Newsletter Designs: 4 Easy Ideas to Grow Your Marketing Agency

newsletter designs

Growing and scaling a marketing agency is hard work. Oftentimes, it is harder than scaling any other business because you are thinking for yourselves and your clients too. But the approaches cannot be more different than one other. 

Marketing agencies need targeted, personalized, and strategized B2B marketing campaigns to reach their target audience. It is important for agencies to think beyond running a few ads or campaigns. When you market an agency, the best approach is spread across multiple touchpoints and mediums, because there are very few impulse purchases here. 

Yes, there is social media, but we strongly believe email marketing plays a vital role in helping an agency reach its ideal clients. And most importantly, the aesthetics, the content and everything else about your newsletter designs matter. 

When the world is already raving about social media’s success, should you worry about newsletter designs? 

Well, don’t take our word for it, check out for yourself with the next section. 

Newsletter designs – why invest in email marketing?

The ability to draft an engaging newsletter is a coveted skill in the marketing world. That is because marketers know that email is a channel that has the potential to turn a brand around and generate revenue that possibly no other owned marketing channel can. 

In fact, 4 out of 5 marketers are willing to choose email marketing over other channels if they have to. 90% of B2B marketers agree that tracking email marketing metrics gives them a handle on the campaign’s success. 87% of B2B marketers also agree that email is one of their high-performing organic distribution channels. 

And this makes sense right? B2B marketing is different from that of D2C marketing. When you are working with D2C brands, you track your customers, you position yourself on one channel, and all you need is that one customer to make that one click. 

But in B2B, there are multiple stakeholders and more than one customer touchpoint. It is important for the brand to send out a consistent message across the channels to raise brand awareness and also establish trust. 

Email is a trusted channel in the B2B world because many of your customers are accustomed to conducting business in this channel. They pay attention to emails and trust brands that can craft a good email marketing campaign. 

As a marketing agency, email marketing allows you to : 

Own your customer data 

In social media, search engine marketing, and offline marketing, it is difficult to completely own and control customer data. The platforms play a huge role and subsequently hold the power to take away vital information and control from you. 

But email marketing is a form of owned marketing wherein you can talk to your customers directly. You have the data, you can analyze their behavior firsthand, and collect first-party customer data that no one can take away. This is especially important in the background of the latest iOS14.5 and iOS15 wherein securing third-party data is going to get harder than before. 

Launch a cost-effective campaign 

Email marketing boasts of a pretty good return rate because of how highly targeted the campaign can be. You can segment your customer data, analyze the response, and experiment with A/B tests as much as you want to. All this happens at your control with the data you own, so the expense is pretty minimal. 

There are many cost-effective or free email marketing tools as well that allow you to run campaigns at a minimal cost with a higher conversion rate. For a marketing agency on a budget, this can be a huge advantage. 

Newsletter designs – ideas for your marketing agency 

Email marketing is pretty cut and dry for D2C brands. For retail brands especially, the cycle from welcome emails to retargeting emails, and other product-based emails are pretty well established. But the drill for marketing agencies is a little different. You cannot send abandoned cart emails or expect people to close transactions in a click. 

So what do you do? How do you leverage email marketing for your marketing agency the right way? By experimenting with a wide range of newsletter designs. Here are a few ideas to begin with. 

1. Share social proof 

One of the most effective newsletter designs to try for a B2B business will be one that shows social proof. Why? 

Because, more than anything, B2B marketing is about establishing trust. These are big-ticket investments securing a relationship for a time period that is rarely less than a year. B2B marketing especially for agencies involves continuous establishment of trust so that you can build a conscious bias for your brand. 

The best way to establish trust is to show people that you can deliver on your promises. Short of signing a contract and doing it, this is a hard one. But you can circumvent the issues by sharing reviews, testimonials, and the results you have generated for your customers. We call it social proof and it is a sure winner across all channels, especially email marketing.

2. News roundup video 

Everyone wants to stay in the know. Businesses especially care about the news that may have a direct impact on their operations and revenue. Be the one to take the news to them. They will appreciate you for it and this establishes your brand as the one to go to for all updates. 

When it comes to news-related newsletter designs, keep them interesting so that you don’t lose your customers’ attention. We recommend a video format for it. It is quick to peruse, works for people who do not want to read long lines of text, and is easy to create. 

While video inherently sounds expensive, roundup videos can be created with minimal editing using many of the free tools available online. So why wait? Give it a go and don’t forget to include “Video” in the subject line to increase your email open rates. 

3. Fun emails 

B2B marketing does not have to be bone dry. Everyone needs a laugh or two and this is no exception. You can always break the monotony of your educational and news-related emails with fun newsletter designs for your clients. 

Some ideas for entertaining and engaging newsletter designs include : 

Just remember, across all these emails, it is important that you celebrate your brand identity and include your branding assets in every email that you send out.

4. Redistribution 

Emails are a great way to distribute your organic content and ensure that it reaches your audience without fail. So leverage your newsletter marketing efforts to distribute : 

This way, you can achieve an omnichannel presence easily. Moreover, content repurposing helps you stay connected with your audience without spending too much time on every piece of content that you post on every platform. 

Use email marketing to your advantage 

Email marketing is a timeless investment in the world of marketing. Done right, this can create a steady source of lead nurturing and customer engagement for your business. But yes, a lot depends on your newsletter designs. Because people get hundreds if not thousands of emails every month. And you do not want yours to get lost in the crowd. So, come up with the most engaging newsletter designs for your customers and keep improving your content mix based on the ones that convert.