them apart but also adds a dynamic element to the otherwise monochromatic palette

The adaptability of such logos is a strong suit, fitting seamlessly into various contexts. Flocksy’s logo designers have embodied versatility, simplicity, and a touch of individuality that contributes to its memorable and timeless aesthetic.

13. Green Pixel

Green Pixel’s logo epitomizes the power of simplicity in wordmark design. Crafted in an all-lowercase sans-serif font and muted black color, it embraces a versatile aesthetic suitable for any context. 

This restrained design approach by the logo designers not only ensures adaptability but also communicates a contemporary and clean brand image. 

Green Pixel’s logo demonstrates that in the realm of wordmarks, less can indeed be more, creating a lasting and versatile visual identity that resonates with simplicity and sophistication.

14. DesignTork

DesignTork’s logo, a brilliant fusion of simplicity and distinction, features a clean sans-serif font reflecting the company’s design ethos. What sets it apart are the thoughtful details. 

The deep black seamlessly transitions into a true blue, demarcating the two parts without the need for spacing. Maintaining the sans-serif norm, the logo designers have capitalized ‘T’ and the customized ‘r’ to add a touch of individuality. 

These nuanced yet effective tweaks elevate the logo beyond the ordinary, portraying DesignTork as a brand that masterfully balances simplicity with strategic design elements, creating a visual identity that is both unique and memorable.

15. GraphicsZoo

GraphicsZoo’s logo designers have come up with a striking combination mark blending a wordmark and monogram, harmonizing simplicity with innovation. 

The encircled initial ‘G’ serves as a distinctive monochromatic icon in a darker peacock blue, setting a bold tone. The logo designers have utilized a standard bold, sans-serif font.

Notably, the G in the monogram introduces a creative touch, seemingly crafted from split half circles rearranged, showcasing a commitment to ingenuity and standing out in the industry. 

This meticulous attention to detail reflects Graphicszoo’s dedication to a unique and memorable brand identity.

16. Draftss

Draftss’ logo diverges from the monochromatic norm with a vibrant purple gradient, injecting energy into their brand. 

The wordmark, presented in a sans-serif font by their logo designers, takes a bold step with custom kerning. Distinctive in its approach, the custom spacing between most letters ensures a unique and eye-catching design. 

Notably, the deliberate merging of specific letter combinations, except for a few letters, adds an artistic touch. 

This meticulous attention to detail communicates Draftss’ commitment to uniqueness, assuring potential clients of their dedication to delivering standout and personalized design solutions.

17. Cueball Creatives

Cueball Creatives sets itself apart with an intricately designed logo that goes beyond versatility, aiming to vividly communicate their design prowess. 

The wordmark is divided into two sections by the logo designers, with the real design spectacle occurring in “Cueball.” 

The sans-serif font undergoes extensive customization, incorporating two actual cueballs within the letters ‘C’ and ‘A.’ 

Additional adornments, like the arrow beneath the double ‘l’s,  the blend of gradients,  and the solid purples, and pinks all contribute to a fascinating final look. 

The thin, all-caps “Creatives” with increased tracking complements the dynamic “Cueball.” This logo stands as a testament to their diverse design capabilities, effectively conveying Cueball Creatives’ commitment to creativity and innovation.

18. Deer Designer

Deer Designer’s logo radiates elegance through simplicity, proving that grace can be conveyed with subtlety. As a combination mark, the realistic, line-drawn deer icon with antlers cleverly forms a pencil at the bottom part of it, symbolizing swift and graceful design. 

The wordmark, in lowercase and soft teal, features a sans-serif font with deliberate bolding on “deer,” emphasizing the brand’s identity. The increased tracking between letters adds a touch of spaciousness. 

This delicate yet impactful design not only embodies Deer Designer’s artistic finesse but also communicates their logo designers’ commitment to seamless and refined creativity.

19. Bee All Design 

Bee All Design’s logo is a testament to their commitment to efficiency, cleverly aligning with their name and embodying the industrious character of a bee. 

In some places, they use their mascot as a part of their icon logo.

The color scheme, mirroring the vibrant hues of a bee, further reinforces this thematic connection. 

Departing from traditional typography, the graffiti-style font exudes a bustling energy, intensified by close tracking and leading. The intentional busyness in the design not only reflects the efficiency the logo designers advocate but also communicates a dynamic, vibrant brand identity. 

Bee All Design’s logo successfully encapsulates their ethos, utilizing every element to convey a buzzing creativity and productivity.

20. Undullify

Undullify’s wordmark logo, elegantly executed in a sans-serif font, exudes sophistication. The use of grey as the primary color establishes a refined aesthetic, while the striking yellow tittle introduces a lively contrast. 

The combination of grey and yellow complementary colors by the logo designers, enhances the overall visual appeal, creating a harmonious and stylish look. 

This well-balanced color scheme, when placed on suitable surfaces, elevates Undullify’s logo to a level of visual excellence, making it not just appealing but potentially striking in the right contexts.

Time to Rank These Logos 

Now that we’ve looked at 20 logos of unlimited graphic design companies, it’s time to rank these logo designers. The main criterion here is how well they’ve communicated their brand with the particular logo designs they’ve employed. 

  1. Design Shifu
  2. Deer Designer
  3. Design Pickle
  4. Reel Unlimited
  5. ManyPixels
  6. KIMP
  7. No Limit Creatives
  8. Cueball Creatives
  9. Bee All Design
  10. Penji
  11. Kapa99
  12. Graphically
  13. Draftss
  14. Graphiczoo
  15. Flocksy
  16. DesignTork
  17. Undullify
  18. Delesign
  19. Green Pixel
  20. Dweebi

75% of people rely on the logo to identify a brand. That’s why the logo needs to be memorable and effective at communicating your values and capabilities. Especially when it comes to unlimited design companies. 

We hope that this breakdown of each of these logo designers interested you and that it helped you see more about each of these brands. 

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