Creating Stunning Outdoor Advertisements for the Travel and Tourism Industry

In a digitally advanced age where everything is a Google search away, why go through the trouble of creating material for outdoor advertisements? Because, outdoor advertisements, or OOH (out-of-home) advertisements as it’s commonly known in the marketing world, are still reigning in the marketing game. 

It may be true that you can find anything online these days but outdoor advertisements are still able to reach targeted audiences in the right setting. 

On that note, one of the industries that benefit greatly from outdoor advertisements is the travel and tourism industry. For those travel enthusiasts and backpackers, outdoor advertising is an integral part of their travel experience. It adds to the adventure and the spontaneity that comes with traveling. 

It’s to this excitement that marketers need to appeal with outdoor advertisements. Creating impressions with your outdoor advertisements through digital or printed material, that appeals to this demographic is the key to success. 

Designing captivating visuals

Visually striking designs are what help make outdoor advertising stand out. When your customers are in a new city, they are on the lookout for things to do. And in a competitive location, you need outdoor advertisements that stand out and get your brand noticed. 

To achieve this, creating your outdoor advertisements with captivating visuals is important. Catchy visuals make it difficult to miss your ads and help influence travel decisions. They reach consumers differently than digital ads because they are featured in a real-world setting. And also due to their size and contrast in such a setting, they’re easily noticeable by travel folk. 

But again, it’s your job to make them visually appealing. 

Above all, make sure to incorporate high-quality photographs taken at the most flattering angle. For example, if it’s a scenic place you can definitely feature an image of that location. It would be a grave mistake to not feature the destination because that’s the main point of attractions in outdoor advertisements for the travel and tourism industry. 

Incorporating branding and persuasive messaging

So now you have your visual sorted. Let’s say you have a breathtaking picture of the location you’re trying to advertise. But if the target audience can’t identify who this ad is coming from it will block them from connecting back to you. So make sure you incorporate your branding into the design you’re displaying.

Whatever type of OOH advertising platform you use, whether it’s a billboard, street furniture, a poster, signage, or even on the side of a bus, it’s important to establish your brand identity. Your brand assets should be prominent, speaking loudly to help foster brand awareness. 

One of the reasons is that travelers hang around for longer in destinations that are tourism friendly, so they would come across these outdoor advertisements frequently. Along with that if you’re able to establish your brand identity then they will begin to trust you. 

Even a commuter who would see recurring outdoor advertisements from your brand would trust that you’re reliable and they might contact you for their next trip. But don’t forget to advertise resoundingly how you’re the best to help travelers explore that particular location in the best possible way. 

So along with a firm brand identity, add the right copy using the correct typography and design techniques. In effect, you can guarantee yourself great returns. 

And finally, don’t forget to add a striking call to action where travelers and tourists are prompted to contact you for further details.  And in this way, you would gain the opportunity to provide services to them in a  highly competitive environment.

Now let’s look at some effective examples of outdoor advertisements in the travel and tourism industry. These examples will give you much-needed inspiration. 

Examples of outdoor advertisements for the travel and tourism industry

1. The Midnight Sun Phenomenon in Vancouver by Yukon

This outdoor advertising campaign was run by the travel agency Yukon. What makes this an intriguing piece of advertising is that it advertises the unusual phenomenon that occurs in Vancouver (where the sun shines at midnight).

With this ad, Yukon was able to capture and display the uniqueness of the location making people want to contact them to visit the place. The simple caption, Experience the midnight sun is also able to grab the attention and pique interest. 

2. Stop Traveling with your Head Campaign

These outdoor advertisements were created for the brand Trivago. As you can see they advertise in a witty way encouraging people to actually travel instead of just thinking about it. A caption like that can have quite an effect on some people. 

Another great thing about the campaign is that the branding is consistent across all the advertisements. You can see that the overall design looks stunning, minimal and so inviting. Similarly, the illustrations are also consistent and relevant to the niche. 

Also, their use of the logo in all the graphics helps increase brand awareness. 

3. Aurora Borealis Advertisement by Giver

At first glance, it looks like a digital trailer for a show on television right?

That’s because the advertisers use language that plays on words that are used to advertise a mini-tv series. 

These outdoor advertisements are to promote Giver, Italy’s leading tour operator. Their goal seems to be to grab travelers’ attention and to persuade them to see the Aurora Borealis in Norway, in person. Giver emphasizes how this natural phenomenon can be appreciated more when you see it in person rather than seeing it on TV. 

The overall look and feel of the ad make it appear like a promotion for a TV show. This is what makes the ad pretty engaging for audiences of any age. Particularly the younger generation. 

 Even the visuals used to advertise are so eye-catching that people buy into the advertisement and would immediately want to contact the travel agency to tour the location. 

4. An Island of Silence Campaign by Capri

This campaign was designed for the brand Capri by the Miami Ad School. The Miami Ad School is an award-winning advertising school. They even won School of the Year for the 6th time at the Cannes Future Lions 2022. 

These outdoor advertisements are to draw travelers’ attention to the Capri island. The main point of attraction to tourists on this island is the privacy and silence it offers. The copy they have employed is able to capture this unique aspect of the island. This is why these outdoor advertisements are so successful. 

These ads appeal to travelers and tourists with their breathtaking images and witty captions. To those who want to be left alone by themselves in peace, this would be the ideal location. And to that end, the advertiser here is playing the right notes.  

And on comparing both the ads, you can also tell that they’re keeping it consistent when it comes to the overall brand look as well.

5. Eiffel Tower, Coliseum, Statue of Liberty Campaign by CVC

These are stunning outdoor advertisements created for a travel agency called CVC by the advertising agency Publicis. The travel agency has created consistent images that show portions of famous attractions in real size, encouraging people to travel with them to visit the rest of it. It’s actually pretty brilliant. 

The way that they’ve created the visual helps increase curiosity and thereby makes people want to actually go see the rest of the monument. They have also managed to keep this coherent so that wherever these outdoor advertising boards are seen people can make the connection. This helps a lot to build trust in the brand and create healthy brand awareness. 

Draw inspiration from these outdoor ads

We’re sure that you might be inspired by these creative outdoor advertisements in the travel and tourism industry. If you’re looking to create your own designs for this industry we highly encourage that you take some of these principles and apply them in your designs. 

Consider things like showing the location, explaining why it’s great, and guiding people on how they can contact you to live out that experience in real time. Don’t forget to also place these outdoor ads in the most optimal places where there is high traffic.

Now if you have big ideas and all the material but are struggling to put it all into one design let the pros take care of it for you. Go ahead and hire an unlimited graphic design service and get your design needs sorted. Also, check out the perks of an unlimited graphic design subscription for travel businesses.

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