No Limit Creatives Review: Your Guide To Getting Started (2024 Edition)

If you’re a curious soul and you need to know the ins and outs of a company before entrusting them to take care of your business, we get it. Most of us are that way. And it’s because of this reason that we think this blog would be of much value to those looking into No Limit Creatives. 

No Limit Creatives is a top unlimited design service that has advanced well over the years. And taking you through this No Limit Creatives review we will cover a bit of the history and present-day status of the company. We promise you’ll find everything you need to know in this 2024 edition No Limit Creatives review!

So without any more dilly-dallying, let’s jump right in.

No Limit Creatives Review: A Brief History

This No Limit Creatives review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the brains behind the operation. Jeff Minnichbach, the visionary behind No Limit Creatives, has always been a creative soul. His passion for art and design dates back to his earliest memories, evident when he crafted his first website at the age of 11 – a Star Wars-themed masterpiece.

Post high school, Jeff dipped his toes into the waters of affiliate marketing, but his journey pivoted towards crafting ad creatives for Craig’s List businesses. In this niche, he discovered the potential of graphic design and recognized the challenges faced by small businesses and startups with limited budgets.

Driven by a desire to support these struggling enterprises, Jeff founded No Limit Creatives. In its infancy, the company comprised roughly 20 employees. Despite the evident need for expansion, it took Jeff a year to break free from the freelance mindset. Transitioning from a one-person show, he gradually embraced delegation. Leveraging the same freelance platforms that once served him, Jeff tapped into a global pool of talent to build his team.

By 2020, No Limit Creatives had burgeoned to include around 116 employees. Fast forward to the present, and the company boasts a workforce of nearly 500 employees, a testament to Jeff’s strategic approach and commitment to empowering businesses through top-notch creative solutions.

No Limit Creatives’ headquarters are based in Bend, Oregon, United States. The employees are not just from the US but also from the Philippines, Brazil, and various regions across South America.

No Limit Creatives Review: Their Brand Identity

In this No Limit Creatives review, we hope to cover a bit about their brand identity as well. 


The No Limit Creatives logo underwent some changes recently. Take a look at the previous logo below:

Here’s another version of their logo:

And the below image shows their current logo:

Clearly, the logo has undergone a substantial transformation, encompassing changes in colors, typography, and creative elements. This shift is perceived as notably positive, signifying a refreshing and innovative update to No Limit Creatives’ visual identity.

It should be noted that they use their old logo version in some instances as well. The website for example transforms from the old logo to the new one to help create awareness among visitors. 

Brand colors

The transformation in No Limit Creatives’ color palette is evident both in the logo and on the website. Previously characterized by vibrant shades of pink, orange, and yellow, (still used in their customer portal) the palette has undergone a dramatic shift on their website and other social channels to embrace muted black, neon purple, and a subdued neon green. 

This alteration from the previous gradient color scheme is widely regarded as a positive change. The current colors contribute to a more sophisticated and serious brand image, a favorable adjustment that aligns well with the brand’s identity.

Mascot/ Notable elements?

While No Limit Creatives currently lacks a mascot, a noteworthy element consistently featured across their website and logo is the upward-pointing arrow. Recognized for its myriad positive connotations, particularly in the context of their recent rebranding, this arrow serves as a symbolic representation of the overarching “unlimited” concept synonymous with the brand’s personality.

Brand Tone of Voice

No Limit Creatives’ brand tone of voice is distinctly centered around the reliance on human support, distinguishing itself from emerging AI technologies. 

An excerpt from their website underscores this commitment: “We’re a company made entirely of humans. No automated, 64-bit processors calculating what looks cool. Sure, the future is awesome, but there is nothing like a beating heart to put some love into your designs.” 

This messaging emphasizes the value of human creativity and personal touch in their design processes, positioning the company as one that prioritizes the warmth and authenticity of human-driven efforts.

Core values

As outlined on the No Limit Creatives website, the company upholds three fundamental values: transparency, communication, and reliability. These values are well-aligned with the nature of their business structure.

No Limit Creatives Review: Evolution of the Service

In the early stages, project management was facilitated through Asana, but by 2020, they seamlessly transitioned to their custom-built portal for enhanced efficiency.

Initially concentrating on social media ads, No Limit Creatives broadened their scope in response to customer demands, encompassing a comprehensive range of design services. Their flexibility extends to collaboration with diverse industries, with a notable focus on working extensively with ad agencies. 

Now for the exciting parts of this No Limit Creatives review where we cover what they offer currently. 

There’s a 14-day trial where you can test out the service to see if it’s the right fit. 

They offer 4 types of plans: Startup, Graphic, Graphic + Video, and Agency. 

Allow us to take you through a brief overview of these plans. 


The Startup plan targets small businesses with tight budgets. It’s priced at a flat fee of $499/mo and includes the following things:

*According to their website: Design Requests can be likened to a ticket or project. Design Credits generally cover one Design Request, applicable for both graphic and video designs.

Each Design Request includes the delivery of up to three unique versions of a design. You can get an unlimited number of revisions to these jobs and even have multiple sizes of a single design.

The design services offered in this plan are the same as those in the next 2 plans which we will have a look at next. 


The Graphic plan is priced at a flat fee of $599/mo and includes the following:

Here’s a look at No Limit Creatives’ graphic design service scope:

The following services aren’t offered:

Graphic + Video 

The Graphic + Video subscription is priced at a flat fee of $999/mo and includes the following:

All graphic design services above are included in this plan with the addition of the Video services listed below:

Here are the types of video work that NLC doesn’t undertake:


This particular plan is priced at a flat fee of $1499/mo and it includes:

One other very unique service scope of NLC is their offering of one-off projects which other unlimited graphic design services don’t facilitate. 

There is a vast array of pricing schemes for different projects at a fixed monthly rate. 

Here are some of the things you can get from this special plan:

Here’s just a quick look at some of the projects, pricing, and scope of service:

There are a lot more design projects that they undertake on a one-off basis. 

This setup is the ideal one for those looking to get one-off projects for a reasonable price with high-quality service. 

You can visit here for more information. 

No Limit Creatives Review: Workflow

No Limit Creatives has a Customer Portal where design requests can be managed with ease. The portal is available for users to access at any time with a 10,000-foot view of the current state of requests. 

There are options to set up brand profiles and favorite your preferred designers in hopes of building a lasting partnership. 

Taking a look at this brief video will give you an understanding of how easy it is to use their portal:

You can also visit their website for a full demo. 

No Limit Creatives Review: Their Achievements

A significant milestone in the No Limit Creatives journey was the recognition of founder Jeff Minnichbach, as an honoree in the Forbes Next 1000 in 2021.

Over the years, they have served a diverse clientele, with notable collaborations including prominent corporate entities such as VitaCup, TRUECar, Bulletproof, Foundr Magazine, National Achievers Convention, and McAfee.

No Limit Creatives Review: Examples Of Their Work

This No Limit Creatives review is validated by seeing the quality of their work. Let’s now direct our attention to take a look at what design marvels they’ve come up with. 

Digital Ads

A great addition to this No Limit Creatives review is this detailed blog on how we’ve evaluated some of their packaging designs. 

No Limit Creatives Review: Reviews by Happy Customers

The cherry on top of this No Limit Creatives review is looking at real reviews left by happy customers. Reviews help speed up the decision process.

Reviews on Trustpilot

In this No Limit Creatives review left by a happy customer, they attest that No Limit Creatives has been, “….a huge part of our success as a Facebook marketing agency.” They also say that the staff is top-notch and the design quality is incredible. – Source

Another customer says they, “…highly recommend them to anyone looking to let go of the hassles of trying to design yourself.” Source

Reviews On their Website 

One customer says, “…I feel like I don’t pay enough for the amount of work and quality of work I am getting.” Source

Another one also testifies about NLC saying, “…They go out of their way to make a project work and make it successful.”

For more No Limit Creatives review excerpts we recommend visiting their website

Did This No Limit Creatives Review Help?

According to statistics, 81% of businesses use graphic design in some form. And there are so many reasons for that. One of those reasons is that good graphic design helps businesses thrive and stand out from other competitors. But the biggest challenge is to find reliable cost-effective solutions to get such designs done. 

And as evident from this No Limit Creatives review these guys shine as a go-to choice for businesses seeking a blend of visionary design and profitability. Founder Jeff Minnichbach’s keen sense of design is a driving force behind the company’s success. Their diverse offerings cater to businesses of all sizes, making them an excellent option for both small startups and large corporations. 

Through this No Limit Creatives review, we hope you’ve seen how they’re committed to delivering varied and high-quality services. No Limit Creatives surely emerges as a reliable partner for elevating brand presence. Whichever industry you’re in, choosing No Limit Creatives ensures a positive and impactful creative experience. 

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