Logos for Teams: Creating Designs That Capture the Spirit of Your Sport

logos for teams

There is a difference between creating logos for customers and creating logos for fans. That’s why designing logos for sports teams is no easy feat. but don’t worry, we’ll make it simple for you. We have a list of the best logos for teams from around the world. And the design lessons that they bring. 

But, Before We Get There, Why Are Logos Important for Sports Teams? 

To stand out in the competition, you need a strong identity 

Competition is not a new concept for the sports industry. And knowing that you are competing against teams that are very similar to yours in many aspects you need to define what makes your team unique. Your logo can be an identifier of this unique personality that your team has. It shows what makes your team special. And the values your team stands for. 

Build long-term relationships through emotions 

Symbols and visual elements have the power to make an instant emotional connection. Through logos for teams, when you stimulate an emotional response in your audience, you are setting the course for long-term relationships with them. Have you seen fans proudly flaunt their favorite team’s logo on their t-shirts, hoodies, or even hats? That’s how far the scope of a well-designed sports team logo extends. 

Strengthen the team spirit 

Just because your logo has a special place in your marketing designs, you cannot design based on your audience alone. You also need to take your players’ emotions into due consideration. Just like establishing a connection with the audience, logos for teams should also strike the right chord with the players in the team. It should represent team spirit and evoke a sense of pride and belonging for the players. 

Lay the foundation for merchandise marketing 

Merchandising is a gold mine in the world of sports. From strengthening the awareness of your team with better reach to increasing the loyalty of fans, sports merchandising brings in numerous benefits. Merchandise marketing has a strong role to play in branding a sports team. And strong branding brings better sponsors for your team and boosts its popularity. Having said all this, you should remember that your sports team logo is an indispensable entity in any brand merchandise. 

Alright, so that establishes the fact that every sports team needs to take its logo design seriously. But then comes the big question, how do you design sports team logos that make an impact? The best way to find out will be to look at some of the most popular logos of teams recognized by most sports fans from around the world. 

Iconic Sports Logos That Deliver Strong Design Lessons 

1. Chelsea F.C. 

The logo of Chelsea Football Club is a classic example of emblem logos for sports teams. A design that tells fans to take the team seriously. One that evokes a feeling of fear in the competitors due to the powerful symbolism. That’s exactly what you need in a sports team logo. 

The lion in the emblem is from the “reguardant” lion from the Cadogan coat of arms. And the rose is derived from England’s national symbol. On the whole, this is a logo that looks traditional enough to capture the rich history of the team and powerful enough to establish a strong place for the brand. 

2. New York Yankees 

The New York Yankees show how you can create a strong impact with a well-thought-out lettermark logo. It relies on the strength of the team name itself by incorporating the initials of the team name. And the unique shape and arrangement of the letters create a unique symbol to go on jerseys and more. 

Did you know that the interlocking NY actually comes from a design by Louis Tiffany, the founder of Tiffany & Co.?

The design first appeared on the medal of valor that was presented to a New York police officer John McDowell who was shot on duty. Logos with historic references like this one have a strong emotional value. And thus they are perfect for sports teams. 

3. Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys have one of the simplest brand mark logos in the world of sports. The star comes from the state flag of Dallas. And the blue color is used as a symbol of loyalty and professionalism. It also happens to be one of the most commonly used colors in logos for teams. 

This logo works because it is simple and easily recognizable. You are targeting a wide range of demographics with your logo. So, when you keep it simple and easy to remember, your logo starts working in favor of your brand. 

As an added advantage, a minimalistic logo design like this one will look on all surfaces. So, you can confidently use your logo on all your print and digital ads and be sure that your fans instantly recognize your team the moment they spot the logo. What’s more? When you use your creative flair to incorporate such common symbols, you are improving the chances of better brand recall upon seeing these symbols.  

4. Los Angeles Lakers 

The bold and memorable serif font on the Los Angeles Lakers logo shows the significance of typography in a sports team logo. Every font style has its own personality. Understanding font psychology is a good start to creating perfect logos for teams. 

Other than the typography, the basketball in the background instantly tells people what sport the owning team of the logo belongs to. And the distinct yellow and purple combination in this logo is not something you come across too often. This makes the logo unique. And also provides a nice color palette for the jersey color of the team. 

This shows how choosing a relevant color palette makes it possible to link every aspect of your team and its branding to your logo design

5. Chicago Bulls 

Talk about logos with a strong character, the Chicago Bulls is perhaps the first team you think of. There is so much personality to this logo that it daunts its competitors, and immediately creates a sense of thrill in its fans. 

The fierce red color, the bull symbolism to represent power and strength, and the fiery expression on the bull’s face together create the intended impact. One look and you will remember a logo like this one. That’s a valuable trait for sports team logos. 

One other thing you might notice upon closely evaluating the logo is the beautiful symmetry it has got. A well-balanced design like this one feels professional and reliable. That comes as a reminder to pay close attention to the visual balance when you design logos for teams. 

Winning the Hearts of Your Fans Through Powerful Sports Team Logos 

You will want a logo that looks good on T-shirts as it does on billboards and banners that advertise your teams. So, create a functional design that has a strong meaning to it. And use your marketing designs like flyers and social media posts and ads to connect the meaning of your logo to your team. Also, remember to use the primary brand colors from your logo across all your marketing designs including promo videos. This way your brands identify and connect with your brand, and your team, better. 

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