Marketing Designs: 7 Types That Every Brand Needs

marketing designs

Have you ever wondered why some brands have unique colors, the same font appearing on their work, or a recurring message they always stick to? Doesn’t it seem odd that when someone brings up a specific brand, the color, logo, and maybe even their slogan comes to mind? This is because of the effective use of marketing designs. It is a marketing strategy taken by brands to ensure the longevity of their brand. 

Humans by nature believe what they see. They trust what is tangible. According to Business Standard, researchers at the University of Iowa have concluded that we remember what we see more than what we hear. It is to this part of the human psyche that marketers must appeal to. 

People will examine and come to a conclusion about a brand based on what they see. In this light, marketing designs play a huge role in customer conversion. There are several marketing design types that could help you navigate your brand.

But before we dive into that we need to keep in mind that for these marketing designs to work they need to be consistent in appearance. This is why we need to first focus on brand identity design.

Brand Identity Design

Marketing designs decide the conversion of potential consumers. It is the medium that brings your marketing strategy to life. Therefore, it’s important that your marketing designs look visually appealing to your intended audience. Not only so, but there should also be consistency between each marketing design.

This is why a brand should have a distinct visual identity. 

There are 4 key components that constitute a brand identity design. Your brand’s marketing designs will not succeed unless you’ve established these components perfectly. 

1. Logo

The logo is the first thing a consumer will see and it will set the tone of your brand. Therefore it’s important that your logo communicates and adheres to the rest of your brand’s message. 

2. Color

The colors you pick for your brand will set its mood. For example, you wouldn’t be caught using black as the primary color if your brand targets children. Black doesn’t resonate well with that audience. 

Colors also help unify your brand across all marketing design types. So you’ve got to be coherent when picking out the colors. 

3. Typography

Typography is crucial to communicating your brand’s message. Picking the correct typeface and font that’s suitable for your brand’s industry and personality is important. Failure to do that will result in people getting confused about what exactly you’re trying to say about your brand. 

4. Copy 

The copy that accompanies your brand’s designs is a critical communication wire between you and your audience. The copywriting should always be consistent with the overall tone of your brand. If this varies then your audience is going to get confused. All your marketing designs should come with relevant copy that’s carefully crafted to make your brand memorable. 

5. Images/ Icons or illustrations

The images you choose to represent your brand will make a great impact on your target audience. You could even be creating some controversy with the kind of image you use. A brand that flopped in that area recently is Balenciaga, when they used a stuffed toy in bondage gear as a prop in a children’s photoshoot. It was completely inappropriate and Twitter users set out to question the message the brand was trying to convey. 

It is also advisable to avoid using generic images if you’re serious about your brand. If you want real images then invest in good photography that you can direct to suit your brand narrative. Investing in custom illustrations and icons will also make for brilliant assets that help boost your brand. 

Once these assets are carefully crafted they need to be distributed in order for them to be recognized by your audience. Marketing designs are what help create this brand awareness. 

So without further ado, here’s a list of marketing design types that will help you reach your audience with your brand.

7 types of marketing designs your brand needs

1. Packaging Designs

A great way to get your brand out in the world is when it’s printed and distributed. And the most suitable way for printed brand material to be distributed is via a packaging design. 

People buy goods packaged in attractive packaging. If it’s designed well, it attracts consumers to make the purchase. While the packaging is costly, it yields great results. It was revealed that 30% of businesses have seen increased revenue after improving their product packaging.

If your packaging stands out in comparison to that of your competitors then your marketing design has been a success. 

Tiffany & Co.’s box is one of the most influential packaging out there. It has achieved its marketing purpose which is to be recognizable anywhere. The striking blue in the packaging is known as the Tiffany Blue® and has been trademarked. You can see they’ve given much thought to at least 3 of the 5 brand identity factors listed above.  

Another great example is the Toblerone chocolate packaging. It’s so distinctive that anyone could recognize it anywhere around the world. The packaging and the product within are aptly designed to communicate a story unique to the brand. 

Looking at the box, reading the tagline, and tearing into the packaging, all contribute immensely to the consumer’s experience. This design uses all 5 of the factors listed above. 

2. Advertising Design

Advertising design is a broad scope. Living in the digital age, people tend to think that print advertisements are out the window. But actually, they’re more in and relevant than you think. Both print and web digital advertisements contribute to different demographics. 

Print Ads

From t-shirts to billboards, print advertising still gets the job done if done right. Print ads are helpful for creating brand awareness on random occasions. While driving to work or to the grocery store, printed ad materials are everywhere. 

Did you know that print ads are abundantly strewn all over our surroundings and that they have actually helped navigate some of our choices as a consumer?

And you can bet that we’ve always gone for the most attractive and visually appealing products out of those advertised. Somebody’s marketing design worked more than the other. 

As of 2021, Burger King started using 100% real ingredients. This change in their brand strategy is used in their marketing of the product. The raw advertising from Burger King, as seen in the below images, relates so well with people that they’d definitely keep returning to the popular fast food franchise. 

Digital Ads

If you access the web and start searches or scroll through pages shopping etc, chances are you’re going to be bombarded with digital ads. Some of which you may find annoying and useless. But on occasion, there may have been a handful of intriguing ads here and there. On such an occasion you simply feel tempted to click. Why? It was definitely because the advertisement was visually appealing and you wanted to know more about the product because of this.  

Did you know that social media advertising ranks second in the digital advertising market? 

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are two great platforms for advertising digitally. On a given day millions of people are bound to see these ads. 

3. Website Design

Modern audiences are known to rely on websites for further details. Sure they’ll visit the social media pages at first but when they want to get down to brass tacks they will more often than not visit your website. 

It’s vital that the first impression they get when they engage with your website is a pleasant one. Your website must:

Website design is a permanent marketing design for your brand folder. So you have to make sure it’s always in its optimal condition and always up-to-date. 

Here’s a good example of a well-crafted website. 

4. Social Media Graphics

Out of all the other marketing designs, it’s natural to get excited about this one. We all feel that way. It’s the ultimate marketing method these days. As the numbers indicated by the Social Media Examiner, 93% of marketers say that their social media campaigns have resulted in better exposure. 

Social media graphics are widely popular because they’re easily shareable. Thereby increasing brand awareness has never been easier. The tricky side of this is, if you flop then it’ll spread just as fast. 

The proper use of the brand identity guidelines listed above will make certain that people remember who you are when you’re marketing your brand on social media. 

First of all this image from Heinz’s Instagram page is hilarious. Secondly, the top comments sum up for all of us how successfully they’ve achieved their marketing purpose. Heinz is a common household grocery item and a common brand used among fast food joints and they like to remind people of that, which is a killer marketing strategy! 

5. Email Marketing Design

While email marketing can sometimes feel like a nuisance, it’s very important to keep reminding consumers of your presence. The goal is personalization. Let them know you reached out to them specifically. Email marketing design targeted the right way will keep your consumers aware of your presence in their day to day. This would help keep the brand alive in their minds. But make sure to go for suitable concise designs. 

Email marketing designs are great with details like promotions, sales, and seasonal offers. These are always exciting for consumers. But don’t forget to stick to your branding. 

This holiday email designed by Apple is an eye-catching example of a good visual. It has used the white space effectively and laid out the products in a strategic way that looks appealing and neat. By the looks of it, you can definitely say that they’ve given much thought to it. 

6. Infographic Design

Do you get easily bored reading pages of information? Do you yourself have a lot of content that you need to communicate to your audience? Don’t just say it with words, say it with pictures. Infographic designs can be your best friend if you want to give people information about your product. People are more likely to relate to pictures than they do to text-based content. 

An infographic can be as long as you’d like. (But not too long that you lose the interest of your audience). With an infographic, you’d have to focus specifically on the brand colors, the content, the fonts, and the images/icons or illustrations used. These determine the make or break of a good infographic. 

Here’s an example of a short infographic utilized by Listerine to show statistics of user insights. It’s fun and catchy and makes you want to read what the images are about.  

7. Video Marketing Design

Of all the marketing designs that we spoke of, this is by far the most visually appealing one. Moving pictures grab your attention more than anything that is static. 

Video marketing designs can be used across different platforms. It’s no surprise that the most popular platform for video marketing is YouTube. Closely followed by Facebook. Featuring your brand on these platforms can yield quick conversions. 

There are different types of videos that you can utilize in your strategies. Once you decide which type suits you best, you need to start creating content that’s true to your brand. 

This brings us to the main factor you need to consider when making these videos. Your budget. Video designs are quite expensive. If you want to be authentic and stay away from the generic stuff you will have to invest more time, energy, and money into this type of marketing design. A good video design subscription can be a great alternative to expensive video productions. 

Here is an excellent example by Nike. 

The above video evokes a sense of empathy. The women’s inner thoughts resonate well with average audiences helping them connect more with the brand. 

What’s the takeaway here?

Marketing designs are the pivotal factor in converting your target audience into potential customers. Without these, your marketing strategies will be for naught. On-point branding across all these marketing designs will keep the consumer engaged. You may already follow some of these types but try utilizing them the correct way and results are imminent. 

If your marketing strategies don’t accompany at least 4 out of these 7 types of marketing designs, then you’re losing ground. You need to make a move because your competitors might be using all 7 of these types. Do your research and set your firm brand guidelines before distributing. And then get cracking! 

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