The Best 6 Logo Makers You Need To Know In 2023

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Designing your own logo can be quite an experience. But what if you do not have any experience in design? You can still design one using an online logo maker. There are plenty of options out there. Some free, some paid. 

The concept is pretty simple. These are all web-based tools where you build over existing templates, and tweak a couple of things to add your brand’s flair. And then you are good to go. So, if you are looking to create a new logo for your brand, we’ve got a list of the best logo makers to consider in 2023. 

Best-rated logo makers to try in 2023 

1. Design Hill

Price range: $20-$125

Design Hill is quite popular as a design crowdsourcing platform. But the AI logo maker on the site is a user-friendly way to design logos for someone with no design experience. 

Creating the logo itself is pretty easy and quick. You see a few standard designs as references for the visual style you prefer. Once you select your preferred styles and color palettes, the tool gives you a large collection of logo designs. You can then proceed to edit the design that suits your brand and then purchase it. 

The basic plan only lets you download a low-resolution file. You also do not get the fonts, colors, and other details about the logo. The Premium plan is what lets you get the vector file (so that your logo can be scaled without looking pixelated), font & color details, and print-ready designs. You can edit and redownload your logo if required, within 7 days of purchasing it. 

The interface is straightforward and the choices are pretty good. So, creating a professional logo is quite easy with Design Hill logo maker. 

What users have to say about Design Hill 

2. Looka 

Price range: $20 – $65 for one-time logo design, $96/year – $192/year for a brand kit subscription 

Looka’s interface is pretty straightforward and quite similar to that on Design Hill. You select reference designs (for visual style), and colors and then customize your design before buying it. Again, you can buy it one time as a low-resolution file for a low budget. Or pay a little extra to get full ownership and high-resolution files. In addition to logo design templates, Looka also provides subscriptions where you can create your own branding designs like brand guidelines, presentations, and more. 

What users have to say about Looka

3. PlaceIt

Price range: $39.95 for a single logo, $23.69/year for a subscription 

With a library of thousands of templates, PlaceIt is pretty easy to use. The tool lets you select your designs based on your industry. And on the edit logo page, you can change the fonts or even the placement of the various elements to give your logo your personal touch. The subscription here is a slightly more cost-effective choice since it gives you access to all the templates like mockups for your designs. You can also download high-resolution print-ready versions of your logo or create an animated logo in minutes. 

What users have to say about PlaceIt 

4. Canva 

Price range: Free/$119/year – $30/month 

Canva has become the go-to tool for DIY design for marketers and entrepreneurs who do not have experience in design. And it also has one of the best logo makers for beginners to work with.

You can create a few very basic designs and download them with a free account on Canva. But you do not get to change much when it comes to the resolution of the design, the file format, and others. Moreover, you also cannot get a transparent background version with the free account. For your logo to look good on various surfaces you need a transparent background version and a high-resolution design. The Pro plan is the perfect choice to get this. Since it supports up to 5 users, you can also add your team members to make the most of the Pro plan. 

The Pro plan also gives you access to premium assets including additional templates and fonts in the logo maker interface. 

What users have to say about Canva

5. Tailor Brands

Price range: $9.99/month – $49.99/month 

Even if you are someone who does not know a thing about font psychology or the type of colors to use, you will be able to create a professional-looking logo with Tailor Brand logo maker. The tool is neat and it captures a few essential details like your industry, font styles that you like, and the type of logo you would require. You can then visualize your logo on different surfaces before you finalize one. 

The only downside is that there is limited customization available. But if you are in a hurry and if you need something quick, this will be a great tool to work with. 

What users have to say about Tailor Brands 

6. Adobe Express logo maker 

Price range: Free/ $9.99/month 

For some small-scale campaigns where you need a very basic logo, if a simple design will work, then the free Adobe logo maker will be worth a shot. The options are limited and the Beta version of the tool only has a handful of editing options. But you can create your logo in seconds. And you do not have to pay anything extra to download your design. 

In fact, even with a free account, you get a black-and-white version of the logo and one with a transparent background. If you are trying your hands at logo design for the first time this might be one of the easiest tools to use. 

However,  if you need the colors and fonts used in your design and access to more premium templates, the Premium plan costs $9.99/month. 

What users have to say about Adobe Express 

Having introduced you to the best logo makers that people are talking about, we should also tell you about the downsides to using these for your branding. 

Limitations of online logo makers 

Certain limitations, like limited revisions, are applicable even to custom logo design services. But if you choose something more flexible like an unlimited graphic design service, you can get unlimited revisions on your logo design and multiple file formats and resolutions. What’s more? You can add other branding designs or even create easy mockups working with the team. Without any contracts, you can choose a monthly bill for all your designs. That makes design subscriptions worth a shot. 

Use logo makers to create logos that speak for your brand 

At the end of the day, you need a logo that gets your target customers to notice your brand. So, pay attention to the little details like fonts and colors to be sure that your logo design does not look like that of your competitors. A custom logo design service will always be a better option considering that logo designs are not changed that often. So, if you want a design to stick with, it is better to have something created for your brand from scratch. But if you do choose online logo makers take time to compare and understand the plans. You should know what’s included in the price. After purchasing your logo, if you cannot go back and revise the design to align it with your brand, then it will be of no use. Or if you cannot download a high-resolution vector file, your design might not necessarily look good when placed on digital ads or even print banners. So, if there is a comprehensive plan that lets you edit your designs and download a high-resolution file, it will be worth the cost. 

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